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Samuel Seo talks about Giriboy on HIPHOPPLAYA RADIO, June 2016

SAMUEL SEO: When Giriboy and I first met each other, we discussed about how we’ve been and our recent thoughts etc. And actually, DO:OM’s title was supposed to be 조현 for 조현증 (schizophrenia). I thought it was a little iffy to put the title as 조현증 so I was going to name it 조현. I wanted to write it like a letter to myself, it’s not a love song.

Giriboy thought it was cool after hearing it so then I said “Let’s do it together” and he agreed easily. Then he told me he’s going to remix it and name it LO:OP, then from his perspective I will feature for his song. We then decided to write the song on our own album like a letter to the other person. We purposely made it so people can listen to it both ways. Either LO:OP first then DO:OM or DO:OM then LO:OP. People can play both songs on repeat and both songs will connect to each other really well. The “doom doom doom” in the front part is my voice so it connects to the next song.

We also decided that since we are working together and going to release our own album soon so I will release my album first, so LO:OP can come out later when Giriboy releases his album as its remix song.

HIPHOPPLAYA RADIO (Don Mills & Nucksal): We didn’t know you and Giriboy are this close to each other.
SAMUEL SEO: We haven’t known each other for a long time yet though. I think it’s been 2 months? No, I think it’s not even 2 months. I think around 1 month +, since we just released our albums. Ddolbae-hyung was like “There’s a guy called Giriboy. I think both of you will click well as a friend and fellow music people.“ It was during a time where I was having a hard time so Ddolbae-hyung said he’s going to find me a friend. Aside from his popularity and all, Giriboy is a really good friend and we think similarly. Also, he doesn’t come out from his working studio at all. looking at that, I got motivated as well. He always gives new ideas, I think he’s really cool.

HIPHOPPLAYA RADIO (Don Mills & Nucksal): But you don’t even come out from your working studio either.
SAMUEL SEO: Still haha I went to the Just Music office and his studio is really cool with a lot of awesome equipments. I felt jealous.

HIPHOPPLAYA RADIO (Don Mills): I went to Just Music website and saw Giriboy’s busy schedule.
HIPHOPPLAYA RADIO (Nucksal): Giriboy-nim is one of the few idols in the hip hop industry now. (T/N: as in how busy Giriboy is going to gigs here and there)
SAMUEL SEO: Nowadays he is very busy. Apparently it is festival season now. Every time when we message, he always says he’s in the waiting room. But really, of all the people I know and are the same age as me, it’s my first time seeing someone having this much passion for music and working so hard for it.

HIPHOPPLAYA RADIO (Don Mills & Nucksal): You and Giriboy even have the same haircut.
SAMUEL SEO: I go to the same place as Cjamm.

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