Parecía que estaban a punto de caerse, pero no Cuando ella tropezaba, la sostenía él; cuando él se tambaleaba, lo enderezaba ella.
Pero aún andaban, bien agarraditos el uno del otro, pegados el uno al otro #DDIA

omidisweartogod asked:

"Hey, before you go out today..." Christa crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow, catching Molly before she was able to sneak out of the house. "Do you mind if we have some mother-daughter time?"

One foot out the window, Molly froze in her spot before slowly glancing back over her shoulder at her mother who stood leaned against the door frame, arms crossed over her chest and a slightly puzzled look on her face. Mother-daughter time, she repeated in her head, the words all but making her cringe. Not how she’d planned to spend the day, but then again, Christa probably wouldn’t have approved of her actual plans. Sliding off the window ledge and back onto the floor, she wondered idly what this could be about. Had Shel gone back on her promise and told them about bailing her out of jail? Heart hammering in her chest at the possibility, she turned back to her mother, trying to act as neutral as possible. ”Shoot.”

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"Happy Valentine's day, sweetie." He knew she hated being involved with the holidays, which is exactly why the words were whispered to her sleeping form, hours passed her bedtime. A unsealed envelope was placed on her nightstand, with a cheesy card and two twenty dollar bills. He let her stay away from all 'holiday fun times' for the day, but she always had to pay for it with little 'presents' like this.

When Molly woke that morning, she turned over on her side to face the nightstand almost instinctively, knowing that no Valentines Day passed without her dad pulling one of his annual tooth-fairy-esque stunts. Today was no different. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she propped herself against the headboard and snatched up the envelope, dumping its content out in her duvet-covered lap. A wide-eyed kitten stared up at her from the rosy-colored card and she cringed slightly, noting that with every year that passed the cards kept getting increasingly cutesy and pink, even now that she was well into her teen years. He was clearly doing it on purpose.

After folding up the twenty dollar bills and placing the card back on the nightstand she threw on her clothes, picking up on the sounds of the family breakfast going on downstairs. They had probably invited Nick over to gently torture Shel. Even if participating in that particular brand of torture was severely tempting, it wasn’t quite enough to make her resist the urge to just take flight for the day and maybe see how much trouble she could get into without being arrested. That construction site they’d passed in the car a couple of days ago had looked pretty promising… 

Having stuffed the Valentines money into her backpack and about to slide open the window to make her get-away, she stopped, looking back over her shoulder at the card still making eyes at her from the nightstand. Biting her lip slightly, she let out a sigh. “Goddamnit dad…”

Picking up a pen and a post-it, she hastily scribbled down a few words and left the note on top of the card, neon yellow against neon pink. Enough of an eyesore to make her quickly return to the window and make quick work of climbing down the rainwater pipe. Christa kept telling her to just use the door like a normal person, but really, what was the challenge in that?

Omid probably wouldn’t go check on her for another few hours or so, but when he did he’d find a note with tiny rushed letters spelling out ‘love you dad. you big dumb cheeseball.


Christa couldn’t help but laugh, shaking her head at Molly. “Always the trouble-maker, huh?” Christa moved to Molly’s bed, straightening up the blanket and sitting on the edge of it. There was no trace of anger or disappointment in her voice. As long as Molly came home, she was going to let her do as she wanted. Even if that meant that Christa would have to intercept phone calls from the police station so that Omid never had to answer the phone to ‘we have your daughter again’. 

She’d always let Shel and Molly pretend that they had that handled…until Molly decided to call her, instead. But until then she’d just be watching and helping from the shadows. And that was alright with her. 

Christa looked up at Molly, smiling gently. “Your hair’s getting a little long, hon. Would you like me to cut it for you?” She knew Molly liked keeping her hair short and out of the way. She couldn’t help but notice it had been hanging in her face a lot more than usual. “Unless you’d rather not. Up to you.”

Trouble-maker. Yeah, couldn’t really argue with that one. Shel was the angel, she was the trouble-maker. What disturbed her a bit was that neither Christa nor Omid seemed to mind this fact very much.The more rebellious she attempted to be, the more calmly her parents reacted to it. They could have been using some sort of reverse psychology on her for all she knew. 

It wasn’t until the previous rain pipe crumbled under the pressure of her sliding down it almost every day that they kindly requested that she use the front door from now on. Instead of being a good daughter though, she’d practiced her rolling falls in order to be able to safely jump off the side of the roof from her room. She’d gotten pretty good at it lately. 

When Christa mentioned a haircut, her hand absentmindedly went to her head and with a small frown she found she didn’t have to lift her arm that high to be able to grasp a lock of blonde hair between her fingers. So her mother was right. Yet again. Maybe her plans could wait for another hour or two. It was hot out and it would be great to be able to feel a breeze on the back of her neck again. One last look out the window and she reluctantly shuffled over to stand in front of her mother, her hand still tugging idly on a lock of hair. “How long’s it gonna take?”