City and DDerpy Fluff

Never thought she’d do it.

She actually flew all those miles just to see me.

It definitely took a while though.

We had only met a year ago, through some silly prank with some of our other friends. We barely get to talk to them anymore since they’re off doing their own thing.

I really miss those simple times, even if we had a lot of difficulties in that time, we still stuck together and bonded more as time went on.

And now she was finally here. In the flesh.

We spent most of the week walking around the Downtown district, just messing around in the streets and having fun, just like I always dreamed it would be like. She was just so peaceful and care free, despite having all the problems in her life. Family, school, and a bit of self-doubt even. But regardless of all that, she took the time out of her life to visit me…

It was the last day of her visit before she had to fly back home. Her parents allowed her to let her sleep over at my house one last night before their departure. We mostly spent the day in the house, scrolling through Tumblr and watching some Doctor Who. Just the simple things. Nothing to too big, but just sit down and relax for the day. All we needed was a break.

It was about 10 PM that night. My parents and Sister were fast asleep while we stayed up in my room, after watching the finale of Doctor Who Series 7, we decided to take one last scroll through Tumblr for the night.

“City…” She whispered to me.

“Yeah?” I responded.

She shifted her position in the bed a bit and lied her head on my stomach and spoke again.

“I just wanted to tell you thanks for everything. This week was amazing.” She said as I began lightly running her soft brown hair through my fingers.

“It was nothing… You deserved to have an amazing week.” I replied to her. I sighed for a second before speaking up again.

“To think after all that, we’re finally here. Just peace and quiet…” I yawned after speaking. It really felt… Nice. Just having her with me on a night I’d normally feel really lonely on. But tonight was different. I had someone to talk, to hold, and to finally feel true peace.

“Heh… I still have no idea how you see me as an angel.” She laughed. I laughed with her and petted her a bit more.

“You just are. I mean, Just look at you being all kawaii-desu~ D'awwwww.” I teased, pinching her cheeks slightly and making random noises. We both shared heartfelt laughter, just like good old times.

I don’t know what was it about her. She had been through so much for her age, but she didn’t let it bother her. It just made me so joyous to be able to be with her in peace and solitude. She let out a yawn and look at me.

“I’m getting tired… Can you sing me a lullaby?” She asked, innocently. I smiled and cleared my throat. I didn’t know a lot about lullabies, so I hummed a soft and quiet tune to her. I really had no idea what I was doing or singing, but she closed her eyes and went to sleep, nuzzling next to me. I gave her a small Eskimo kiss and turned off the lamp next to my side of the bed.

Before I did however, I looked over at a picture I had on top of my clothes drawer, sitting behind my Pinkie Pie and Rarity toys. It was a picture of my grandma, who had passed away just 3 years ago. Just giving me a smile that looked a lot like…. Her smile…

I smiled back and shed a small tear. I leaned down and softly kissed her head. She giggled quietly.

Sure, I might not have the chance to be with her again like this. But…. I think it’s worth it.

This was totally not based off of Panty & Stocking
  • DDerpy: Oh, did you decide you wanted some?
  • City: Did you decide to shut the fuck up?
  • DDerpy: Oh, City...
  • City: What?
  • City: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Of course I don't! Why would you say that? I can control myself just fine. I'm the reason girls make themselves wet.
  • DDerpy: *Moves City's hand away from his crotch, exposing a bulge in his pants* Uh oh.
  • City: *Moves hand back down*
  • DDerpy: *Moves hand up* Peekaboo.
  • City: *Moves hand back down*
  • DDerpy: *Moves it up* I saw it.
  • City: *Moves it down*
  • DDerpy: *Moves it up* There it is.
  • City: *Moves it down*
  • DDerpy: *Moves it up* There it is again.
  • City: *Moves it down*
  • DDerpy: *Moves it up* Hello!
  • City: *Moves it down*
  • DDerpy: *Moves it up* It's still there.
  • City: *Moves it down*
  • DDerpy: *Moves it up* Horny.
  • City: *Moves it down*
  • DDerpy: *Moves it up* Sexually Frustrated.
  • City: *Moves it down*
  • DDerpy: *Moves it up* One more limb.
  • City: *Moves it down*
  • DDerpy: *Moves it up and down* Horny! Horny! HornyHornyHornyHorny-
  • City: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh, Interneeeeeeeeeeet~ Come hereeeeeeeeeee~ Hahaaaaaaaha! *Grabs laptop and twirls towards the bathroom and closes the door*
  • *Very little liquid slips out*
  • City: .......TRY AGAIN.
  • *More comes out*
  • City: Whatever! It's 3 days, I'm totally over it.... Fuck, I'll be my seductive self again by tomorrow, easy as that!