daredevil ✩ 1x01, into the ring

my grandmother, she was the real catholic. fear of god ran deep. you’d have liked her. she used to say, “be careful of the murdock boys. they got the devil in ‘em.” and you’d see it sometimes… in the ring. his eyes would go dead… and he’d start walking forward real slow… hands at his sides, like he wasn’t afraid of anything. and the other guy, he’d see that look, and he’d try to get away from him. nah. my dad, he’d catch him and… trap him in the corner. let the devil out. yeah. now, i didn’t understand it, you know? what he was feeling deep inside, i didn’t understand it. not back then.


daredevil 1x02, cut man

i’m a nurse. work the er at metro-general. a few weeks ago, cops bring in three men. said they were robbing tourists, beating them up pretty bad. apparently, a man in a black mask took issue with their activities and decided to step in. i counted nine broken bones between them. a few days after that, emts bring in a 19-year-old waitress, said some guy she knew waited for her after work in the parking lot, attacked her, tried to drag her in the alley. she said she screamed and screamed, and a man in a black mask heard her… and he saved her life. so, yeah, word’s getting around.


Berlin Tanzt Tango


An adaptation of “The Egg” by Andy Weir, “U & I” follows a man into the afterlife where he learns of his true purpose and connection to humanity.

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