ATTN: about dane's bday project

first of all, I want to inform you all that strangedehaan (danedehaanvideo on twitter) and I will be collaborating in doing the final video for dane. Since she’s also doing a video project. You can submit to both or either of us because everything will be compiled into 1 dane bday video. I know it’s last-minute changes but it wont really affect you guys anyway.

second, i am moving the deadline for submissions. I am extending until february 5th for any of you who is having a hard time to think about what to do and probably still needs time! Although, i am not 1000% sure it will be on the video if you pass on the 5th unless really early submissions. So I really suggest you guys to submit earlier than said deadline. 

If you have any concerns regarding the deadline, if you need a longer longer time or probably can’t think of anything to do for dane, my ask box is always open.

⇢ more details on the project.

DANE’S BDAY VIDEO WILL BE KINDA LATE FOR SOME REASONS LIKE A) IT IS TAKING ME TIME TO UPLOAD BECAUSE 21 MINUTE-VIDEO AND B) I was out of town (I went camping so yeah) and before I left I didn’t get to finish it + additional last-minute submissions so hoPE YA’LL UNDERSTAND THANK U