this year’s sdcc poster! i’m so glad greg and connie got included this time, and look how snazzy everyone looks :DDD 

particularly fond of, in no particular order:

- lapis wearing a full tuxedo. but no shoes. om g

- jasper’s gloves and hibiscus!

- peridot being really excited and happy this year!

- connie gets to pose with a sword!! 

- steven’s whole adorable outfit !

- ect ect ahh i just love this c: 

Honestly everyone’s looking real sharp but I am honestly genuinely tickled by Jasper’s gloves. Like. It’s just such a dainty formal-seeming thing. And there she is. 

The "Steven Nuke" so far
  • Steven Floats:Everyone already saw the recording of the french airing so no one talked about it
  • Drop Beat Dad:"Here is the biggest douche in the universe~"
  • Mr Greg:"Huh, this seems like an interesting episode- IT'S OVER, ISN'T IT?"
  • Too Short to Ride:AMEDOT CONFIRMED... Oh, and Peridot has magnet powers, cool
  • The New Lars:No one talked about this one, I think everyone just decided to forget it exists, like those awkward early season one episodes

anonymous asked:

I've seen your Ace daughter hcs and I was wondering, if you could come up with son hcs for him?

Of course I can :DDD

  • his son is absolutely adorable
  • he’s Ace’s spitting image, except that his son has bangs and his black hair is shorter
  • And I don’t know why, but I can see Ace’s son totally wearing glasses
  • He’s very shy and well behaved and always hides behind his fathers’ legs when he meets new people
  • Sabo and Luffy LOVE him
  • He’s thrown off a bit by Luffy’s ready-to-fight-beasts-and-monsters-nature, but damn he loves his crazy, badass uncle
  • Dadan can’t fucking believe her eyes, because she full on expected Ace’s kid to be nothing short of an angry little punk
  • But then Ace’s son turns out to be this sweet, glasses wearing, freckled, adorable boy who calls her grandma and she’s over the effing moon
  • Garp too
  • He’s already comissioning a mini marine uniform
  • Ace is soooooo proud of him since his son is pretty book smart and overly protective of him
  • Did I mention that he’s practically Whitebeard’s new treasure?
  • Ace and his boy are so close man, so damn close Ace would never in his life leave his baby boy behind

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I can't remember If I sent you this or not, however "uchiha sasuke birthday" trended then "sasukee" trended on japanese twitter, the naruto live action actors also bought a cake that says "happy birthday uchiha sasuke" and gave it to ryuji

Saw it :DDD

grupo no whats gente quem quiser entrar chama no chat ou ask + DDD e número e se for de MG melhor ainda mais se não for sem problema tbm :D

kaye-corvry  asked:

I THINK YOUR A VERY AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL PERSON TOO!!! (I still ship you with sans ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


pokemon go said there was an onyx nearby and i got so excited i snuck out to go look for him and i even used an incense but i couldnt fuckin find him DD::: i walked around like my entire neighborhood and it kept saying  was getting closer and i would go and nothing and then it would jump to as far away as possible so i would go back and i just couldnt find him and now he gone DDD:::::

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How do you feel about Maggie being asked to Olympic Camp? Even though she turned it down :(

Thank you again anon :DDD

I’m very very glad they decided to invite her, and I’m guessing they did so as a means of showing respect to her for the amount of work she’s put in and the high standard she’s reached.

That said, I really really think Maggie should have been an alternate at least, and to be perfectly honest inviting her to train for an Olympics she can’t attend was a bit naive. It’s a nice honour but Maggie deserved more than that.