Lota, the demon of stagnant lakes and stagnant hearts. Draped with a heaving web of algae and dead fish, she is the cold hand on your shoulder, siphoning day by day your vigour and vivacity. As if pulled deep underwater by her touch, no one, and nothing, seems to reach you once she has her grasp on you. The surface of the water becomes the alienating barrier between you and the world you once knew. Nothing that your loved ones do for you seems to reach you down there, where you sit curled up, wondering why you can’t summon gratitude for everything they do for you. Why nothing births excitement in you, why you stare in the eyes of tragedy and loss without a flinch, and why you harbour such distrust for every single nice word that slips from a stranger’s mouth. You’ve already forgotten the feeling of laughter, of a heart racing for the silliest of matters, of compliments that leave you flustered. Deep down at the bottom, you breathe and exhale thick and cold water, tight in the embrace of the one that has robbed you of your desire to live and your ability to feel. Above, the ones you care about grow and evolve, whilst you remain unchanged and frozen, gradually fading. You hope for a trigger; for flames to choke the lake and breathe back wonder into your eyes and life back into your lungs. You yearn for a vigorous shake, for a slap that will jolt you awake. Yet, it never comes. You tilt your head upwards. Moving against the surface, you see multiple dancing lights. They eventually dissipate and her cheek presses against the top of your head, her long arms encircling you, and her lips whispering how much she loves you. You shrug.

For Ava’s Demon contest. I don’t usually do contests but doing this one mattered to me, in a way. I was interested in giving my issues a form, now that I’ve decided to mend myself together, replace my broken heart and try to move on. Maybe I can finally let go.


for the Ava’s Demon Design Contest w0000

Trunesci Duopellex, a demon of uncertainty. He has the strangely specific ability to determine the two most likely immediate outcomes of certain events or choices- the most probable best and worst-case scenarios. Unfortunately he is almost never able to make proper decisions despite his gift, as he lacks the confidence to properly weigh the choices he has to make, has the tendency to mix scenarios up when he gets disoriented from more daunting visions, and worries constantly about which scene they might end up experiencing and what waits for them beyond that. His two independently functioning voices do not help improve the situation.

He is caring by nature, and he usually means well, but he ends up confusing or sometimes outright endangering his host with the conflicting suggestions he gives. His host is not given much time to doubt, and is pushed into setting him straight and making decisions for both of them.

His minor abilities include the ability to glow and float, which manifest in the host whenever the host is in a state of great confusion, anxiety or fear.

In life, I guess he represents the crippling self-doubt I used to have as a kid ^u^;;


I’m joining Ava’s Demon Design Your Demon contest huhu

My demon’s name is Atius, which means ’malice’ in Latin. 


here’s a quick sketch of his outfit huhu

External image

Eeeeey, here’s my entry for Ava’s Demon Design Your Demon contest!

This demoness, while not malicious, has a tendency to see her past and future in rose-colored lens without being aware that neither times are ever perfect (thus the cracks in her otherwise fluffy, elegant form). She always laments that there were/will be better times and is never satisfied with the present enough to be truly happy. She is rather charming and courteous, but that unfortunately only makes it easier to sway her pactmaker into doubting all her choices with insidious criticisms and passive-aggression. 

Her name is Melin Mirala, the name adapted from Melinoë (nymph who was known for bringing nightmares) and mirage in Mirala for her delusions. Her element would be wind/air, I suppose. 

So yeah, she’s cheerful, ain’t she? 

(Also, check out the other entries in #ddcontest2k14 Everyone’s stuff is so rad!)


entry for Design your Demon Contest by the creator of Ava’s Demon! Check it out if you haven’t, gorgeous art + wonderful plot line + lovely characters for us all *q*

Her name is Ryo Hiraeth, demon of nostalgia, the ghost of the past. 
Ryo (霊) - Ghost (Japanese) ; Hiraeth - a feeling of nostalgia, longing, yearning, and desire (Welsh)

Memories can be toxic, eating at you from the inside if you let it. A taste or sniff at Ryo’s spider lilies can feed you thoughts you’d rather not remember - or, a warm, sentimental feeling that brings you back home - it all depends on your mental stability and recollection. 

I’ve had her for a while now but i decided to clean her designs up and give her characteristics for this contest!! ((big thanks to odinarrow for listening to my rambles and giving me a buncha lovely ideas)) 

For “design your demon contest” . I love this comic so mush so I can’t help it. The inspirations are from erebun’s doodle, it’s still sticking in my head ´▽`;.

I’m short hair woman, derpy face, dressing lolita and holding tablet (my only weapon). The giant dude is something from my childhood. I used to spend a lot of time in library to read organs books so I think it’s a good idea to made my demon is clear body with nerve. Better then gore body =▽=;

Well, my power would be an operation or something about nervous system lol

Alright, I’m back to do my comic, I feel so guilty right now Orz.

full size: http://s017.radikal.ru/i408/1408/bb/395e9f8f5b63.jpg

It was quite easy to realize there’s a demoness inside of me. But she has no name. All she has is her very nature. Vanity. Envy. 

She has a strong sense of self-worth but realizing herself as a nameless one tortures her. The name would have compensated an abyss inside, she desperately seeks it, yet has no power to find it. And a laughter, horrifying laughter, the laughter of thousands of named creatures haunts her everywhere and poisons her soul. All the anger, jealousy and bitterness as a green poison course through her veins and envenom her mind. 

Eyes are reflections of a soul. And she is scared, so very scared that some day someone will glance at her void soul. Thus, she wears a mask - her shield from the world around her. 

The only eye on a white mask is covetous, looking for only the best there is. She covets more and more, her hunger is inexhaustible. 

Her hands are plenty dirty and she is not afraid to get them dirtier. Your methods are excused when you have the goal.

Her hair is green, same as the poison in her veins. Her appearance is envenomed as much as her soul. 

Green tears on the cheeks - my last cry for help. I am wishing to free myself from the thrall of my desires, I am begging for one more chance.


Ava’s demon Contest entry! My demon, Gala, is based off a snowdrop because they’re my favourite flowers and she is the perfect size to whisper puns to me, ruining my conversations with people. She enjoys making potions from natural sources and loves bonsai trees.

Snowdrops are supposed to be bad luck when brought into the house and a single snowdrop spells impending disaster. When I was little I had the worst luck making friends (I had about 5-6 friends who left the country one after the other) so I imagine Gala would have been a much bigger and imposing demon then but right now I have some of the best friends in the world so she’s very small.


So i should have posted this a few days ago, but i kept putting it off because im good at that even though this has been finished for a while????

ANYWAY, I’ve been keeping up with Ava’s Demon for a while, and I saw that a “design your own demon” contest was being held, so I decided to give it a try, even if I highly doubt I’ll win haha. Either way, I loooveeee designing humanoid creatures and now I’m emotionally attached to this nerd I’ve created. 

His name is Braun (pronounced like ‘brawn’) Ptolemas, and despite his first name, he’s pretty much useless when it comes to fighting. He’s a traveller; an explorer that likes to discover new things. But he’s especially timid and therefore gets scared easily and usually looks like he’s about to cry. He’s not loyal to ideas or movements, but he’s very loyal to his friends, and he’s got a very scary temper that only shows up if people he cares about are in danger. 

But 9 times out of 10 he’s just a nerd. He likes to speak with big words and talk about science. And read. And talk about the stars (His last name is a play on greco-egyptian astronomer Ptolemy). He’s a problem solver, and whenever he has a good idea, the runes on his body actually get brighter. 

I’ve noticed that a lot of the demons that’ve come into play thus far are elemental based, so I went straight with an Ice elemental because i love ice themed things??? So yeah I’m gonna impale stuff with ice bolts and then the murder weapon will melt so they’ll never find me. In actuality, I think he’d come from a really barren, ice planet whose residents are all really stuffy, aloof, and all around cold-hearted, so Braun is sort of odd in the fact that he’s a little bit naive and genuinely kind. 

As my demon, he’d be more than comfortable lending me his powers and letting me fight shit in his stead haha. He honestly just wants someone to be his companion so he isn’t so damned scared to explore. I don’t know, maybe I like it when someone trusts me that much?  

also, I just wanted to say that designing him was… interesting. I wanted to create a simple design but something that was recognizable. So most of my thoughts went into his facial structure. I didn’t want him to be just a guy with horns, but i didn’t want his design to be so painfully complicated that it was impossible to recreate. 

my contribution to the Ava’s Demon contest

✷Urocissa✷, the thief

she siphons creative energy off her host, stealing artistic ideas to use for her own nefarious deeds. Her four arms can draw faster than you can tell her to stop appropriating your art. She’s annoying, she’s sparkly, and she’s awfully confident looking for someone trying to draw on paper with a tablet pen.

click to see a higher quality version

My entry to avasdemon contest - I present you my personal demon xD

Its name is Bellua Malik, Bellua meaning “Beast, Monster” in Latin and Malik meaning “King” in Arabic; the King of the Beasts, the angry demon. 

Its element is Nature but unlike Tuls, its power is not plant-related, but animal-related, focused on mimicking predatory animals abilities like running, attacking with claws and teeth and strenght - the one who makes a pact with Bellua Malik will pretty much become a werewolf creature when angry, except it won’t be limited to wolves abilities only.

Their Deadly Sin is Wrath, which means Bellua (and the person who pacts with them) is unpredictable, moody and violent. Do not provoke it, unless you dislike your head standing on your shoulders.

Here’s my entry for the Ava’s Demon contest!

Petrapan Neverlan, demon based on Peter Pan, caterpillars, fairies, and childhood. The initial concept, however, was based on the phrase “[seeing] through rose-tinted glasses”

Petrapan is always optimistic to the point of being annoying. She means well, but tends to speak over others’ problems by telling them that “things could be worse”. Things seem to go in one ear and out the other with her; Petra never seems to fully grasp the full consequences of any trouble that she causes.  She also lacks responsibility and has a short attention span.

The pink spots around her eyes are not really glasses, but a pattern on her skin. For some reason, they still can “break” when she looks at the real world for what it is

Ava’s Demon Draw your Demon contest entry!

Mine would be a demon who only affects me in the night. I would imagine that, as I try to sleep, he would be knocking things over (accidentally) and making bird and purring noises nearby because he’s bored and wants me to wake up and play. His favourite bit would be watching over my shoulder as I scroll a computer because it’s a light that entertains him and it keeps me up.

I think his name would be Inslette.