Lota, the demon of stagnant lakes and stagnant hearts. Draped with a heaving web of algae and dead fish, she is the cold hand on your shoulder, siphoning day by day your vigour and vivacity. As if pulled deep underwater by her touch, no one, and nothing, seems to reach you once she has her grasp on you. The surface of the water becomes the alienating barrier between you and the world you once knew. Nothing that your loved ones do for you seems to reach you down there, where you sit curled up, wondering why you can’t summon gratitude for everything they do for you. Why nothing births excitement in you, why you stare in the eyes of tragedy and loss without a flinch, and why you harbour such distrust for every single nice word that slips from a stranger’s mouth. You’ve already forgotten the feeling of laughter, of a heart racing for the silliest of matters, of compliments that leave you flustered. Deep down at the bottom, you breathe and exhale thick and cold water, tight in the embrace of the one that has robbed you of your desire to live and your ability to feel. Above, the ones you care about grow and evolve, whilst you remain unchanged and frozen, gradually fading. You hope for a trigger; for flames to choke the lake and breathe back wonder into your eyes and life back into your lungs. You yearn for a vigorous shake, for a slap that will jolt you awake. Yet, it never comes. You tilt your head upwards. Moving against the surface, you see multiple dancing lights. They eventually dissipate and her cheek presses against the top of your head, her long arms encircling you, and her lips whispering how much she loves you. You shrug.

For Ava’s Demon contest. I don’t usually do contests but doing this one mattered to me, in a way. I was interested in giving my issues a form, now that I’ve decided to mend myself together, replace my broken heart and try to move on. Maybe I can finally let go.


for the Ava’s Demon Design Contest w0000

Trunesci Duopellex, a demon of uncertainty. He has the strangely specific ability to determine the two most likely immediate outcomes of certain events or choices- the most probable best and worst-case scenarios. Unfortunately he is almost never able to make proper decisions despite his gift, as he lacks the confidence to properly weigh the choices he has to make, has the tendency to mix scenarios up when he gets disoriented from more daunting visions, and worries constantly about which scene they might end up experiencing and what waits for them beyond that. His two independently functioning voices do not help improve the situation.

He is caring by nature, and he usually means well, but he ends up confusing or sometimes outright endangering his host with the conflicting suggestions he gives. His host is not given much time to doubt, and is pushed into setting him straight and making decisions for both of them.

His minor abilities include the ability to glow and float, which manifest in the host whenever the host is in a state of great confusion, anxiety or fear.

In life, I guess he represents the crippling self-doubt I used to have as a kid ^u^;;


For the Ava’s Demon “Design Your Own Demon” Contest!

So this is Oviette Volk Yagnenok (a mouthful I know ^^; but it all essentially means “sheep” and “wolf”)  She’s an imp like creature who disguises herself with what looks like a sheep pelt.  She comes from a fairy tale planet where “creating your own story” is their right of passage sort of thing.  But the poor thing wound up dying before her story could even begin thanks to Titan’s take over.  Her will was so strong that her soul attached to a human named, Sandra.  And what luck it was.

Sandra loves fairytales and just stories in general.  So they make a pact, Sandra will help Oviette complete her story and have it be told in exchange for the greatest tale ever written.  It may not seem like much, but stories can be very powerful things.

Her design was heavily inspired off German fairytales.  The wolf being a common character, and also the element of them being in disguise to get to their goal ; )

I hope you enjoy :D  It was really awesome of Michelle to throw this contest, and it was especially cool to see everyone’s demons 8D

Eeeeey, here’s my entry for Ava’s Demon Design Your Demon contest!

This demoness, while not malicious, has a tendency to see her past and future in rose-colored lens without being aware that neither times are ever perfect (thus the cracks in her otherwise fluffy, elegant form). She always laments that there were/will be better times and is never satisfied with the present enough to be truly happy. She is rather charming and courteous, but that unfortunately only makes it easier to sway her pactmaker into doubting all her choices with insidious criticisms and passive-aggression. 

Her name is Melin Mirala, the name adapted from Melinoë (nymph who was known for bringing nightmares) and mirage in Mirala for her delusions. Her element would be wind/air, I suppose. 

So yeah, she’s cheerful, ain’t she? 

(Also, check out the other entries in #ddcontest2k14 Everyone’s stuff is so rad!)

The demon I made for the Ava’s demon contest. Yea it’s almost too late, but nOT QUITE!! 

Anyways, she’s based of an Axolotl, she doesn’t really have bones, but more like cartilage, she doesn’t really talk with her voice, she’s telepathic. And finally her name is ILiana (ILL-aye-nah)

It was super fun working on this!! Thanks for doing this contest!


Ava’s demon Contest entry! My demon, Gala, is based off a snowdrop because they’re my favourite flowers and she is the perfect size to whisper puns to me, ruining my conversations with people. She enjoys making potions from natural sources and loves bonsai trees.

Snowdrops are supposed to be bad luck when brought into the house and a single snowdrop spells impending disaster. When I was little I had the worst luck making friends (I had about 5-6 friends who left the country one after the other) so I imagine Gala would have been a much bigger and imposing demon then but right now I have some of the best friends in the world so she’s very small.


So here’s my entry for Design your Demon Contest. Her name is Roe Arcgan which is an anagram of arrogance. She is a teasing type, that loves to order around and talk about herself. As a ghost she always talks about how something could be done better or what she thinks about other people. Instead of helping, she is usually the one who quickly gets bored and is a bother to others. She has a problem with remembering the names, but a person close to her she calls “my dear”. It was pretty fun to draw her :D

(edit: Added fast drawing of “myself” and some more info)


This is my entry for the avas demon contest!

And this is Narci Cruenta (Narci like narcissus, and Cruenta means blood thirsty in latin. HA! Im so clever) she was once a high ranking officials daughter of a very set in there ways race and she was being raised to be the next leader of her species. But she was tricked by an outsider and turned her into a vampire basically (considered a monstrous, dark, and demonic being by her race) and was to be put to death. But she survived and went to find the one who cursed her, taking his ship,men and killing him. And she went on to be one of the most infamous ,cutest,and victorious pirates in the galaxy. Until Titan appeared and overwhelmed her and her fleet. and became attached to a host and pacts for the retrieval of her greatest treasure.

shes very volatile and self obsessed spending most of her time complaining and talking about herself. she sees the host as a complete and utter loser and is rather harsh with the ridicule, but warms up a bit after pacting.

i’ve seen so many awesome entries so far and i wish everyone good luck! And thank you for making ava’s demon!

Holo, this is my entry for the “Design your Demon” contest, for the comic “Ava’s Demon” done just for the fun of it, really.

This dude is inspired in my childhood’s imaginary friend and his name is Feer.

As you may have intuited, he is a frost demon. His presence cools the environment and his touch can cause frostbite. As his race is a peaceful and knowledge centered culture, frost spikes and such things are only to be used when things go really bad. His kind rarely share their thoughts and emotions (when they do is a thing to behold, though) and his culture is based on civility and regard for manners and everybody’s privacy. You could call them boring (not that they would care a bit, anyway).

He’s a calm and silent thing and used to be an ambassador for his race. He didn’t like Wrathia much, really, mainly because he thought her lack of anger control was unworthy of an empress, but he shut up, did his job with a straight face and preferred to deal with Pedri instead. 

His host can spend lots of time in a mild cold and will have the privilege of being able to wear a sweater in the torridest of summers.

That’s all… Oh, no wait!! First, imagine this guy in a toga and a pompous headset, please. Thank you.


My entry for the Ava’s Demon Contest~! :D

Their name is Xietra because it’s sort of a misspelling of anxiety in a way, and their “theme” is anxiety/fear/embarrassment (since I have anxiety). The black gap in their stomach armor is supposed to be like the sinking feeling one gets when they’re afraid; the helmet/mask is supposed to be how much anxiety weighs on one’s mind; and the big ears have to do with hearing/acknowledging more (typically insignificant) information than one might want to. Just about everything else is there ‘cause it looks cool. I’m not really good at coming up with deep “spiritual” sounding explanations sorry;;;

As far as powers go, they can create illusions of people’s fears with the smoke magic. It doesn’t actually feel like anything if you make contact with it, but the fear is usually too paralyzing. Personality wise, they’re kind of quiet, but sarcastic when they do speak.

eh hope this makes sense ^^;;


My entry for the Design Your Demon contest! I’m glad I made it in time, as my tablet died on me the moment I noticed the contest and sorting it out was terrible (i love when technical support doesn’t do a thing). I pretty much gave up and then yesterday a miracle happened and here I am.

Anyway, my demon is called Pathya – anagram for apathy, and my personal joke about no clear path in life before me.

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  • Her name is Malitia(That from Latin insidiousness means).
  • She has ability to control people’s minds, to provoke them to do anything. She can easily handle any difficult situation sure by using her cunning and insidiousness. Not always, but in some separate happenings she can show the past and even help anybody. She looks like semi-human, semi-octopus because, I don’t know, I just wanted so. Octopuses are adorable creatures in my opinion. 
    She’s very young so she doesn’t know about all of her abilities. 
    This red-haired girl is me. I made a pact with her when I was in 5th class. She helped me to deal with the difficulties.
    I think that’s all because I don’t know what else I can say about her.
    I hope you’ll like my demon. I did my best. С:
  • Forgive for my English I am not able to write normally on it :D

Look, if I see a hella contest I’m up on it.

This is my submission for the Ava’s Demon design contest, a demon named Tengridan. Tenny is a technology demon, so most of your standard tropes apply. He has a nearly total lack of sympathy and empathy which is his great sin of sorts. Tengridan is born of computer data, meaning the physical form he takes (well, took) was highly unstable and dependent on how much electrical energy he could suck from his surroundings. Even in the best cases his form was still glitched. His original program model was devoid of arms (because who needs arms in cyberspace) but he found that in reality arms are a good thing to have.  

Positive traits:

-If you have a technology/electrical issue of any kind, Tengridan can fix it. 

-If you’ve got a math problem, he can solve it.

-Tengridan is INCREDIBLY smart and quick-thinking. This and the above carry into the powers provided to his host during a pact.

Negative traits:

-As mentioned above, he’s emotionally stupid.

-His body is unstable; he often makes his host tied to electronics of any sort to manifest.

-He wants to be truly real and alive like an organic being. Guess technical immortality isn’t what it’s chalked up to be. It’s something of a nearly impossible hamartia.

-This said, he’s only as strong as his code or the machine his program runs on. That’s how he “died” in the first place– his program was deleted. 


-His name is an anagram of “integrand”. One because the whole math thing (his host’s pupils would be the integral symbol) and second because he integrates himself into reality. 

-His mindspace is full of wires and screens. It’s typically not very welcoming but he can change it because it’s a sort of virtual reality.

-His wording can be very confusing because he speaks in code language, or at the very least, logic style. Idioms and metaphors are largely beyond him unless predefined. 

-Individuals of his species are based on individual instances of his program. They are born when the program is installed and die when it’s deleted, uninstalled, or the machine junked/powered off never to be turned on.

//shoves fandemon into this rad contest

Diacae: from latin “Acedia” meaning listlessness or apathy; “the noonday demon”
– a super lazy demon who isn’t really about doing much of anything unless it has something in it for her. Her powers are themed around ice and premonition, she uses a mirror of ice to scry and see what she can see. She’s got a third eye which, when she uses it, greatly amplifies the accuracy and scope of the things she sees in the mirror, but it kind of takes a lot out of her and wow doing actual work sucks!! 
She’s mostly made up of ice, and her appendages get more transparent closer to her extremities, to the point where her fingers and toes are almost totally clear.
Maybe she’s so lazy and reluctant do to work because she’s spending so much energy on not melting? Who even knows?

acedia is sometimes related to depression, and while they have similar traits, they’re not exactly the same. i guess i can really relate to that sort of listless, apathetic feeling considering the stuff that’s happened in the past few years. and i made her ice to kind of emphasize her being closed off, removed and cold (totally intended) i suppose, because its hard to maintain relationships when nothing in the world seems to matter.


I’m joining Ava’s Demon Design Your Demon contest huhu

My demon’s name is Atius, which means ’malice’ in Latin. 


here’s a quick sketch of his outfit huhu

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