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Hello my lovely little robots I hope that you’re all having a good dday so far. If not… Anways I’d like you little robots to send in questions about figments. Not just about Google or Dark or the others. About figments in general including your own figments. I will try my best to answer these questions. I had gotten questions before about figments, but I wouldsend them to @ask-sadisticdark or @ask-psychoanti because I wasn’t sure how to answer them. But now I want to try and answer any questions about figments even if I don’t go into detail or don’t know how to answer.

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He came for business.. 😂😂😂😂😂
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                                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAESUNG! 

Daesung’s birthday present part 1 - Bird Set Free.

Here it is the first drawing for his birthday! :3 It is inspired by Sia’s song “Bird Set Free” because I think it really suits Daesung and by the amazing art of @ariesartsauftum (You can find more of her work on Instagram at the nick ariesarts. ;))

Thanks, as always, to @dasthecreator for her support! <3
This is for her, for @dae-dreamxx (that I discovered recently and of which I love all the fanarts), @daengerous-af, @sofiatherese92, @lookatmedae and all the Daesung supporters out there! <3 I hope you like it! *u*
The second one is coming in a bit. ;D