Agent Organa - Star Wars Agent Carter AU

Leia didn’t know she had a brother, not until he volunteered for Stark’s program and she read through his paperwork.  While the world was introduced to his alias, Captain America, Leia got to know her brother, Luke.  They bonded quickly, fighting side by side during the war, until the day he crashed his plane to save everyone, and he was lost.

Leia threw herself into her post war work at the SSR, ignoring those that undervalued her because she was a woman.  In some ways it made her even better at her job, because she could go almost anywhere and wasn’t seen as a threat.

Her only allies were the Howling Commandos, wartime friends of both herself and her brother (including Lando Calrissian) and Howard Stark.  When Stark came to her for a favor she reluctantly agreed, finding herself saddled with not only dangerous secrets about a company called Vader Scientific Research, but his surly and reluctant chauffeur, Han Solo.  

The last thing Leia needed in her life was a civilian who carried a gun and bragged about how fast he could drive, and had his own share of trouble in the form of people tom whom he owed money.  Stark was really going to owe her for this one.


My wonderful ddagent prompted: Rumbelle in cursed Storybrooke AU 

She loved to read. Books were her best friends since childchood and she couldn't  imagine her life without them. And today ? Today was the best day of her life because she could finally open her own library the next day. She was holding a key and looking out of the windows with big smile on her face. She was feeling so happy. She owned more books now than she had in her whole life, she could read about everything and above all – she could share her biggest love with other citizens of Storybrook.

She wanted to go home finally ( to rest a little, eat something and get some sleep before that ‘big day’ ) when she saw Mr.Gold who was limping slowly down the street. She had never understood why other people hated him so much and were scared of him even more. He owned the whole town,sometimes he was even cruel but when she was able look into his eyes sometimes ? There was only pain, sadness, regret…. This man was a mistery - but she knew that he’s lonely and probably just trying so hard to hide all his fears and demons behind the mask of the monster. 

( this is just the beginning because I’m not good at writing my dear - so rest of the story ? you’ll find some sentenses when you click on the photos :D )

MERRY CHRISTMAS BEAUTIFUL ! It was so amazing to be your Secret Santa :D <3

It’s part 1 - now I’m going to post part 2 & 3 ! Hope you’ll like it :)


Melinda May - H e a l

A Hard Fix, a Rushbelle Fic

DDAgent Prompted: Destiny!Belle universe. Masturbation. Telford messing with the consoles and Rush making it better.

This is, again, for that Rushbelle fic yet to be named where Belle is an embodiment of Destiny, which apparently opens up a vast array of strange porn possibilities.

Enjoy. Or I’m sorry. I don’t know which.

On a side note I’d like to point out that it’s the firs time I’ve had to do research into a space shuttle engine to write porn. Just saying.

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Time Lord May and companion Phil


“You’re not going to tell me how you did that, are you?”  It was a police box.  Just a box with a burned out light bulb that he’d been trying to fix.  And then suddenly he’d been inside, which was a bit bigger than the outside, and when the doors had opened again they were very much not where they’d started.

“You wouldn’t understand if I tried.”  She was scanning the horizon for something.  Phil looked, but he didn’t have an idea what she was looking for.  Or where they were.

“I’m smarter than I look.”  If he’d been wearing his glasses he might look smarter.  They were at home, though, and home was not where they were.

“You’re a human,” she said with a shrug before she started walking.  Phil had to jog to catch up.

“What’s that supposed to mean?  Of course I’m human.”

“You think in three dimensions.  I don’t have the time to explain the theory of dimensionally transcendental right now.”  Once they reached the peak of the hill they could see a small village down below.  There was something odd about it, though he couldn’t put his finger on it.

“If you can’t explain it, can I at least get a name to call you?”

Philinda Fixer-Upper

So I know that the Philinda fandom’s been a bit disappointed by the finale, and I really want to do this to cheer us all up, especially ddagent. I wrote this song a while ago, and I feel the rest of Tumblr’s Philinda fandom must see it. I do need to get back into parodies again.

Philinda Fixer-Upper

(From Fixer-Upper in Frozen. It was destined for them.)

[Skye] Oh come on, AC

[Tripp] Why won’t you just tell May you love her?

Is it the silent way she walks?

[Mack] Or the stoic way she talks?

[Hunter] It might be her ability to channel a strong Mulan vibe!

[Koenig] She goes into your office furious as hell,

Then comes out happy as a bell

[Fitz] There’s no other woman as

Kick-ass as the Cavalry

[Coulson] Don’t call her that!

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Walking Disaster - Skye, May, Coulson, | Teen (for ddagent)

ddagent - hope your hand feels better!!

“Dammit, dammit, dammit!” Is all she has to say before May has her hand. The metal strip of the gatling gun responsible for the white hot pain in her finger snaps shut now that her hand’s out of the way.

It burns, her eyes sting and something sinks deep into the pit of her stomach. She can’t even look at her own mangled fingers because if she looks she’s going to throw up and she’s really not ready to do that in front of May.

Or worse, AC, because he heard her scream and he’s here, behind May.

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