💖i wish i could💖

•fall asleep in daddy’s arms while he pets my hair

• listen to daddy’s cute snores

• hold daddy’s hand while he drives

• colour cute pictures for him

• listen to all of daddy’s favourite songs with him

• watch daddy play scawy games for me and hold me close so i dont get scared!

• pause the game and have makeout breaks

• cuddle daddy for a whole day

• give him long kisses before daddy leaves for work (huehueh not actually let him go and keep kissin him for a more 10 mins)

• watch little girl movies with daddy and just snuggle him

• wake up to daddy next to me everyday and smother him in kisses to wake him up!

•take swily pictures with daddy ^-^

•listen to daddy tell me bed time stories

•°•and i wish daddy stays my happily ever after forever•°•