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simple model poses [CAS & in-game poses]

my followers gift as promised, as i reached another milestone!! super simple poses, but i really wanted to do something quick for my dear followers <33 at least i made the preview halloween-ish? lmao

the poses are mainly for male, but tbh they also look good with females so have fun with it :DD

– 20 poses –

– replaces the goofball and geek traits in CAS –

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thanks to all cc creators!

~ and have fun ~

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Ну и да, давайте замутим такую вот лотерею. Без повода, а чо б и нет?))0)
Правила стандартные:
 - Читать меня; 
 - Реблог и/или лайк (двойной шанс!);
 - запастись терпением и чайком.

Окончание события: 20.11.17, или же 20 ноября 2017-го года. 
Победителей будет трое, но какие призы они получат - нинаю) Но один получит полноценку, это точно.

The lottery rulles:
 - Follow me; 
 - Reblog and/or like (double chance!);
 - Have patience and tea.
The end of the event: 11.20.17 (MM/DD/YY), or November 20, 2017.
Prizes: 3; one winner will receive a full art!

“Tal vez fue locura muy grande entrar en esta pasión. Cuando examino los primeros hechos, yo sé que la culpa fue enteramente mía. Yo creí que lo que saltaba de tu mirada era amor y yo he visto después que tú miras así a mucha gente. Loco fui, insensato: como un niño, Doris, como un niño” .
(GM a DD, 20 nov 1949, Veracruz).

Niña errante. Las cartas de Gabriela Mistral a Doris Dana.

So this is the first time in a while I had each part of my rig together in one nice clean picture. 

I’m really happy with my pedalboard at the moment short of the lack of reverb. Everything sounds great into the bassman. 

That Peavey cabinet is by far one of the better 2x12 cabinets I’ve ever owned. It handles low end better and absolutely nothing rattles on it ever. Even huge swells with tons of delay and massive fuzz. So solid. I’m planning on dropping much better speakers into it in the nearish future. Not 100% sure what I’ll drop in there yet, but I have some ideas. 

I’m really loving the Soul Food into the Musket right now for a tight high gain tone. Seriously brings the riffage and probably the best high gain tone I’ve ever gotten into the front end of a clean amp. Very happy with that. 

This rig is solid. I’m still contemplating a second delay, a reverb, another drive, and maybe even a second modulation pedal of some kind. 

Right now though, it does a lot really well. 

Current work cargo: external hard drive by Glyph in a zippered pouch (barely visible here), brown Midori Traveler’s Notebook, black Lihit Lab pencil case, Filofax Malden Personal Ochre with Field Notes memo book tucked in the back pocket, makeup case (red vinyl case in the shape of lips, purchased at Ricky’s here in New York) and last but not least: the DAY DESIGNER with daily pages, serving as an extension to the Filofax and solely for my brand development work. About this $20 DD, can I just say WOW! I loved the layout in photos I had scene on Instagram, but holding it, turning the pages, writing in it, the thought process it encourages, all the details, wow. With one year’s use, if I find it indispensable to my work, I will purchase their standard Flagship model next year as I read the paper quality and additional details are outstanding. I believe it! The brown leather tote is an ooooooold bag from Banana Republic, weathered from all the years of use; it’s my Old Faithful. ;)


It’s hard to spot DD but if you skip to 2:20, DD gets the ball and falls on the ground. His number is X. I think it’s possible to spot him randomly too but it’s kinda blurry.

Cortese: Even to this day, David Duchovny, who is a friend of mine, will give me grief for taking him out of a Rock N’ Jock basketball game with like three minutes to go and replacing him maybe with Dean Cain. He was so upset. It wasn’t my choice. One of the producers was in my ear, like, “OK, let’s get Duchovny out of the game.” (source)

During the Peleliu landings, USS Preble (DD-345/DM-20/AG-99) was assigned to destroy a field of suspected acoustic mines by steaming along the edge of the field and howling away on a siren installed for this quixotic purpose. It was a shame that no explosions occurred to signal success in this bizarre operation.
—  Flush Decks & Four Pipes, by John D. Alden Cdr. US Navy (Ret.)