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“How could you not tell Foggy?” You asked angrily, “He’s you best friend, Matt!”

“I know,” Matt whispered, “I was trying to protect him; I was trying to protect all of you.”

You scoffed, “By lying to us all the time? You’ve been best friends with Foggy for years, Matt, do you know how much this is going to kill him inside?”

Matt’s face scrunched up, he knew how badly he’d messed up, “You’re right.” He mumbled, “I should’ve told him from the beginning.”

Just followed 60 new blogs (lord help me). 
Looking forward to seeing your pup posts and getting to know you and your precious pets :) 

OKay so i ordered pizza online. then the company called about 40 minutes after i ordered and told me my pizza was sent to someone in the capital on accident. i’m dying right now, this si so funny

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hey bucko, could you write a continuation of that last fic?

Suggest a ficlet!

(Sent this to myself, obviously. I felt the urge to see what happened next :o I’ve been in the mood for angsty fics lately.)

Part 1

Party Poison squeezed down the pump handle. A stream of water trickled out. He cupped his hand and splashed the water on his face, then squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head. The water was lukewarm against his sweaty skin. He poured a few dribbles of water into the bucket, then headed back inside the motel, dabbing his face with a bandana.

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It’s a no brainer when people ask me who my favorite super hero is. It’s Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil. And here’s why:

  1. Because his greatest strength (sensitive hearing and smell) is very directly tied with his greatest weakness (being blind.) Being blind isn’t something he eventually “got rid of” but something he fully integrated into his life.
  2. Because he is the man without fear… not the man of steel. His strongest characteristic is fearlessness, not invincibility. Just good ol’ courage.
  3. Because he always seems proud of his work… Not resigned to or “cursed” with protecting Hell’s Kitchen. But genuinely honored. He’s glad to be saving people.
  4. Because he deals with real life. He’s not rich, he’s not famous, he’s not successful, and people are uncomfortable around him because he’s blind.
  5. Because his day job matches his nightly activities: he’s a defense attorney, often for broke/defenseless victims. He lives the code he enforces.

I’d take DD over any other hero any day. Pardon the random gushing.

Image from Daredevil #10

  • Teacher:Can you explain to me why you failed your test today?
  • Me:Matt Murdock is blind. Thats a fact and It drives me crazy that people seem to miss that whole concept of world on fire. He is blind. 100% but he gathers the data of what he senses, hears, smells, tastes, and feels to put together a picture in his head. It's not him seeing, it's him putting it all together to figure out what the data is telling him. He does not see, but he can sense in 360° everything around him. It just drives me crazy how people don't get that. He does not see forward with his eyes, he senses things all around him with his body. It would be impossible to show what that is like to sense things in that degree, so they chose to show the world on fire, but I just wanted everyone to make sure they understand that he cannot see, but that his body can sense things. He doesn't see the world on fire, he imagines it.