I think a bucket of spit is more interesting than Hal Jordan.

Guess who said that?

a) a fanbrat who likes another Earth Lantern more

b) a troll who likes getting a raise out of people  

c) a certain feminist site on tumblr that pretends to be a semi-professional source of news and criticism 

DCWKA unless they are from the Green Lantern franchise that is

If the only thing that you have to say about Carol Ferris is wondering whether her boobs fall out in one version of her costume (one that she’s had for a few years out of more than 50 of her existence) I think you fail at feminism pretty damn badly. (Okay there was also that “well she was in that Green Lantern movie but don’t really watch it because eww Hal Jordan) 

Actually when half of the handful of posts under the Green Lantern tag of your feminist blog are about a few seconds of CGI underboob in a blink and miss cameo, I think you should just put a disclaimer:

”Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women of DC Comics, and occasionally Marvel and other places, who kick ass. Unless they are Green Lanterns, Star Sapphires, Sinestro Corps members, Red Lanterns, Blue Lanterns, etc, etc or in any way associated with the Green Lantern franchise. Also ewww those Green Lantern men.“