Who knows how the hatchling found himself on the balcony of the shop. He truly had no idea. All he knew upon waking was his mother wasn’t present.

This information, coupled with panicked dizziness, ultimately led to the young dovah’s fall. With a yelp, Naar fell from the balcony and landed on the dirt with a loud grunt. It was quite a fall. One that made him lose his breath.

His sides heaved with the effort of refilling his lungs. Jaws parted, he tried sucking air in through his mouth as well. There wasn’t much pain. Not yet. Not while he laid still.

Jae had been looking through her journal, making sure she had completed her list of things to do for the day as Luci held her hand, swinging their arms back and forth as they walked. They had luckily found a new set of robes for Luci for relatively cheap. Her old ones were getting to be too short for her, plus she had just put a nice rip in them from climbing the trees in the court yard. If it hadn’t been for the fact Jae had been the same way when she was the girl’s age she would have been angry. 

The mage had also found one of her school books, much to her relief. She had a paper due within the next month and she needed to get it done soon. Now all they needed to do was to purchase some more stationary for the both of them and then-

The thud in front of her and Luci’s squeak of surprise had Jae dropping her journal in an instant, placing herself between her daughter and the… rather large squirming lizard in the middle of the road. She looked at the poor dear, confused more than anything. What on Nirn?

“Alma!” Luci chirped, peeking out from behind her, “Alma it’s a dragon! A little baby one!”

Jae pushed Lucina back gently, “Hush dear. Stay behind me,” baby or no, dragons were not something to mess with. She had only seen adult ones before, and luckily very far away from her person, so to see a little one, and so close had her on edge. There was a mother to this one, no?

But it seemed to struggle for breath. It didn’t move very much either. She stepped forward slowly, crouching down to get a better look. She always did have a soft spot for animals. “Alma, is it hurt?”

“I am not sure,” she said quietly, placing a gentle hand on its side. It was oddly soft. How peculiar.


The bosmer could only stare down at the… baby dragon. She couldn’t even tell it was a dragon until she noticed the stretch of skin between its claws and its body.

She wasn’t sure if it was tame, though hoped that it was. Although it didn’t look like if had the capabilities of burning down a house, even a small version of those damned creatures set off a warning in the wood elf’s mind.

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It’s with a number of clearly practiced and almost noiseless footfalls that Nor peers over a small outcropping of rock, the Argonian’s gaze taking in a number of goats nibbling at whatever tasty bit of grass and leaf and other greenery they came across as they meandered about the slopes. He should be able to take one out fairly easily, Nor reckoned, and especially so under the aid of an invisibility spell that he liked to make oh such ample use of. And in addition to filling a soul gem a whole goat would be enough to last him for more than a little while out in his current travels. Certainly enough to get him to the next settlement that had either an inn or a half-decent merchant, at least.

It’s with a few more slow footfalls that the Argonian creeps forward once again, a dull violet glow beginning to fill one gloved hand while a dagger was drawn into the other. And the assassin can’t even hope to quell the somewhat sly and toothy grin that overtakes his features as he moves ever closer. Yes, as long as someone or something else didn’t come wandering through the scene, the assassin would be a filled soul gem richer and having goat for his next meal.

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Though his trip was unexpected in and of itself (Abel does not typically make a habit of leaving cities, unless he’s traveling between them) one thing is certain– he had not expected a dragon. He’d heard rumours, certainly, whispers of dragons returning but he had not expected to see one.

He lets out the first part of a scream, but quickly shuts his mouth with the audible crack of teeth on teeth as he realizes the creature does not seem to want to eat him at the moment.


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I KNOW LIKE HP IS MY LIFEBLOOD. I WAS FIVE OR SMTHING WHEN I READ THE FIRST BOOK. BUT LIKE CAESAR IS S L Y T H E R I N and will probably succeed in pissing everyone off like what. he pissed the whole republic off. he pissed the senate off. * turns to the muse* AND THAT IS WHY YOU GET STABBED TO DEATH IDIOT. I’m mutuals with some rad hp roleplayers but idk im actually too shy to talk to them.

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quit their job/ drop out of school | punch someone in the face | give them a lot of money | buy them a drink | take them out on a date | give them oral | let them give my muse oral | have sex with them | have rough sex with them | dominate them | submit to them | commit a misdemeanor for them | commit a felony for them | lie under oath for them | go to jail in their place | drastically change their appearance | break up with their significant other | start a business with them | marry them | kill someone for them | die for them

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