Don’t You Get It? (Tim Drake x Reader)

Request: “31 with Tim from the x prompt please.” from anon

Prompt: “Jealousy is an ugly color on you.”

A/N: I’m a slow writer i know.

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“Tim, what has gotten into you?”

Tim rolled his eyes and ignored you, flipping through the tv channels. You sighed and pursed your lips. He’s been acting this way ever since you arrived home after your date, which sucked big time.

The next five minutes, you just kept trying to make him talk to you. You stood in front of the tv, but that didn’t bother him, he treated you like you were a transparent ghost. No matter what you did, he still ignored you.

You sat back next to him on the couch and started poking his shoulder, “Why is you like this?”

He glanced at you for about 5 seconds and looked back at the tv. Your jaw dropped, “Stop ignoring me, Tim!”

He rolled his eyes again, “Why wont you call that idiot date of yours since you want attention so much?”

You raised an eyebrow, “Tim…are you jealous?”

He scoffed, knitting his eyebrows together and turned his body to finally face you, “Why would I be jealous of a guy who looks like his hair got licked by a cow?!”

You couldn’t help but laugh. He was so right. Even though he was right, you can tell he’s still totally jealous, “Wow…jealousy is an ugly color on you.”

“I’m not jealous!”

Unwanted memories started flooding your thoughts, making you cringe in disgust, “My date tonight was so weird, beyond weird.”

He turned back to face the tv, “How weird?” He grumbled.

You sighed, “He ordered milk for dinner, Tim.”

Tim bursted out in laughter, “He what?!”

“Yup, you heard that right.”

Tim held his stomach as he kept on laughing. You grinned, feeling accomplished that he’s back to acting like himself, “I still don’t know why you’re jealous, I mean it’s not like you’re in love with me or anything.”

Tim’s laughter faded. He gulped and turned off the tv, “You…you just don’t get it, don’t you?”

“Get what?”

“I am in love with you, (Y/N).”

yeah no wonder woman was fukin incredible lemme tell ya why
  • w o m e n    f i g h t i n g   
  • like with godly strength 
  • doing slow-motion flips and stabbing and shit
  • it doesn’t try to focus on another thirteen fukin DCU characters okay it’s diana prince’s story
  • tiny diana!!!!!!!!
  • chris pine is rad and has a really great arc
  • gal gadot being better than all men combined
  • steve tryin to explain people things
  • basically just every man being shooketh by wonder woman
  • it’s directed by a woman and women aren’t sexualized!!!!
  • a+ soundtrack very good very epic
  • do you want to see animated oil paintings
  • remus lupin gets real angry
  • pretty damn seamless cgi
  • beautiful visual effects and costumes 
  • asks really serious questions about humanity and race and gender and ethics
  • “diana stay put” how about i do not
  • also gal gadot was five months pregnant during reshoots (which included stunts) and that’s the most badass thing ever
  • just enough campiness but not too much
  • f i  g  h  t  s
  • diana being done with guns
  • diana being done with the prejudice of man in general
  • basically gal gadot’s entire being 
  • it’s a movie that encourages women and portrays them as fierce and independent while also allowing them to show vulnerability and look wonder woman finally got it right and it made me emotional please go see it

…Damian “Don’t Patronize Me or I’ll Break Your Face” Wayne in teeny tiny shorts and his friend’s shirt that is too big may be the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

(from Superman #21 preview by Tomasi, Gleason, Gray, and Kalisz)