Praying for the families who lost loved ones at the Naval Yard today. I also hope all those in the hospital have a fast recovery. 13 lost today is far too many. Placing your life on the line overseas is what military personnel do, losing your life while state side is the worst tragedy. #military #navy #WashingtonDC #DC #Washington #DCshooting #navalyard

WTFudgeMonkey! #ABTVScandal had me in more tears than the actual episode! Connecting brilliantly to fans, audiences and us. Is there an Emmy-like award for this team of hosts? Bravo to #ABTVScandal hosts @SofiaStanley @EmileEnnisJr @bammericsen @Kennelia #Real-ish #ConnectingBrillantly #LovedYouAllAtHello #Scandal #PostShowReview #aftershow #afterbuzztv #DCShooting

Miriam Carey is not the only woman executed by police this week:

Miriam Carey is not the only woman executed by police this week:

Wendy Lawrence, a 45-year-old Canterbury woman was shot and killed by a New Hampshire State Trooper in Manchester earlier this week.

The shooting is still under investigation; boyfriend says Wendy Lawrence was “executed.”


It’s time to disarm the criminals with badges! We need to start demanding Police Gun Regulation!

Family says they are still confused as to why#MiriamCarey was gunned down by DC police.

Miriam Carey’s Killing Showcases Harm of Unquestioned Police Glorification

Once you realize just how much most mainstream (aka lamestream) media personnel act as lapdogs for those involved with the biggest criminal protection rackets in your town and in DC, the growth of the police state isn’t surprising.

Today, corporate media parrots what they’re told by criminals (as evident by the reference to such actors as “the authorities” or simply, “authorities”). That belies the bad idea of arbitrary authority – a stranger has authority simply due to a title or costume, something striking different than earned authority – someone you know and trust to be a good adjudicator, for example.

Corporate media fails to ask questions of those who have institutionalized the perpetration of predatory behavior, and often gives to them the last word in write-ups or video segments. That only further entrenches the Statist Quo.

George Orwell opined:
The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect.

Meanwhile, eye-witness accounts and raw video tell a different story about “crazed woman” in the Infiniti sedan. It looks like she might have made a wrong turn down a cordoned street (of which there are many) around the White House (though to be entirely fair, the DC police chief says it was no “accident,” but has offered to details to that end). 

She was yelled at, according to witnesses, by a plain-clothed guard and others who banged on the hood of her car. She freaked, hit the guard and a makeshift barricade that was put in her way, then tried to turn around and flee. Shots were fired at her car and the chase ensued. It ended in a hail of bullets when Carey emerged from the car, outside the Hart Office Building on Capitol Hill (not far away), reportedly unarmed.



Presstitutes Rush To Justify DC Cops Opening Fire On Unarmed Mother And Child: http://xrepublic.tv/node/5609#sthash.FhdpBJys.dpuf


Now that the woman is dead, her child is orphaned, and her unarmed status is known, even the police are starting to question possible over reaction on their part.

We need to get rid of this terrorist-behind-every-noncompliant citizen mentality or we will willingly introduce THIS into society:



Capitol Hill chaos: Shocked friends, family of alleged driver say she wasn’t politicalhttp://www.salon.com/2013/10/04/capitol_hill_chaos_shocked_friends_family_of_driver_say_she_wasnt_political/


The sisters said the family had not been properly notified by government officials about Miriam’s death, and added they had identified her body by looking at a photograph and not actually seeing her body.

Valerie Carey said the family learned of Miriam’s death from the media.

“It is a shame that my mother, my sister and I had to find out from reporters who called us,” she said. “Shame on the Metropolitan D.C.-area personnel for still not informing us of what has happened to my sister.”



Capitol Car Chase And Shooting Happens The Same Day As Major First Responder Drill In DC Area

If a militarized police lockdown is required to counter the threat of a single unarmed woman with a baby ramming a barricade, than it is obvious these people will be totally screwed if they are faced with a real threat.

What’s really sick about this is that both phony political parties in the U.S. House of Representatives expressed their gratitude to the Capitol Police for their actions with a standing ovation. So here we see the entire legislative body cheering the Capitol Police gunning down an unarmed woman. This proves that these people are nuts. This is not something that deserves approval let alone a standing ovation. If these people had any sort of credibility they would be calling for an investigation into the Capitol Police as to why they needed to shoot an unarmed woman in this manner. Unfortunately in this so-called post 9/11 era this type of thuggish police action is par for the course and endorsed by lawmakers and other idiot goons in the federal government.

Of course we should also ask if this event is real or staged. The government and the media have lied about so many of these different incidents that it is impossible to accept any official story at face value. One interesting item of note is that this event coincided with a government sanctioned drill called Capital Shield 14 that was happening in the DC area today. Historically we have seen several media sensationalized events and assorted government run terror operations that have occurred on the same day as similiar types of drills and exercises. The Boston Marathon bombing that happened just this past April is one recent example but other events like the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 London subway bombings also fit into this category. Whenever something like this happens it raises serious questions as to the true nature of the actual event because drills are often used as cover for real government financed terrorist and psychological warfare operations.



Panic in DC after female driver with a child rammed barricades outside the White House before fleeing to the Capitol, crashing into a police car and being shot dead
Capitol Hill was placed in lockdown after gunshots fired in downtown DC on Thursday
A child, aged around 2 years, was in the black car with the female suspect, Miriam Carey, 34, who was shot and killed by police officers
Carey, from Connecticut, ‘did not fire any shots' 
No link to terrorism and believed to be an isolated incident, police said
Capitol Police officers have not been paid since Tuesday because of the government shutdown


Woman shot and killed by Capitol Police was Not Armed and did Not Fire any shots: http://www.blacklistednews.com/Woman_shot_and_killed_by_Capitol_Police_was_Not_Armed_and_did_Not_Fire_any_shots/29335/0/38/38/Y/M.html