The thing I loved about the DVD commentaries from Dawson’s Creek was that the producer would say things like, “this story did not work out.” “We screwed this up.” I wish more TPTB would do that. Granted, all of that is probably easier given that the show was over.

chrisodonline said: I never really watched ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ but the “actor teeth” comment made me laugh.

Paget Brewster (from Criminal Minds) posted an instagram of herself at the dentist saying she was getting her actor teeth done. Which is where I got it from! 


There ya go. (Also, Katie Holmes aka Joey does not at all have her actor teeth yet.)

I miss TWOP so much right now, I really want to read ahead and find out what happens in this episode. I remember basics, but you know. When your memory is basically “Dawson’s a complete ass.” (Oh, it was not the plot I was thinking. PS Dawson was a complete ass.)

dawson’s s1 overview:

I remembered the show was sexist and Dawson was a douche but WOW, I was not prepared for how very very illustrative of rape culture the first season was. Or that Dawson was such a budding meninist.

Also, ugh, Pacey’s horrible haircut. And I’ve realized that what bugs about Jen is that her brows seem overplucked. This is important stuff. I can look past the horrible clothes, but really, brows are so important.