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We live in truly dark times and I'm not talking about any impending nuclear threats but the fact that I've seen quite a few posts online saying Goku is not a true hero. It's so ironic how DB fans are so many and vast however only few are able to see Goku with any depth beyond a naive idiot with a fighting fetish when in DBZ he shows himself to be the person with the most perspective by trying to set up Gohan (among others) as Earth's go-to defender and forgiving his foes after he knows his won.

It’s extremely frustrating, for sure! And I’m still not sure how so many people miss the memos that are constantly displayed in said show, like you said. Also lol @ the lack of self awareness where they point and laugh at him for being dumb when blind to their own foolishness and absence of critical thinking.

But anyhoo, something to help ease the pain is the knowledge that a) they’re wrong lol and b) Goku wouldn’t give a fuck. He’s a practical guy and focuses on what’s important, even with his carefree attitude!

Knowing there’s still, and always will be Goku defenders such as ourselves is further proof of how much of a force of good he is :’Dc

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Pictured: Proof Goky don’t care, he finds the joy in everything!

PS. Are you the same Cool Anon who asked me what my Fav DB/Z/GT eps are? I haven’t got to it yet as I feel that’s a big post for the future, or at least requires me to rewatch a lot lol, but I haven’t forgotten!