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*rises from the grave* hiya! sorry I haven’t been here but I’m back!! and with big news thatwasalreadystatedinthepostbeforebutthistimeinamorepositivemanor

In 1 week I am going to embark on the biggest journey I have ever taken in my life, working for Disney! I can’t even explain how excited, nervous, scared, and happy I am. For 5 months (or more if I choose to extend) I will be working at the place I have dreamed of working since I could talk. It’s my first time ever living away from home, but I need to take that step sometime in my life. I will miss my parents dearly but with two awesome friends by my side I know I will be okay~

Like the song says “Try Everything~”

I really can’t explain how excited I am to be in the Disney College Program.. but with having the mouse as my boss, I won’t have as much time to draw and have a social life hahahaHAHAHAHAHAH!! ahem anyway I can’t wait to be able to make children’s day magical and a day they will remember for years to come!

Look out Disney World HERE I COME!!

Got some news yesterday at 3:03 PM....

While standing in Joanne’s Fabrics comparing photos of lace for a cosplay….a little email from WDW recruiting popped up and my heart dropped into my stomach.

I have accepted the role of character performer for the WDW Fall Advantage college program!

Naturally I started crying in the middle of the store and it was completely insane and I just couldn’t be happier. I am going to move to Orlando with two of my BEST friends and actually be around all my OTHER best friends all the time!

It’s unreal as I have been auditioning for Florida for nearly FOUR years with no results.

You just have to persist!!

I won’t know my exact role or roles until I arrive in Florida in June, and chances are I will not be sharing who I am “friends with” on tumblr. It’s a personal choice that I think makes things easier in terms of continuing to blog.

Thanks so much everyone for all the love and support you’ve always given me!

I might provide a link on my blog to my “dcp” tag as I will be marking everything from here on out.