dcp 12

An Overpacker's Guide to Packing for the DCP

How many of y'all are worried about what to pack? Yeah. It’s my second time around and I still wasn’t exactly sure how much stuff to bring. Not that I was worried I wouldn’t pack enough stuff. Quite to opposite my friends. I am an overpacker to the extreme. During my first program I brought all kinds of stuff. 4 bins full, a plastic drawer set full of clothes, a corkboad…Mickey Mouse, you name it, I probably had it. I like to use the excuse that It’s because I like to feel prepared, but who knows why I felt the need to bring so much! This time…I’m still bringing a lot of stuff but its about ½ of what I brought back in 2013! 

Highlights/Things you might not think to bring:

  • Sheets/pillows/bedding
  • Shower curtain/bathmat
  • Towels/Laundry Bin/bag
  • hangers
  • Cleaning Products/Laundry Soap
  • Bathing Suit
  • Small appliances; Toaster/Blender/Waffle Iron?Coffee Machine (Microwaves are provided!)
  • Power Strip
  • Ethernet cable/wireless router (Required to access internet)
  • Disney Trading Pins/Vinylmantions
  • Laptop/tablet

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