Loqi: WELL, WELL, if it isn’t Cor the Immortal! So you survived the Citadel. But you won’t survive what I have in store for you! It’s past time your legend came to an end. >:D
Loqi: Can I have an autograph first

anonymous asked:

I really enjoyed those ideal type posts you did for tredd and drautos! would you consider doing something similar for Cor and Libertus?

Hmm, okay!! Thanks, these are fun :D

Cor needs someone who is persistent, and stubborn in complimentary ways to him. He’s going to deny you and his feelings for you for ages, so just remind yourself how worth it he is. Cor needs someone who is soft where he is hard, warm where he is cold and distant. Someone to melt the frost over his heart. Cor is like Drautos in that he can be with a soldier or not, but he’ll do best with a civilian. Cor has seen enough of the horrors of war to last him a lifetime; he needs someone who has no connection to any of those things and will allow him to leave his burdens outside when he comes home is. The ideal qualities for Cor’s partner would be someone who is warm, patient, stubborn, and independent.

Libertus absolutely needs someone who is a civilian, period. He’s all done with military anything. He’ll do best with someone loving and affectionate who dotes on him, particularly someone who is physically affectionate. He’s an absolute cuddleslut, so a partner who will lay in bed all day with him is just perfect. He loves PDA, so his ideal partner should be someone who isn’t embarrassed to claim him in public in those ways. Libertus has seen a lot of shit, so he’d like to forget all those things when he comes home. He values friendship and loyalty above all else, so he needs someone who is willing to stand by their man, even as they tell him just how wrong he is in private. Libertus’s ideal mate is optimistic, affectionate, supportive, and loyal.