Mopeds is coolest. I haven’t been active here nor on the streets, but DCons can understand.

I’m officially a Dcon again and it feels good. Rocky two years, but I’m out of retirement. Got a slow ciao: Gonna go fast.

the one year i decide to go to dragon con to meet up with a ton of friends, my sister has to want to go with her boyfriend.


lemmelurkios asked:

Lars, Peridot, Jasper, Sapphire, Sugilite, Stevonnie, Peedee, Jamie

Hello there Vivian

Lars: Name a few of your insecurities.

 Uh well I’m insecure about my weight in general but more specifically my legs and shoulders. I’m trying to be more confident and wear what I want though.

Peridot: Describe a day where everything went wrong

The last one I had was the day before dcon, they took 3 hours to print a poster that day they were supposed to print 3 days ago and I almost didn’t get it, I failed a math test horribly but what’s new there, my scrapbook was not on point, I got a haircut I didn’t like, It wasn’t the worst day but it sucked ass.

Jasper: What brings out a mean streak in you?

Fuck. This required a lot of thought, because most things bring out a sense of competitiveness in me instead, but when somethings not fair or right. I’m big on a sense of justice and if it doesn’t come naturally I’ll make it happen and I’ll be a ruthless bitch about it.

Sapphire: Your trademark feature that people recognize you by?

Well in real life there’s not a lot of distinct features about me, but I’m planning on dyeing my hair soon so that will hopefully change. I guess another feature would be my voice I tend to overextend words when I talk. Online would be fuck if i know??/ In art though it’s the noses people recognize for me, I tend to draw really big noses, I don’t know I like them??

Stevonnie: What do you and your best friend totally bond over?

Well I have two best friends, but one we bond over art and the other our crazy families and similar tv show tastes?? I guess??

Peedee: The moment you realized you weren’t a kid anymore?

This is gonna sound weird but, like 4th/ 5th grade, like I was still a kid, but I went through some shit and then everything was different. Like I in no way was an adult but my parents started honestly acting like children at this point. I just had to take care of myself because no one else would.

Jamie: The most romantic thing someone’s done for you?

LITERALLY NOTHING. LIKE at this point the most romantic moment in my life is a stranger calling me hot, LIKE THAT’S IT, AND THAT’S NOT EVEN ROMANTIC. Never dated, never been asked out, I’m an inexperienced little shit who wants experience.

loonymoonyness asked:

Number 5 Ryan, explain your URL to the world ❤️

oh my lord jesus. Ok so there’s this big event called DCON for key club and basically we had a fb group chat for it and we were discussing who knows what when someone said I was a pet or something and I asked for people to feed me. AND THATS WHEN EVERYONE STARTED THIS SHIT LOL Mindy I think said we should give me water and someone then called me thirsty. BUT IT DIDN’T STOP THERE. On the ride to DCON on a huge bus, Thomas and Haeden started joking about it and said I wasn’t just thirsty. I was Choythirsty which was a whole different level and jesus christ that just spread like wildfire. Eventually, I couldn’t go to any key club events or buses without someone shouting choythirsty. Someone offered me the niagra falls and I didn’t even know him omf. It didn’t even end after high school. My badminton friends found my instagram that I stopped the day I made it but…;_;. High school Key Club was a fun time, and I’ve been contemplating on how to start talking to old key club friends again. And maybe joining Circle K? 

cairistona asked:

Transformers fandom ask: 2, 4, 6, 13, 18, 30. :)

(Heh,I always know I can count on you to do the asks Cairistona!)

2. What was your first experience with transformers?
When I was about 11 my dad set me down in front of the TV with my little sister and said that he had a new cartoon for us to watch together as a family. It was the very first episode of G1. I was hooked instantly.

4. What was your first transformers figure?
That would have to be the Generations Armada Starscream figure that I dearly love.

6. Who is your favorite Autobot? 
Hmm… That is a difficult question as a have far more sympathies with the Dcons… I will probably have to go with Prowl though. XD

13. How many transformers figures do you have?
Uh… lemme count… 8? Thats not counting the miniature RID toys. I have 6 of those.

18. Who do you hope appears in the next transformers show?
I would dearly love to see a grumpy red retired weapons specialist in the new RID show. If not then, Prowl is always a welcome sight for sore eyes. Or Starscream. Or Soundwave. Heh, I have lots of people I’d like to see in the latest cartoon.

30. What do you like about the fandom?
I like how supportive the fandom is -when they are not ripping each other to pieces that is. We are all here for the same reason. Because robots, right?

About us.

What is Key Club?

Key Club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. It is a student-led organization that teaches leadership through service to others. It is a member of the Kiwanis International Family. Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities. Key Club has approximately 260,000 members in approximately 5,000 clubs and is represented in 31 countries.

What do students do in Key Club?

Students become active members in their communities. In our division, students participate as volunteers for elementary schools, clean-ups, marathon walks and runs, operation gratitude, and the list goes on. Aside from volunteer work, students are able to socialize during events such as Fall Rally and DCON (District Convention) where different clubs come together to present what their club has done throughout the year.

Are hours required?

Nothing is required, but each Key Club member should have a goal of completing 50 hours of service.

When’s the meeting?

Meetings are held on Wednesdays in Mrs. Molinaro’s room during lunch. The official start time is 1:00 PM.

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Reposting! Supposed to have a video clip embedded… Still pretty rough, but a quick peek at my ‘Little Green Men’ sculpt for #dcon2015 in November.
Been so busy lately! Promise to start posting again… #sculpt #sculpture #clay #resin #resintoy #customtoy #alien #littlegreenmen #dcon #wip #repost #wheredidthevideogo