Mopeds is coolest. I haven’t been active here nor on the streets, but DCons can understand.

I’m officially a Dcon again and it feels good. Rocky two years, but I’m out of retirement. Got a slow ciao: Gonna go fast.


Our Member Feature for this week is very special, because we’re recognizing the lovely UCSD Circle K members who are on District Committees for the 2015-2016 year! Please give it up for the following members: 

DCON Committee: Melanie Leng (Honor’s Reception), Alvin Vo (Registration), Bella Nguyen (SAA)
Finance & Fundraising: Victoria Ortiz (FiFun Chair)
Kiwanis Family Committee: Vincent Lim (Paradise Liaison)
MD&E Committee: Nam Nguyen (Committee Member)
Service Committee: Joren Libunao (DSSS Workshops)

If you see these members around, don’t forget to congratulate them, and feel free to ask them about district-related questions as well! 


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Name: Sam
Birthdate & location: Oct 9th, Wisconsin 
Nickname: Sam-Bam, Sammi Samuelson, Samuel, Puppy, Ckodie, the list goes on
Gender: unsure //intense shrugging 
Sexual orientation: pansexual 
Favorite movie: Kingsman: The Secret Service
What I am wearing: A grey, DIvergent themed t-shirt from DCON [a Circle K, college thing] and some athletic shorts cuz it’s humid/hot outside 
One place that makes you happy: The bathroom
Last book you read: Pretty sure the last book I read was my Holocaust textbook

Tagging: malblake , mccallofthewild , ididthereading , @- everyone else who wants to do it cuz I’m terrible and have a hard time of thinking of specific people off the top of my head

put me in your videos. I prefer rat masks always. N will only play a hooker. Street walkin rat with a heart full of DCON. Photo cred: @mngs717 #ravagers @ravagers_gang


Holy frick. It was so freaking surreal being at SBTC with the EternaBEEs. Just entering the hotel lobby and screaming because you just saw an LTG makes me so thankful to have such amazing people to work with. It felt forever ever since DCON passed. It just blows my mind being at the same place as all 74 LTG’s from California, Nevada, and Hawaii again.

There was so many memories made: from meeting the committee members, getting closer with my roommates, rejoicing together as a region again, and bonding with others. SBTC was kind of an awakening for me considering two months in the term has passed and I only have eleven more months to give all that I can to the division I serve. It feels impossible sometimes to handle the work load of being in charge of a division, but that just means I have to maintain my positivity more and utilize my DLT more. It’s hard to not compare the division I serve to others, but I just need to grasp the fact that every division is unique in their own ways.

I miss the DB already. There’s so many good-hearted, sweet, and humorous people that I just adore.

However, It’s really disbelieving hearing what really happens behind the DB though. It’s definitely shocking to see others break the expectations of a Lt. Governor..

Just an appreciation post before my main chick graduates and will never ever ever see me again. Unless we room together again for DCON 😏 MUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.
But I love you so much and will truly miss you although we only got to know each other this year. I really hope to see you and CJ next year at DCON so my new roomies can update you on my surprise status. Stay awesome ok, but ALSO HMU WITH SOME HOTTIE!!❤️💗🌸 don’t party too hard btw unless I’m invited ✌️👌

glitterandfireball asked:

1, 21, 22, 92

Number 1 was answered in the other ask.

  • 21:Who is your celebrity crush?
    • Idk really, I mean I really like Anna Kendrick so probably her.
  • 22:Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
    • Disappointingly, no.
  • 92:You can re-live any point of time in your life. The time-span can only be a half-hour, though. What half-hour of your past would you like to experience again?
    • Being on the beach with my friends at DCON. So much fun and happiness.