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PLEASE use that quote with Fred???? Like if MU is in a bad accident post-endgame and Fred is like "I just got her back again this can't happen!"

[That’s okay I didn’t need my heart anyways-]

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The trip to Ferox was supposed to last  a few days. Frederick was left behind with assurance that Robin and Chrom could protect each other, Lon’qu had Lissa and vice versa, and Raimi to escort you back past the border.

Sumia had also been asked to stay behind, with Frederick there to help with the duties she had. Neither were happy about it, but Frederick most of all.

He didn’t want you away from him, especially when he couldn’t see you. He could survive training days when you were in meetings, but days apart? It reminded him too much of the cold when you were gone.

It had been six months since then. Too soon for you to not be here. Even if you promised you’d be all right, he didn’t like the thought of you gone. The ominous stirring in his chest agreed.

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Post Season 5. Myka, Pete and Helena have been reunited for their first mission in some time. Tension is a little high as the artifact chase has them following a familiar traveling carnival that has desires of its own with horrible consequences.

>>> Illustrated Misdeeds by Felix_27

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Aw yeah, Mod Date joins the Flowey content squad. Welcome!

Thank you! My proud contribution to the Flowey Squad will most surely involve high-grade soil and nutrients, on top of actual content!

I promise at least one of those is correct!

(Check out all the mods’ CHECKs.)

Thank you very much! I hope I’ll be able to provide everyone with good reading and learning material!