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read under the cut for way too many witchy headcanons that influenced these drawings:

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October 25 - Witches

I almost named this “Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met)” and then I didn’t. 

Kent hated October, just a little. He always had. It was the hardest time to hide. Not because people were more likely to believe him, but because it took more of his willpower to keep from snapping at people that no, that wasn’t how magic worked, and no that wasn’t what being a witch was like in the 21st century.  

That and there was the whole phone call from his mom saying “Kent, you’ve got to go to Salem, it’s only once a year, it’s not like I make you practice on all of them. But Samhain is fun and it’s more or less safe because the muggles celebrate Halloween anyway.”

Kent’s usual response of “Mom, you can’t really claim to be an actual witch if you’re gonna use Harry Potter terminology” had, as always, gone ignored.

What Kent definitely wasn’t thinking about as he drove from the Boston airport was whether or not Jack was going to be there.

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Let the Cards Guide You

October 25th

Day 7 out of 13 Days of Halloween. Pairing: slight Nurseydex. Featuring: Actual Witch!Bitty. So I’ve been planning on doing a fanfic based on this for a while, but I haven’t had time to do the research necessary for what I want to do. Instead I’m just going to give you a little snippet of what I have planned.

Nursey has no idea what he’s doing with his life. More specifically, his relationship with a certain red-headed D-man. He and Dex have been getting along better, and Nursey is actually enjoying the times they spend together. But lately, he came to the realization that he just really likes Dex. Maybe in a dating in way. And he doesn’t know what to do with this new information.

Nursey walks into the Haus kitchen and collapses on a chair with a loud sigh.

“Nursey, sweetheart, what’s the matter?” Bitty said as he rubbed his shoulder.

“You gave some jasmine tea to Ransom for his anxiety, right? Do you have anything to clear your mind?” Nursey mumbles.

Bitty looks at him carefully, “Well, sure, but what is the actual problem? You can’t solve the symptoms and not the problem.”

Nursey sighs again. “It’s Dex.”

“Oh, no. You’ve been getting along so well lately.”

“That’s the problem!” Nursey throws his hands in the air. “I don’t know how to feel anymore! It was easy just to dislike him, but now… Now I don’t want that anymore. I don’t know what I’m thinking. I just need to stop.”

“Oh honey, no. Let me make you some tea.” As Bitty starts moving around the kitchen, he continues talking, “You know, I could just stand here all day and go off half-cooked with advice, but would you rather I do a reading for you?”

Nursey looks up at him, “You mean with tarot cards?”

Bitty nods and sets a mug in front of him. Bitty always reassures the team that being Wiccan doesn’t mean that he has fantastical power, but honestly the amount of time it takes him to bake a pie, or make tea, is defiantly magical in Nursey’s opinion.

“That would be really cool, thanks man.” Nursey starts sipping on his tea, burning his tongue in the process.

“I’m going to go up and get my deck, I’ll be right back.”

When Bitty got back he sat down across from Nursey with the deck box in hand. “Have you ever had a reading down before?” Nursey shook his head. “Well, it’s pretty open ended. The thing about tarot readings is that the real meaning stems from how the card relates to the situation. It’s all up for interpretation. I’ll throw out ideas and themes that I think portray to the topic, but it’s up to you to know its meaning. Also, disclaimer, nothing is ever set in stone. Fate is fluid. The cards can tell you what probably will happen if you continue down the path you’re going, or what path you should aim to go down, or something of the sort. Also, the cards aren’t going to tell you that you’re going to die tomorrow morning or anything like that. I can’t tell you how many times people ask me that.” Nursey love the way Bits can casually drawl about the tarot reading, using his hands to lazily gesture as he talks. “I’m using my Tarot Mucha deck because, honesty, this deck achieves the chillness that you aspire to be. I’m also going to use the Seasons spread that specifically is for this deck. Are you ready?”

Nursey nods.

Bitty closes his eyes and starts shuffling the deck. Then he passes it off to Nursey. “Think about what you want the reading to be about and shuffle the deck a little.”

Despite himself, Nursey thinks about how cute Dex’s ears are and the way he laughs whenever Nursey knocks anything over. He thinks about how he wants to hold his hand, and actually sit down when they get coffee.

“Okay, that should be good.” Nursey hand the deck back to Bitty. He sets four cards in a line in front of Nursey and set the deck off to the side. “Spring shows us what needs creative expression.” Bitty flips over the first card. The artwork on it shows a blindfolded lady crossing her arms with two swords in her hands. The moon glows in the background and Nursey is struck by how beautiful the card is. “This is the two of swords,” Bits continues. “She represents meditation, visualization, and detachment from daily distractions. This suggests that you should explore more ways to think about how Dex affects your thoughts and really focus on your mind. Spend some time by yourself to collect your thoughts. Do you need any further clarification?”

Nursey shook his head again. “Oh, no. That makes a lot of sense. I don’t want to rush into anything, right?”

Bitty grins, “Yeah, basically. Anyway, the next is summer, which shows us what needs to slow down.” He flips over the next card. “Oh! This is the six of cups! It’s all about happy memories, innocent delights, and the trusting heart.”

“Wait, does that mean it doesn’t want me to be happy?”

“No, not at all. How I see this is that during this point of your life, you are making a lot of happy memories and being genuine in your own feelings. What I think the cards are trying to say is that you need to stop rushing through this stage of your life and just try to enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about the future just yet.” And, wow, that kind of hit the nail on the head. Nursey has never felt more like himself than he has at Samwell. He’s also been stressing about declaring a major and figuring out which classes he needs to take. Now that he’s thinking about it, he’s been spending more and more time working and studying. Fuck, when was the last time he wrote a poem for fun? “Do you want any further clarification?”

Nursey thought about it for a second, but ultimately said, “Nah, I’m fine.”

Bitty gave him a sweet smile. “Autumn shows us what is ready for harvesting.” When he flips over the card this time, Bitty cracks up laughing.

Nursey is suddenly very concerned. “What’s wrong? What does it mean?” The artwork featured this old guy with a crown and red robes holding a scepter in one hand and an orb in the other.

Bitty fails to wipe the grin off his face. “I’ll tell you after you interpret the card. I don’t want my interpretation to effect yours. This is the Emperor. He is a major arcana card, which holds more weight than the other minor arcana cards. Anyway, the orb he holds is his domain: the world of earth. But he doesn’t take advantage of his power or shy away from responsibility. He protects his people and provides a solid foundation for the future. The scepter symbolizes his authority as the rightful leader. He deserves respect for ruling his empire with strength and determination. Once he is set on a plan of action, he will see that it is done. Like a mountain, he will not be moved.” Nursey laughs at this and Bitty pauses. “What are you thinking about? Does this hit a cord?”

Nursey smiles, “His stubbornness reminds me of Dex.”

“Does anything else remind you of Dex too?” Bitty prompts, grinning wide.

Nursey hesitates, “Well, Dex is also very protective. Like seriously, you’ve seen him on the ice. He’s always the first one to drop his gloves when someone tries beating on any of us. And the dude is really hard working and responsible. He totally acts like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders most of the time.” This card represents the attributes that Nursey appreciates the most in Dex.

“The major arcana often represent people we know.”

Nursey raises an eyebrow, skeptically at Bitty. “Are the cards trying to tell me to harvest Dex? That doesn’t sound right.”

“If it doesn’t sound right, then that interpretation is inaccurate. I’d say it probably means that Dex has something he can offer you. Like friendship, or love, or time, or something.”

“Oh.” Bitty let that sink in. That…was promising. Bitty said that nothing’s set in stone, but maybe if he takes some time by himself to go over his feelings and try to spend more good moments with Dex. Maybe this will be the path he goes down. One where if he asks Dex out he’d say yes.

“Do you want me to go on?”

“No. I want to know why you laughed when you saw this card,” Nursey challenged.

“Well, you see the Emperor represents male sexuality.” Nursey snorts out a laugh as well.

“Moving on, the last one is winter. Winter shows us what needs shelter and care.” Bits flips it over and starts laughing again.

“Seriously, Bitty. What is up with this?”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry, this isn’t very professional of me. Pardon me, please. This is the Fool. The soul who travels the human lifetime seeking knowledge, understanding, and beauty. She has no experiences, only the willingness to live fully in the flow of life’s experiences. Heeding her instinct’s guidance and the call of her spirit towards its purpose, she is always exactly where she is meant to be.”

Nursey frowns. “Why is that funny?”

“Because, in my opinion, the Fool is you.”


Bitty giggles, “I mean it’s your identifier card. You’re a free spirit. You try to live for yourself and for the sake of living.” He’s totally right though. The Fool is exactly what Nursey aspires to be. “You try not to rely on anyone though. We understand that you want to be independent, but we always have your back, Nursey. The whole team. Anyone of us would drop whatever we’re doing to take care of you.”

Nursey smiles, feeling warm inside. “Like what you just did? You were going to start a pie when I got here, weren’t you?”

“Guilty, but that’s beside the point. The point is that you can let people take care of you more often. And yes that includes Dex. I can’t tell you if he has romantic feelings for you, but you’re one of his closest friends, Nursey. And you said it yourself, he protects his friends.”

They sit in comfortable silence for a while. Just…wow. This was not what Nursey was expecting when Bitty offered to do a reading for him, but this was exactly what he needed.

“Thank you, Bitty, I really needed that,” he said as he finished his tea and put it in the sink.

Bits watches him curiously. “I’m glad I could help, but where are you going?”

Nursey shrugs, “I think I’m going to find a tree to sit under and write some poetry.”


I’m new at doing tarot readings, so if anything I said is inaccurate please contact me. The tarot deck featured is actually my personal deck, and this is an actual reading I did for Nursey. Please be gentle with criticism. If you have any questions about this fic, please contact me. I’d be happy to answer them. 

Day 7 of 13 Days of Halloween

Hosted by @omgericzimmermann

Day 7 Prompt: witches!

(Also read on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8382778 )

Title: A Little Georgian Magic Never Hurt Anyone

Bitty smiled as he put the last piece of crust on the top of the pie, finishing the lattice design. Then he murmured soft foreign words and moved his hands slowly above the it, the air around his fingers gaining a purple hue. He grinned as the pie shimmered for a moment, then watched as the crust browned and the filling bubbled. He slipped on his oven mitts and picked up the now finished pie and turned around to put it on a cooling rack, only to come face to face with Jack, whose eyes were wider than Bitty had ever seen before, and one hand was over his mouth. Bitty stiffened as the smile fell from his face, meeting his boyfriends eyes.

“Jack I- there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation!” Bitty squeaked as he put the pie on the counter and pulled off his oven mitts.

“How- Bitty how did you even- what?” Jack was frozen in place.

Bitty opened his mouth to speak, then shut it again, his shoulders slumping.

“Jack, I- I have something to tell you.” Bitty looked down at his socked feet, wringing his hands.

Just just blinked.

“I’m-” Bitty hesitated, his stature shrinking even lower. He took a deep breath and lifted his head slowly to meet Jack’s eyes. Tears were already forming in his. “Jack, I’m a witch.”

Jack blinked, lowered his hand from his mouth and opened it, but no words came out. Instead he just looked confused. Bitty kept talking.

“The Phelps’, my mama’s maiden name, are a family of Witches dating back to the Witch Trials of Salem. My family was almost scared when they found out I was going to school so close to Salem, actually. Anyway, I uh- have powers an’ stuff? I was going to tell you eventually but then I got too scared that-” Bitty felt a tear hit his cheek and he sniffled. “I got scared it’d freak you out and you’d break up with me.” Bitty looked down at his hands, which were glowing a bit blue. He shoved them in his pockets.

He jumped a bit when he felt a pair of arms encircling him, but he sunk into Jack’s touch and buried his face in his chest as Jack pulled Bitty against him. Jack kissed his temple and rested his cheek against his hair. They stood there for a while in the middle of Jack’s Providence apartment, Bitty crying into Jack’s chest, and Jack trying to make sense of things in his head.

Bitty eventually pulled out of Jack’s embrace and looked up to meet his eyes. Jack kept his hands on the small of Bitty’s back.

“Can we talk about this, Bits? If not right now I can wait, if you want.” Jack looked at Bitty softly, and he wasn’t afraid in slightest. Bitty nodded.

Jack led them to the couch and pulled Bitty down next to him, practically on top of him. Bitty looked at his hands in his lap and Jack just examined his profile. Jack cleared his throat and Bitty looked up through watery eyes.

“I’m not breaking up with you.” Jack stated softly, taking one of Bitty’s hands. He could see some of the tension release from Bitty’s shoulders. “So uh-” Jack smiled crookedly, “you said something about powers?”

Bitty barked out a wet laugh.

“Yeah, powers. They can be pretty helpful when needed, but not so much when my hands just kinda glow.” He raised his glowing right hand for emphasis.

“How have I never noticed that?” Jack shook his head, laughing softly.

“Sweetheart, you’re pretty oblivious.” Bitty smiled. “And there’s a reason I like sweaters with sleeves that are too long.”

“God, I must miss you using your powers all the time!” Bitty nodded. “Give me an example? Of some times I’ve missed it?”

Bitty rolled his eyes fondly.

“For a week after I realized I liked you there was a blue aura around me. After you kissed me at your graduation I was levitating a bit? I still don’t know how you didn’t notice that! I may or may not have mentally pushed players on the ice away from me so I wouldn’t get checked? That last one can’t be proven! Also, I learned French in like two weeks, honey.”

Jack pulled his eyebrows together, shaking his head again.

“Show me something?” Jack cocked his head to the right, his eyes meeting Bitty’s again. Bitty chuckled.

“Like what, sweetheart?”

“I don’t know, anything. Something, witchy?”

Bitty nodded and took his left hand away from Jack.

“Watch that candle right there.” Bitty gestured to the candle on the coffee table. Jack nodded and watched.

Bitty pointed to it, his hands glowing soft orange now, and suddenly the wick lit, a steady flame burning bright. Jack turned back to Bitty and jumped a bit at the small flame dancing on the end of his pointer finger. Bitty smiled apologetically and extinguished the flame by brushing his thumb over the tip of his finger. Jack reached out and took Bitty’s hand again. It wasn’t even hot from the flame.

“You’re amazing.” Jack said, leaning forward and pressing his forehead against Bitty’s. Bitty grinned and Jack kissed him softly. He put his free hand against the side of Jack’s face as Jack kissed him dizzy.

Bitty pulled away with a quiet smack.

“I love you.” Bitty’s thumb rubbed soft circles into Jack’s cheek. “Thank you for taking this so well.”

Jack held Bitty’s hand to his lips and kissed it.

“I’ll always love you, Bitty, no matter who, or what, you are. Thank you for sharing this with me. I will admit I am a little surprised, but that doesn’t sway my feelings for you. Ever. I’m so proud of you.”

Bitty kissed him, his whole body glowing a soft pale yellow.


Top 10 Remy Hadley Episodes (as voted by my followers)  → #4. 8x03 Charity Case

I don’t know, House! I mean, what am I supposed to do? I trained to be a Doctor. I know how to take someone’s pain away, how to make a stopped heart beat again. We’ve brought people’s kids back. Their husbands. So… guilt? Yes, you were right. You’re always right. I just… I have the skills to help people. Is it okay for me to walk away from that because I want to just have fun?


What it this?

With the Holiday season approaching we here at Sharoncarterdaily thought it would be nice too spread some love within the Sharon Carter fandom! So introducing this gift exchange! Each participant with be assigned a partner, and then through the month of December you will have a chance to get to know your partner, anon or not this up too you (secret santa aspect is optional basically) and you will create a present for your partner. This both a great way to get to know someone who loves Sharon, and create some great Sharon content!


  • To participate you must reblog this post by November 31st
  • You must fill out this form (this is key because if you don’t give us this information we can not match you to a partner)
  • Basically the more you put in the better this will be, so message your partner, and remember by signing up you are agreeing to create something, you don’t want to the other person down

Gifts You can create

  • Gifsets - must be 8 to 10 gifs
  • Playlists - at least 10 songs
  • Fanfiction - please be 1k or above
  • Fanart - the specifics are up to the artist, and styles vary too much to police lol
  • Fanvideo - please be at least 1 minute

With these specifics we can insure that there is similar levels of effort!


  1. There is absolutely no hate in this event allowed
  2. The gifts do not have to include a ship, we have asked for shipping preferences in the form but this is in case you’d like that as part of the gift - this is where communicating with your partner is key 
  3. If a ship is included in the gift, you are responsible for communicating ratings/content etc. that means if you want NSFW or an AU or etc. it is up for you to ask. If you are not able to communicate directly with your partner let us know so we can relay the information
  4. If someone is uncomfortable with a request or rating you must respect that decision
  5. The gift must be posted between dec. 22-26th 
  6. If for some reason you are unable to participate please let us sooner rather than later, so we can assure that everyone gets something! 
  7. Feel free to ask any questions!!!! And most importantly have fun! 

Happy Holidays from everyone at Sharoncarterdaily