DCI Eastern Classic 9:1:15

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All About the Mellophone: A “Mello-mentary” (feat. the bostoncrusaders Mello Line)

World Class rankings

8/1/2015 (DCI Eastern Classic Regional)

1. Carolina Crown 93.825
2. Blue Devils 93.725
3. The Cadets 93.6
4. Bluecoats 93.125
5. Santa Clara Vanguard 90.575
6. Blue Knights 87.875
7. Phantom Regiment 87.075
8. Madison Scouts 85.45
9. The Cavaliers 85.25
10. Boston Crusaders 84.6
11. Blue Stars 83.6
12. Crossmen 83.35
13. Colts 81.475
14. Troopers 80.675
15. The Academy 80.275
16. Spirit of Atlanta 77.9
17. Oregon Crusaders 75.775
18. Mandarins 75.05
19. Pacific Crest 74.1
20. Cascades/Jersey Surf 70.9
22. Pioneer 65.425

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Yep, idk why we weren’t doing this sooner, but we’re going to upload full competitions of world and open class drum corps! We will upload them unlisted so you can only view it though this blog. Hope you guys enjoy!

This shirt right here is the greatest gift I have ever received. 2010 was the first year I ever experienced DCI live at the Atlanta regional. However, due to to car troubles the first show I was able to see was Mad World, and I fell in love. That still remains as my favorite Cavies show and one of my favorite overall DCI shows due to how much it means to me. One of my really close friends was a rookie at Cavaliers in 2010. Some moms made them these tye-dye shirts. This one was too big for my friend but being a 16 year old rookie he was too nervous to ask for another. He found out how much I love that show and he surprised me with this shirt!!! I can’t explain how grateful I am to have this…it really reminds me where I started and what inspired me to push myself to where I am today