If you are thinking about taking lessons to get ready for DCI auditions, I can’t think of any better teacher than @thatdrumcorpsguy . DJ and I met in 2014 at the Blue Devils audition camp when I was getting ready for my rookie year. After I got cut I quickly realized that I was missing someone to critique me along when I practiced. I was so nervous when I first contacted him since he is basically a DCI celebrity, but he was so fun and caring that my nerves quickly went away.  Taking lessons with him through Skype really helped me prepare for my Blue Devils B camps in 2014 and I was able to take what he taught me and apply it throughout my DCI career. I ended up becoming a Open Class World Champion my rookie year; the following year I took a few more lessons from him and started asking him more about how he did things in DCI. After taking his methods to heart I was soon named Horn Sergeant for BDB in 2015 and led the corps to a Silver medal. 

DJ is a great friend of mine and I think he offers a rare service to the passionate youth. Some teachers might be able to get you ready musically or visually, but DJ seems to have all the answers. If price is concern, then I think he is the best option since his rates are so student friendly. I could keep talking about why he is so great, but I think you all get the picture.

TL;DR: Let DJ ( @thatdrumcorpsguy ) teach you about being a band nerd.

Fundraising for DCI and saving for HRT

Yo! I’m a transguy trying to get through college and navigating a way out of the closet 🏳️‍🌈 I would really appreciate any help achieving my dream of getting the hormones I need and marching with my family who supports me 100% next summer.
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This. Great message. Drew is motivated and fully outfitted. Proud to have partnered with him for this shirt.
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I used to think that being a success in the arts was something that happened to someone else, then I realized that we are all “someone else” to someone else.
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When you mess up in block, your guard instructor be like… (Part 2)

Alternate Instrument Names:

Oboe: obi won
Clarinet: squidward
Flute: metal recorder
Piccolo: ear knife
Saxaphone: fuck phone
Barri sax: BIG low fuck phone
Bass clarinet: big squidward
Trumpet: yikes
French horn: bendy straw horn
Trombone: one loud motherfucker
Tuba: band dad
Baritone: smol tuba Bassoon: needy and wants to be included?? Percussion: miles teller


When bae passes by band rehearsal.. 👯

2016 DCI Finals

Thank you for your patience! 

Please enjoy 4+ hours of drum corps all over again (or for the first time)!