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the year of hexterah’s house of hotties: January 15th
Kyle Hyde (video game - Kyle Hyde Saga)

Kyle Hyde is the hottest thing to appear as if it jumped out of an old A-ha video. Besides Hotel Dusk being an awesome game and visual novel, Kyle is a great protagonist. Why? Because he’s not a very sociable person but due to his job he has to be. There’s a lot of awkward pauses and head shakes and Kyle acting kind of like a tool to various people in the first game. I’m going to be playing the second game soon (Thank you again, dci-agent-dtle! <3) so we’ll see if his sighs and impatient head tilts continue!

(This kid’s a loon.) This isn’t the place to be working on a puzzle. Go to your room or the car or a freeway or something.”


So.. I drew Miss Aubrey as a pony. In her DCI Agent uniform ^w^
This is a birthday present for a brony friend of mine, since his birthday is today, and he sure likes Aubrey in her leather outfit. xD

This took me around.. 5 hours to draw, I think.. On/off with mealtimes and toilet-breaks.. xD
Anyway.. I’m pretty proud of it! Her curls were fun AND terrible to draw! XD I’m happy with the outcome.. I don’t think, I’m gonna draw other Dance Central characters as ponies.. Unless someone asks me to.. xD

So yeah!
Miss Aubrey © Harmonix
Art © me! XD