dci 13

I’ve been making a list for all the things I love about marching band and I think this is a good time to show what I have so far
Marching band
1.Memorizing sheet after sheet of music
2.Friends becoming family
3.New dots
4.The first day
5.The blistering hot summers
6.The parking lot too hot to do push ups on
7.Marching in the rain
8.Playing tuuubaaa
9.Section traditions
10.Section Sleepovers
11.Becoming a better musician
12.Going to DCI every year
13.Mouthpiece freezing your lips
14.Fingers going numb
15.The bus ride to competitions
16.Meeting other tubas
17.Meeting people from other bands
18.Falling over
19.Bragging trumpets
20.Color Guard flags
21.Getting hit by a flag
22.Hitting people with your tuba
23.forgetting to stop
24.Working for 6 months
26.The stories
27.Reaching new goals
28.Months of noticeable improvement
29.Grand National Finals
30.Going to see DCI
32.“one more time”
33.Football games
35.Meeting new section members


2016-08-13 - DCI Semifinals - Indianapolis-109.jpg by Ken Lovell