30 DAYS OF DEMI LOVATO » Day 01: Favorite Demi Photoshoot

“I live my life every day, and if I feel like wearing combat boots one day and shoes the next, I will. I allow myself a lot of freedom and I’m very peaceful now. I have come to realize that just making yourself happy is most important. Never be ashamed of what you feel. You have the right to feel any emotion that you want, and to do what makes you happy. That’s my life motto.” Demi Lovato SEVENTEEN, February 2012.

Day 3 — Your parents

I want to thank you both the gift of life. If I didn't have either you in my life I feel as if my life would be all together different. For always being there whenever I need you both, for guiding, helping, trusting me on every decisions I make and take, and most especially, for always loving me.  I know I’m not perfect and I may have caused you pain and disappointment but I just need you guys by my side telling me that everything will be all right when the sun comes up and that no matter what happens you two have my back. You are not just the best parent - you are the best blessing of all. THANK YOU!

I may not be the best daughter to you both and sister to my siblings. I may not give back all the love, caring and trust. Still, I promise to be always right here - loving you back, the best way I possibly could. I LOVE YOU!

PS. One more thing, no matter how old I get I will still be your kulit. Well, halata naman diba?

disney challenge
  1. favorite character
  2. favorite princess
  3. favorite prince
  4. favorite hero
  5. favorite animal
  6. favorite sidekick
  7. favorite villain
  8. favorite song
  9. favorite love song
  10. favorite villain song
  11. favorite kiss
  12. favorite classic film
  13. favorite pixar film
  14. favourite sequel
  15. an underrated movie
  16. a movie that makes you laugh
  17. a movie that makes you cry
  18. favorite scene from your favorite movie
  19. saddest death
  20. favorite quote
so obviously john is an exotic dancer

So last night iamjohnlocked4life and I were getting our drunk tumblring on when she volleyed up this challenge:

“How awesome is it that Hudders was an exotic dancer?!! THAT IS CANON! It still blows my mind. Since Hudders is a mirror for John (the hip/leg, the taking care of Sherlock, the marrying a psychopath that Sherlock will help get rid of) I DEDUCE THAT JOHN WAS AN EXOTIC DANCER!!! FIC PLEASE!!!“ #also Heimish write me a meta about John being an exotic dancer :D

Challenge motherfucking accepted.

(Just in case this isn’t obvious, this is pure crack. Also I wrote it when I was drunk and I haven’t changed a word of it this morning. On we go!)

so obviously john is an exotic dancer: a meta for johnlocked


Look at John’s cane. Aluminum. Who the fuck uses an aluminum cane IRL? This is obviously intentionally done for the sake of mirroring. You know who else uses metal poles in their line of work? EXOTIC DANCERS. He even leans on it. like exotic dancers do.

Exhibit B. Mrs. Hudson is wearing a purple dress. Purple like The Gay. You know who else has a case of The Gay? John Watson. (but wait, you say, that’s johnlock evidence, not stripper evidence! JUST WAIT DEAR READER!)

Part the 3. John knows how to dance. But we know that when left to his own devices he will only dance when the curtains are shut. Why would he need to shut the curtains before dancing? BECAUSE HE’S TAKING HIS CLOTHES OFF IN AN EXOTIC FASHION WHILE DOING IT DUH

but wait here’s the plot twist

How, you are totally asking right now and I know because I am a mind reader, did john become an exotic dancer? Mofftiss in their brilliance have already told us and it’s already fucking canon: Sherlock taught John how to dance. Behind closed curtains.

canon confirmed subtextual proof: john and sherlock are exotic dancing boyfriends and hudders mirrored it for them both

But wait, I hear you saying again with my telepathic abilities, how the fuck can there be exotic dancer mirroring in season 1 if John doesn’t even learn how to exotic dance until season 3???

Guys, duh:

And also:

RiskPig’s 24 Hour Stream

Piggy will be on the clock! Starting on Thursday (Wednesday night), from midnight to midnight, I will be streaming arts! I have a big project that’s due soon, and I work best with an audience.


I’m a talker. And I will talk talk talk for as long as there are people to chat with. Make friends and chat amongst yourselves! :D


Every four hours, I will take a little break from the project to sketch something, as prompted by you guys! Send me (safe-for-work) prompts, that I will pick at random. I will pick 3 prompts, and for five minutes each, I will draw them as best I can.

I will post the link to my Twitch channel, when the stream is ready to launch! Don’t worry about upsetting me if you can only come in for a minute - I’ll still be happy to see you!