we need to be blowing up their feeds. we cannot stand for such journalistic irresponsibility. they think they can get away with it because people care even less about muslims than they do about teenage girls.

dont let them get away with it. practice your right to protest, to demand fair treatment, to shut down islamophobia. 

tweet @huffingtonpost​ and https://twitter.com/dceiver now.

anonymous asked:

what did huffington post do?

posted this:

then tried to apologize with this:

@zayndele has shared that theyve removed all mentions of his name and photo since. (we had a twitter campaign earlier)

the story, according to the author, jason linkins (@dceiver on twitter), was that zayn was mentioned in the podcast. this podcast mentioned zayn very very briefly–regardless of the poor choice of including zayn in a conversation about isis/daesh bc of these fragile and islamophobic times, there is NO reason to use zayn as their cover photo

they obviously did this for click bait, and it was nothing short of irresponsible and dangerous.

@zayndele tried to engage the author on twitter, and he was a dick.



@kingzayndaily is running a campaign called #zaynmeans. 

because the world needs to see how important he is to the millions of us out there. the world needs to see that we reject this careless and unprofessional tweet, especially in these islamophobic times.

please head to twitter, lets take back control of this conversation.