The folks who are most likely to be committing these crimes, obviously Muslims would be people you’d look at… not exclusively, but these are things that you profile to find your most likely candidate.
—  Rick Santorum, answering Wolf Blitzer’s question as to whether he’d endorse profiling for anti-terrorism on the grounds of ethnicity or religion.

Gingrich vs. Paul on the PATRIOT Act: Gingrich strongly sided with the PATRIOT Act, saying he wouldn’t change any aspect of the law. Paul took a very different stance, as you could imagine: the Congressman warned of a police state, saying, “That’s like putting a policeman in every house, a camera in every house so you can prevent a wife beating.”

And Michele Bachmann? Well, I’m not sure I can begin to explain her logic, which linked the ACLU to our national security “outsourcing.”

I think aid is all worthless. It doesn’t do any good to most of the people. You end up taking money from poor people in this country and it goes to rich people in other countries, gets used for weapons of war… the biggest threat to our country is our financial situation, and this is aggravating it.
—  Ron Paul, answering a question initially posed to Herman Cain: whether he felt we could afford to continue foreign aid to Africa for things like AIDS, malaria, and the like. Worth noting: foreign aid presently makes up about 1% of the U.S. federal budget.
We haven’t done a good job defining our end goal in Afghanistan… we need a force on the ground more akin to ten to fifteen thousand.
—  Jon Huntsman calling for a more rapid drawdown of forces in Afghanistan, which Mitt Romney called “cut-and-run.” Huntsman hit back, challenging Romney’s deference to “commanders on the ground,” saying “at the end of the day, the President is the Commander-In-Chief.”
I agree with Ron Paul. We are not fighting a war on terrorism. Terrorism is a tactic. We are fighting a war with radical Islam.
—  Rick Santorum, milking the surprise of declaring he agreed with Paul, with whom he’s clashed contentiously in past debates. To be fair, though, everything he said subsequently (decrying the Obama administration for wanting to set a withdrawal timetable in Afghanistan, for example) could in no way be called “agreeing with Ron Paul.”
I’m Mitt Romney, and yes, Wolf, that’s also my real name.
—  Mitt Romney,  joining with Wolf Blitzer in assuring the GOP crowd that his name is really his name. In Romney’s case, though, this isn’t his real first name — Mitt is his middle name, his given first name is Willard.