“That face. That smile.”

“I’m just happy. Dopey grin, butterflies in my stomach happy.”

“I’m happy you’re happy”

“That woman is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The best thing I know. And whether we’re together or not, being near her, it makes me a better person. It makes me the person that I want to be.”

“With everything that I have, I love you.”


Daily “I Miss them”

2.12 | Luthors

“Last year I thought I could have it all, and then I thought I couldn’t. Then I had to pick. So, I chose being Supergirl over having a relationship. And then, you came along, and I thought you were… thoughtless and selfish. And I kept writing you off. And you kept proving me wrong. And I just got me thinking… Maybe I can have it all.”

“Hi. Hi”