Misha talks about Jared giving West sugar at JaxCon 2017

😂😂😂 I don’t think uncle Jared has really learnt his lesson… This was at DCcon last year: (x)

Now, Jared’s side of the story:

In which I give you the high res scan and the story.

Friday afternoon, I was talking to Chris the photographer and told him what I wanted to do. I asked if he thought Jensen would go for it - wasn’t really worried about Misha. Chris said he wanted to see it, so he would help - and that the trick was to ask Misha because and I quote “Misha can get Jensen to do anything.”

So I went in, knees shaking, praying to Chuck I could pull it off. It was my last op of the day, and I was just like - please. Please let me pull this off.

My turn finally. Jensen looks at the twister board and kinda rolls his eyes and I’m like shit. But I plowed on. I said “basically, I just want you to look like you’re trying to not crash and burn.”

They got in a fairly normal pose while I crouched with the box and the spinner.

Then I looked over.

Jensen’s hand slid down below Misha’s waist and Misha kinda scooted in closer underneath Jensen and all of the sudden, there was a Cockles pretzel next to me. My heart fucking stopped and my hands came up - I don’t remember what my pose was going to be but it wasn’t that - and I couldn’t breathe. (A lady on facebook who was still in line said Donna Ackles whispered, “good lord, I hope he doesn’t fall”. WAHHH. Apparently Alan was laughing. This is also amazing.)

So then it was over and I went to picked up all my props and Jensen kicked the board. I don’t even know, I just reacted and yelled, “dude, you didn’t have to kick the board!” with a big grin on my face and HE FUCKING WINKED AT ME. I YELLED AT JENSEN ACKLES AND HE WINKED AT ME.

Here I am, a day later, still trying to process that I made this happen. Holy shit. I made this happen. WAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Also, feel free to edit the shit out of this!!!