One of the big highlights of my weekend was meeting Jim Cummings! He is an amazing voice actor– a man with a distinctive and fun vocal range. It had been a dream of mine to meet him face-to-face, so when he was announced as a guest for Denver Comic Con 2014, I whispered to my computer screen multiple times, “NO WAY” (which escalated into an elated yelling of “OH MY BISCUITS” to the ceiling).

I only spoke with him briefly yesterday (my brain was short-circuiting from the excitement), but he was very kind. The night before, I sketched a little gift to give him as a “thank you” for bringing so many wonderful characters to life. He liked it!

It was grand to meet and talk with Jim, and I wish I had been in a better state of mind to carry on a better conversation with him. Still, what a wonderful encounter!