Forget-Me-Not Blues

Sam and Jess are getting married and Dean couldn’t be any happier for them. Honestly, they’re kind of disgustingly perfect for each other and Dean’s pretty damn excited about staying with them the week before the wedding. He’s Sam’s best man, of course, and he doesn’t even mind that Jess has her own best man to share in all the organisational duties. The more the merrier, right?

Except Dean must have done something to epically piss off the universe because Jess’s best man just happens to be Castiel friggin’ Novak. He’s got even hotter since High School, but apparently no friendlier and if Cas wants to spend the week pretending like they’ve never met before? Fine. Two can play at that game.

Written for DCBB 2014

Picset by the lovely Onja (x)


Art for Whatever Choice You Make a dcbb by consultingcas ♥ (´・ω・`)

Summary: When Castiel was raised from Hell by unknown forces, dealing with a leather-jacket wearing angel called Dean was not exactly what he had expected. Forced together to try and stop the Apocalypse, the pair soon form an unlikely friendship. Yet destiny has other plans for the angel and his hunter. Dean is hiding secrets which could destroy the fragile trust the two of them share and then there is the mystery of what happened to Dean’s long-lost brother, ultimately confronting them both with what they are prepared to sacrifice to defend their family.

Let This Remain

Author: scones-and-texting-and-murder

Artist: linneart

Fandom/Genre: Supernatural College AU
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jess
Rating: Both Explicit and Teen versions available
Word Count: 60,000
Warnings: Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Alcohol Use

Summary: Dean Winchester dropped his little brother Sam off for his freshman year of college, then dropped out of his life completely. Now, nearly a year later, Dean’s gotten himself together and is back in Lawrence to make things right with his brother. As he works to build his life in Kansas, Dean finds himself repeatedly crossing paths with Castiel Milton. Maybe the universe is trying to tell him something at a time when he’s actually ready to listen.

Ao3 Fic links: (explicit version) (teen version)


Silence No More by deustiel (Tumblr | AO3)

Fandom/Genre: Teenage AU
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel
Rating: M
Word count: 53,000
Warning(s): Very strong warnings for mental illness, depression, self harm, panic attacks.

Summary: The forest has been Dean’s home for four years. With barely any human contact in that time, it’s been just him and his mind alone with the trees, water, and rocks. There’s no one else for miles in any direction – until a family comes out of nowhere and moves into the empty house on the property next door, and now the forest isn’t just Dean’s own.

Read here on AO3

Art I did for deustiel’s DCBB 2014 fic, Silence No More. Still working on a final pic that I unfortunately couldn’t complete in time (along with making some changes), but click & go read because love.

et florum magica: (And the Magic of Flowers) 

 When Castiel Novak moves to the tiny town of Fox Hollow, he’s looking for a fresh start. Only his past seems to be–quite literally–haunting him, and even through his best efforts of making new friends and settling into a new life, there’s a darkness lurking in the shadows that he can’t seem to shake. Everything gets that much more strange when he meets an seemingly otherworldly being named Dean during a walk through the forest, and what started as a simple friendship becomes increasingly complicated for both parties. But like it’s residents, Fox Hollow has secrets, and things quickly become life-or-death when one of these secrets finally steps out of the shadows and into the light.

  “What can you do?”

This question leaves Dean looking rather smug. He moves forward and Cas startles, unused to seeing a being move the way he does. His eyes are immediately drawn to the ground, where mayflowers spring from the earth where Dean’s hooves had been. He raises his hand and a swarm of hummingbirds appear from seemingly nowhere, buzzing about his face before settling on his antlers like birds on a telephone wire.

Then he grins and drops his arm and they fly away in a hurry, leaving just Dean, not a single hair out of place.

“So you grow flowers and… summon birds?”

Dean’s smile drops. 

COMING NOVEMBER 27th, 2014. 

DCBB 2014: Paper Planes, written by zerostumbleine33 & illustrated by dudewheresmypie

Coming Halloween 2014

Far into the future, long after the third world war decimated the earth, there existed two groups of people. On the ground lived the less fortunate, seemingly forgotten by time. Their water and food resources were limited and controlled by the government. High above the ring of pollution and radiation lived the colonies, populated by the elite and those skilled enough to be granted admittance to the military. Dean is 21, a water delivery pilot for the military, who grew up on Terra. After he returns home for the first time in three years to his hometown in Kansas, he is met by his childhood friend Cas, who he left behind all those years ago. As Dean and Cas fight to find their footing with one another despite the distance between them, Sam uncovers a government secret that will throw the whole world into chaos. Soon, they must all work together to preserve the life they know and fight for a better one.



Pairings: Dean/Cas, Sam/Sarah Blake, one-sided Sam/Lucifer, Charlie/Gilda

Tags: Superhero AU, College AU, action, romance, DCBB2014, first Big Bang, apocalypse, hell gate, secret identities, double-lives, angst, hurt/comfort, family bond, Charlie is adopted, transformation, monsters, demons, podfic available, fan art, magical girl, think Buffy, temporary genderswap, think Ranma ½ 

Warnings: (brief) discussion about- and desire for- suicide.

Summary: There’s one born to every generation. Joan of Arc was the first Ordained. The first of the archangel Michael’s Chosen bloodline to protect humanity from Hell and monsters during a time when Earth faced unprecedented threat. Fast forward to present. Dean is the current Ordained, complete with costume change and masked allies. Mostly? They’re like regular supernatural hunters who spend their nights going after whatever tries to munch on the student populace, and occasionally taking on petty crime to help out the cops. Okay, so maybe juggling double-lives, college, and romance is easier on TV, by a lot, but Dean’s determined to have some semblance of a normal life while they can.

Then demons and angels start showing up and it’s up to the masked warriors to stop Hell from literally being unleashed on Earth. This was NOT part of the plan.

The promo poster

Text Version l Podfic

ilikechampagne  asked:

You just replied to something about the DCBB and this is the first year I'm doing it as a writer and I feel like so behind and I'm not writing enough and how the hell do I get it done. Even outside of DCBB how in the world do you get your stuff done? I guess I'm asking for writing tips.

​​I can do that! First, a quick foreword: I haven’t started writing my DCBB yet at all, and the final length is estimated at 150k+. I’m a ridiculous outlier - on a good day I can write 10k and I barely think about what I’m doing, I’m almost on autopilot sometimes. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have days when I can’t work out how to spell “orange”, and spend an entire hour perfecting a three-sentence paragraph only to scrap it later. I’m also prone to sitting and staring at a blank document, wondering where all the words have run off to.

I’m happy to share my knowledge. I’ll give you the basics, with a few additional tricks that work for me personally. Most of this applies to writing in general, not just the DCBB.

Under the cut: Elmie’s Guide to Kicking Ass at the DeanCas Big Bang 2014

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“Why are you here?”

Dean blinked, considering lying but seeing no point in it. “I’m supposed to be slaying the dragon that lives here.”

“Ah. Well, go ahead then, I won’t stop you.”

“Well—where is it?”

The guy just looked at him, eyebrows raised.

Okay, try again. “Who are you?” And there’s the question of the hour. Clearly, seeing as the man finally gave Dean his full attention, standing up suddenly and stepping forward so that Dean found himself face to face with the guy, mere inches away. He couldn’t make himself step away, back down, break eye contact, even blink.

“My name is Castiel,” he began. “You probably only know me as the dragon.”

(Dean/Castiel fairy tale AU in which Dean is a prince who goes to slay a dragon, and Castiel is cursed to turn into a dragon every night.)

Awake My Soul | written by houseofharvelle | art by queernatural

“So the hot guy is -”

“An angel.”

“And he’s from -”

“A parallel universe.”

“And he wants you to -”

“Kill the devil.”

At first Cas is just the hot stranger at the Roadhouse while Dean is working one night. What begins as harmless flirting turns into a multi-verse of death and destruction and a Bobby who doesn’t like him, where Dean is the only one who can do the most important job around - kill the devil. And people, people like Cas who matter more than they should, are keeping secrets from him. Important secrets. Soul-crushing secrets.

Coming to AO3 October 27th | Part of the 2014 DCBB | Rating: Mature

Love in the Wild by thursdaysfallenangel | art by mycolour

Yeah, okay, so Cassie breaking up with him hadn’t exactly improved Dean’s life or anything, but that didn’t mean Sam had to force him onto a wannabe-Survivor dating reality show. Who actually meets someone they like on those things? Not anyone Dean’s ever heard of. Meeting Castiel Novak is not going to change that. Castiel agrees one hundred percent with Dean. Dating games are all for show, and that’s exactly what he’s here for - to show off his art work. Maybe the publicity will get him back on the New York art circuit. Only problem is, Dean Winchester is distracting, and Castiel is having a hard time painting anything at all. Both Dean and Castiel refuse to find Love in the Wild. With the whole world conspiring against them, it’s going to be hard to keep that promise.

Coming November 26th, 2014 for DCBB 2014.

Castiel Novak is a wannabe writer working at the local library. When Dean Winchester stops by to do research for some sort of job, he and Castiel hit it off incredibly well. In the coming days, however, Castiel comes face to face with a series of strange occurrences, some of which threaten his very life. It becomes clear that there’s more to Dean’s job than what he lets on, and Castiel’s destined for something greater than he can possibly imagine.

Posting Date is NOVEMBER 24, 2014.

DCBB 14: All These Precious Memories
Fanmix- by demondeaned
Post Date: November 7, 2014

Season 10 Universe Alteration.
After working together to find a cure, Sam and Castiel manage to cure Dean and return him to being fully human. However, Dean loses his memory of the past few years- including all his memories of Castiel. As they slowly reconnect he learns that Castiel is dying. Dean and Sam then work to save his life while Dean struggles to come to terms with his feelings for Cas before it’s too late.

Written by jealoussam
Art by blue-stripe


Subjectivity of Happy Endings

Prince Dean Winchester is on a quest to find and rescue a princess and/or Damsel in Distress. He has few (angry) choice words when it comes to practicing outdated traditions, but Sam agrees this is a good idea, and everyone knows the youngest child in the family is Always the Right One. (See: Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Diamonds and Toads, The Princess on the Glass Hill, The Golden Goose… we could be here all day)

As if Dean’s life isn’t complicated enough in that he has to seek out a complete stranger to rescue and marry (seriously), he almost literally stumbles upon a hurt dragon, who ends up travelling with Dean after few, uh… bonding moments. Despite everything, Dean is set on completing the quest to find his potential partner, and being accompanied by a dragon along the way (who’s a little weird, by the way, but Dean’s been with worse company) surely can’t hurt.

A DCBB 2014 fic with art by grandle, coming Oct 24!!