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2x16 “The Last Resort”

Terry takes on a psychiatric institution in an episode that combines strong character development with surprisingly mature social commentary. 


When a teen psychiatric ward is opened just outside of Gotham, Terry and his friends watch as countless students are shipped off for the most minor of infractions. When his friend Chelsey is admitted to the facility, Terry decides to investigate why a treatment center would accept so many neurotypical, non-delinquent teens. He finds that the facility is using sensory deprivation and brainwashing to turn kids into robots, and decides to expose the facility to the world - but using his own face and name instead of the cape and cowl. 


While this episode does not have a traditional super villain, Dr. Wheeler is one of the most threatening antagonists the series has produced. To harken back to season 1, what made Blight a really effective villain wasn’t that he had radiation powers. What made him effective was that he was a man with institutional power who did not hesitate to use said power to prey on the disadvantaged. Dr. Wheeler likewise is a man using an institution to prey on people - but not just any people. Wheeler preys on teens. 

Likewise, his tactics are horrifying. He is not a therapist trying to help teens - he is a egomaniac trying to break teens using tactics commonly found in cults and prisoner of war camps. 

And, like Blight, Wheeler is used as a point of social commentary. Derek Powers was commentary on the corruption of business and greedy Wall Street attitudes, while Wheeler is commentary on how society treats teens who act out. This episode is most definitely born out of the attitudes of the late 90s, when there were concerns about students being over-medicated with ritalin or being ‘worried well’ by parents who didn’t know how to handle kids and decided to put them into therapy. Wheeler is essentially a dystopic prediction of those attitudes, which makes for a more interesting episode, as there’s something actually being said. 

Character Development

Terry shines in this episode in a way he never has before. If you ever thought that Terry was relying solely on his suit to do the job for him, this is proof that that isn’t the case. After Terry finds out what is going on at the facility, he wants to go to the authorities, but Bruce explains that they can’t, not without revealing the source of their information. So Terry decides to forgo the suit and collect evidence with his own face. This is the true mark of a hero, in my opinion. Terry is someone who wants justice so badly that he tries to get it even without a mask. 

And once Terry is in the facility, his personality is front and center. We see up close just how empathetic and compassionate Terry is. He shows real concern for his friend and clearly wants to end a system of abuse. 


Five out of five. This is honestly one of the most powerful episodes in the series in my eyes. It strikes a particular emotional chord with me in this watch-through. I actually work with teenagers as my day job. In my first job out of college, I ended up working at a facility that, while a public institution, was knowingly modelled on the prison system, and deliberately used cult tactics. I willingly worked for an institution that was trying to break the spirits of ‘problem’ children and turn them into obedient robots. Now, the facility was not nearly as bad as Dr. Wheeler’s facility, but it was something I found myself morally opposed to and ultimately left, and this episode brought back a lot of memories. 

This episode is so good because, for speculative fiction, it isn’t really that far from reality.

In honor of Red Hood in Injustice 2 I doodled my two favourite Robins, trapped on patrol together. Somehow I don’t see Jason buying into Dick’s upbeat attitude. But I absolutely adore the two working together. 
I am however still a little salty about the two never interacting in Arkham Knight though.

A Mess of Gold : In the Dark

|Ch. 1|

Summary: What was supposed to be nothing more than a learning exercise, ends up becoming far more complicated than what either Raven or Beast Boy had anticipated. With the dynamic of the team already in jeopardy, how much more damage could one little secret possibly do? BBRae, set in the DCAU, post Judas Contract.

2. in the dark

On these unusual nights, she was staying up later and later.

Raven told herself that she didn’t know why; convinced herself that it was probably just the entrancing book she was reading. One more sentence, one more paragraph, one more page. She couldn’t fathom going to sleep on a cliff-hanger. Her dreams would be plagued by endless possibility, she surmised.

Everyone believed her simple little lie; everyone but her, of course.

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DC media

So, between The Killing Joke underwhelming, Suicide Squad getting dragged by the critics, CW Arrow not learning from their mistakes at all for s5, Batman v Superman failing all around and the Justice League trailer receiving mixed reaction, is it time to schedule a funeral for DC media?

you know, one that won’t involve dirt rising from the coffin in the last few minutes?

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Dragon's Reign.  Teen Titans fanfiction set in the DCAU

Chapter 2: A Favor

2 Months Later

Raven, the sorceress of the Teen Titans, and half demon child of Trigon, floated a few feet into the air of the Titans training area, her midnight blue cloak billowing about as she did so. Jaime Rayes, the Blue Beetle, stepped up beside her addressing the young brunette in the center.

“You ready Donna?”

The young women dressed in the red unitard, and eyes so blue they were almost silver, gave him a thumbs up. “I was made ready.”

Jaime turned to Raven with a smile, “Hit it.”

She gave a small nod, closing her eyes, and releasing her powers with white glowing eyes. “Azarath metrion zinthos.” Ten pillars placed about the training room were encased in a black blue colored energy and floated into the air. Then, with small movements of her wrists she was able to manuver the pillars around as they floated in the air, as if leading an orchestra that obeyed her every command.

“Alright Donna, GO FOR IT!”

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In light of the bad decisions made in the new killing joke movie, and the corresponding negativity surrounding the dc animation, I’d like to point out all the positive things that came from the DCAU and other animated projects.

But first:

Batman the animated series is SO IMPORTANT to the history of animation. Its tone and popularity mad way for all of the wonderful cartoons of the current decade. BtAS is one of the shows that gave animation, other than Disney, a fighting chance. It challenged the dynamic of animated television being “just for kids” and gave us wonderful, complex, and thought provoking stories. I will stand by its influence to my dying breath.

Now that that’s out of the way, an actual list.

-Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker.

You cannot deny that Conroy is a damn good Batman, and Hamill is a FANTASTIC joker. They are iconic in the roles. When I heard that they were reprising their parts in Justice League Action (along with Clancy Brown), I was ecstatic. Both of them are living legends.

-“I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman!”

-Small time crime

Something that’s often overlooked in comics in general are the more average criminals. I love a good supervillain as much as the next girl, but BtAS episodes like P.O.V, and Appointment in Crime Alley are fantastic watches. They give us a better look at less glamorous super criminals which is REALLY refreshing.

-Respecting origins

Beware the Grey Ghost. Just Beware the Grey Ghost. It treats a kinda hokey premise with the respect and dignity it needed, to look back on how far the genre has come. Damn if you don’t get a bit teary eyed watching it.

The same principal in the Justice League Episode Legends, which is loving tribute to silver age comics. If you’re a fan of that time period, please go watch this.

-Renee Montoya

I’m in love with her fuck.
But really, she was a fantastic introduction to the universe, and a Hispanic protagonist for once.

-Harley Quinn

Yeah ya’ll knew this one was coming. Look, even if you don’t like Harley, you can’t deny that her creation was damn awesome, especially since she’d stuck around to this day. The episode Mad Love really shows how fucked up their relationship is, and treats it as such. Hell. Yes.

-Mr. Freezes’s backstory/ Nora Fries

That revamped backstory is another one that wriggled its way into the mainstream. Fighting for the life of a loved one is already painful, but having your freedom ripped away, and any chance at your loved one’s survival is even more heartbreaking.

-Baby Doll

Both of her episodes deal with disabilities… Hear me out.
Because of her appearance, altered by an illness that makes her never age physically, she has issues being taken seriously for her work, having relationships, being a member of society, and letting go of the past. She’s lost so much that her physical disability that she has trouble coping and ends up with a mental disability as well (I’m not sure what but you can form your own opinion). Putting this character on the small screen is an example of how a character can mean something to someone, even if there’s no direct correlation.

-Mask of the Phantasm

I don’t care what you’re doing go and watch this move. I swear it’s amazing. The joker is amazing the storytelling is amazing, Andrea is amazing, the Phantasm is amazing, the soundtrack is amazing, EVERYTHING is amazing. We get a good female character, who not only shows the fallibility of Batman, but has her own issues to deal with that hurt her more than they hurt Bruce. Even though the Joker is a villain, he doesn’t totally steal the spotlight. We have a great mystery, especially with the target audience, and a natural set of flashbacks detailing the Bats origin.

-Static Shock

All of it. All of Static Shock. I don’t actually now how to break this down into bullet points but STATIC MUTHAFUCKN SHOCK.
In all seriousness, I have a huge soft spot for this cartoon, because it’s what got me into comics in the first place, but Static/Virgil, and the whole show really, is representation sorely needed. I saw so many black kids dressed up like him that Halloween because they all wanted to be a hero.
This show dealt with some shit too. When we find out Richie’s father is a racist, it really hits home how friendships can be torn apart through bigotry, even if it’s not direct. It handled guns well, especially for younger children. I could quote Static’s lesson at the end verbatim for over 5 years. They deal with drugs, homelessness, and multiple types of racism, with quite a bit of tact, and are a good way to introduce the serious issues to kids.
Not to mention that he would have slipped under the radar without this show. I very much doubt h would have gotten a New 52 relaunch without the success of this show.
Just. Static Shock.

-One of the best Superman origin stories to date

That origin is very highly regarded as the most faithful adaptations of all time. Though it didn’t introduce anything new, it holds up and stands out over the course of time.

-Making Lois Lane a badass

(Confession: I’m 100% convinced that they saw April O’Neill, shrugged, and said take what’s good about her and chuck it into Lois. I’m aware I have no evidence bite me. (Yes I’m aware it’s technically the other way around))
But really, Lois was fukin badass. She was always chasing her story, passionate about everything she did, worked hard to maintain her success, and treated Superman as a person. Even if Lois got herself in perilous situations she had a reason to be there. Whether it be chasing a story, or fighting for an interview Lois always had some form of agency. She was kidnaped because of Superman, sure, but she made the choice to be connected to him with that interview, and eventual relationship.

-Speed Demons

In a nutshell, Flash is a bit of a showoff, but it’s part of his style and throws off his competitors/adversaries. I like that it also shows Superman isn’t above having a little fun for fun’s sake.


You cannot deny that Leslie Willis is just flat out cool. Though she never made it as big as Harley, she did appear in Supergirl, and continues to be a superman villain in mainstream comics today.



-Terry McGinnis

Batman Beyond was just pure quality, like, I don’t even know how to describe it. I mean, Terry’s lasted this long, and like Static got a comic reboot.


I know it’s not enough, but the DCAU Justice League had 2 women, one of whom was Hispanic, and a black man. It was a step up from superfriends and gave the same needed representation that Static Shock provided.


Honestly, so much of this is just flat out continuity porn. Like the first episode of the second season of Justice League is almost a finale to StAS. It has quite a few callbacks that gave fans something to chew on.

-Reasonable discussion of religion

In the Terror Beyond from Justice League season 2, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl talk about their religions with actual tact and grace. There’s a whole heck of a lot of tolerance and (minor spoilesrish thing) Hawkgirl does not challenge Grundys beliefs. Despite disagreeing, seeing that his ideas won’t hurt anyone she allows him to slip away thinking his soul is waiting. It’s very mature and really shows what the universe is capable of.


Tears. Nothing but tears. I’m crying just thinking about it. One of the best Funeral scenes. “Justice doesn’t always have to come from the darkness”. TEARS.

-A believable shock reveal

Hawkgirl betraying the team feels completely genuine, fucking sad, but totally possible in the universe. This beats out every SHOCK TWIST I’ve seen in the past 6 years. I feel like this treated its audience like adults, and I’m grateful for it.

-The CADMUS arch.

Amanda Waller, Question, Captain Atom’s “Betrayal”, Lex’s manipulation, Doctor Hamilton’s betrayal, the callback to A Better World, the romances between Huntress/Question, and Ollie/Dinah, The superfriends reference in Ultimen, the Suicide Squad in Task force X, AMANDA WALLER, giving the spotlight to lesser known heroes, the political discussion, and THE EPILOGUE.


This gets it’s own bullet because it was a masterpiece of storytelling. It NAILED Batman’s compassion, had a reference to MoTP, served as a much needed finale for Batman Beyond, devolved Terry beautifully, AMANDA FUCKIN WALLER, and a nice side message about how family can be forged.

And that’s just stopping at the basics of the DCAU, not including Teen Titans, Young Justice, a slew of animated movies and other TV, and all the comic tie ins.

I have strong opinions on the way people are taking the female characters in the animated universe and reducing them to “Things for Bruce to feel MANLY about”. The only one of FIVE in depth onscreen romances that even comes close to this is Barbra, so I understand why people are mad.

Look, I’m not saying we shouldn’t critique, we should always seek to improve, but ignoring any and all good Bruce Timm has done undermines media as a whole. Should Barbra and Bruce be fucking in TKJ? Probably not. Should they have been fucking in TAS? Nope. But saying that the “DCAU needs to die” is shitting on years of animation and comic book history.

warnings: long post, text heavy, bold text (to stress some words non-aggressively), block quoted text, bulleted text, mentions of pedophilia + abuse + incest 

if you want to read this but need a tldr or need it formatted differently, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an ask or an im!! anon is on :^) 

okay so?? we all know the dc fandom is ripe with people who ship or support people who ship pedophilia, abuse, incest, and other illegal/problematic things. this creates a huge problem for people who want to be into dc but have a lot of trouble finding non problematic blogs to follow and therefore have trouble even feeling safe on their own blog 

bc of this i’ve gotten a few asks about blog recs, but unfortunately i don’t know a lot of blogs that are into dc and not nasty !! so i never give more than like ten people 

and so!! 

i’m going to be making a blog rec list of blogs who do not reblog or create pedophilic/abusive/incestuous content and do not reblog from or interact with people who do reblog and support those things, and i rly need the help of those of us in the fandom that aren’t in support of these bad things to help me compile the list 

  • here are the exact requirements or w/e u wanna call them !! 

-be a dc blog*, obviously, whether u create ur own content or just reblog; this can be comics, movies, shows, anything, as long as it’s dc!! please specify in tags 

-content can include art, edits, text posts– anything!! as long as it’s dc 

-can not ship, support shipping, or interact with/reblog from people who ship or support shipping pedophilic/abusive/incestuous things** (if you ship for coping because you are a victim or survivor of pedophilia/abuse/incest, that’s fine, as long as you do not have any content for it and do not talk about it on your blog) 

-that last rule includes ships and people outside of the dc fandom as well** 

-a lot of people who ship or support shipping those nasty things can be found in my block list tag*** 

-reblog this post!! liking won’t count because i need to know how much dc you post/whether you’re just boosting and what kind of content you post 

-you don’t have to follow me, but if you’re looking for safe blogs i am one as well, obviously!! 

* ur blog does not have to be mainly dc!! just put in the tags whether the dc content on your blog is all/almost all dc, ½ dc, ¼ dc, or if the amount on your blog is less than any of that, just put misc. this info will be present on the blog rec list!! 

** we all know those ships are most notably bruce and his children or the batboys together or with cass, but nothing else pedophilic or abusive or incestuous is tolerated, either 

*** it includes a lot of bnfs, and not everyone who does ship or support shipping nasty things is in there, but i keep it as a reference for myself and my followers. a less chaotic list that just has urls is here

if you read all the way to the bottom and you’re a safe blog who is willing to let me put you on a list, thank you so much!! and if you’re boosting bc ur not in the dc fandom, thank u so much!!