I think you should all really consider the following
  • Boyd giving Kira piggy back rides to class
  • Isaac helping Kira with English
  • Boyd keeping the ice rink open longer than allowed on Friday night so Isaac and Kira can sneak in to skate
  • Kira walking hand in hand with Boyd and Isaac, the height difference between her and her two very tall boyfriends making her giggle
  • Boyd, Isaac and Kira all sharing a bed
  • Kira is in the middle most of the time, with two bodies as tall as walls on either side of her to keep her warm
  • but sometimes Isaac has nightmares and gets to sleep in the middle, Boyd pressed to his back and Kira pressed to his chest
  • and very rarely Boyd will timidly ask if he can be in the middle for once. You’d expect Isaac to be the biggest spoon in that case, but Kira always stands on wrapping her arms around Boyd’s torso and pressing her chest to his back, wrapping her tiny body around him
  • Boyd and Kira having heated discussions about Marvel vs. DC
  • and Isaac just listening to it like,,,,, They’re Both Not That Great
  • Isaac and Kira getting really intense when they’re gaming, to the point where Isaac will nudge her so hard she’ll go flying off the couch
  • Kira making the WORST puns and seeing them as insults for when Isaac is losing OR won by cheating
  • ‘Lahey more like lame-ey!’
  • Boyd agrees with Isaac that Kira’s insults are the worst ever, but he still high fives her for the effort 
  • ‘Lahey more like lay-me’ when Isaac is looking really good
  • this will inevitably lead to making out
  • they all really enjoy watching each other make out
  • they could spend hours switching from partner to partner while the other one watches 
  • just
  • smol Kira and her very toll boyfriends
  • imagine

Stony AU where Steve promises not to get married until everyone has the freedom to get married 
And Tony is pissed
Because of course the idiot had to go and do a dumb thing like that in the middle of a press conference  

And Pepper can’t cover that up, what the hell was Steve thinking?

So they’re engaged for months and months and they’re both getting a bit frustrated

Until Steve goes to visit Sam in DC

And calls Tony up much too early in the morning

And when he finally answers he’s clearly groggy and pissed to have been woken up

And it better be a damn emergency

But Steve just smiles and says he’d been down near the supreme court that morning 

And asks Tony to finally marry him.