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maya and lucas' honeymoon head canon?

  • ok maya just wants to go on a quiet holiday, quite close to here, and spending as little money as possible
  • ‘i mean, philadelphia would be suitable, right lucas?’
  • maya, we need to go somewhere with fun things to do!’
  • ‘okay, maybe not phili but how about texas?’
  • ‘with my family? really, maya?’
  • so lucas doesn’t tell maya but he books them a week in the caribbean
  • the caribbean
  • but he tells her he booked a weekend in washington dc
  • and he doesn’t tell her where they’re really going until about a week before the wedding
  • she protests, but he says his parents insisted they pay for most of it
  • and he convinces her by telling her about all the beautiful paintings she’ll be able to do when they’re there
  • ‘fine, huckleberry, but expect your parents’ house to be decorated in them because i don’t like being in debt’
  • and she’s kind of excited now
  • she gets riley’s help to pack - ‘riles, what do i bring?!’ - and manages to do it without buying too much new stuff, just the essentials
  • (bikinis and dresses and shoes)
  • (lucas isn’t going to want to go outside the entire trip)
  • so the time comes for them to get the flight
  • it’s the day after their wedding, so of course they’re exhausted
  • they left in the taxi but realised they’d left their bags in the kitchen so had to run back, and were almost late for their flight
  • the flight is quite a long one, and maya was still sleepy fom the wedding night (a fact lucas was quite proud of)
  • so maya spends most of the flight asleep on lucas’s shoulder
  • the other passengers figure they’re going on their honeymoon and find it adorable
  • but in reality lucas has shoulder cramps and maya’s hair keeps moving into his face and man does she snore
  • he ends up replacing his shoulder with a pillow so he can eat peanuts and watch james bond in peace
  • (maya wakes up about an hour before they land and decides to watch it too)
  • finally, they’ve landed and gotten a taxi, and the hotel gives them leis to wear and cocktails to sip and carries their bags
  • lucas’s mom booked the honeymoon suite (with a smirk she’d told him she expected grandchildren before the year was over)
  • and lucas was  s o  t i r e d  but maya was feeling refreshed from her nap, so while he slept on the bed (covered in red rose petals), maya sat on the balcony and painted the view (it was pretty damn good)
  • it was mid afternoon when lucas woke up, and they decided to go explore the hotel
  • they almost got lost twice
  • once they had to run away from a security guard (they weren’t supposed to go into the kitchen but they wanted to know what smelled so good)
  • they found the pool - it was half outside, half inside, and the inside part was like a jungle
  • anyway by that time it was almost time for dinner
  • they went back to the hotel to get changed and grab their things
  • maya wore one of her new flowery sundresses, with the gladiator sandals riley had picked out
  • her hair was flowy and natural, just the way lucas liked it
  • (he considered skipping dinner and heading straight to dessert but ‘c’mon huckleberry, i’m starving!’)
  • they wandered along the streets, hand in hand, taking in all the great smells and beautiful sights and enjoying the wonderful new culture
  • they ended up trying some traditional cuisine and loving it
  • even lucas
  • and then they watched the sunset on the beach, in each others arms and happier than they’d ever been before
  • the next day was time to explore the town
  • it was a day of sun tan (maya almost got burned, but lucas remembered the sun cream just in time), stolen kisses (and selfies to make everyone jealous of course) and gorgeous views (the photos practically took themselves)
  • that evening they skyped lucas’s family to thank them and show off the views
  • the next day they stayed at the pool
  • there was a swim theough bar - not a drive through, a swim through
  • maya’s new red bikini was enough to make every guy there drool (or not enough, if you get me) but lucas glared at anyone looking the wrong way
  • ah, newlyweds
  • the rest of the trip continued pretty much the same way
  • days on the beach, burying each other in sand and drawing beautiful pictures of oceans and lucas helping a bunch of little kids with their sandcastle
  • exploring the cultures and buying lots of new souvenirs
  • making loads of new friends
  • surprisngly, they didn’t spend the entire time in their hotel room
  • when it was time to go, they stood hand in hand and watched over the beautiful island they’d called home for that past week
  • nothing had changed it, but they definitely felt different
  • they were determined to come back as soon as possible
  • although they did have to wait at least nine months, if you know what i’m saying (lucas’s mom’s wish came true)
  • and the next time they came back, six years, two babies and many bikinis later, it was exactly the same
  • it would always be the same
  • it was magical
  • (maya’s paintings got better though)
I think you should all really consider the following
  • Boyd giving Kira piggy back rides to class
  • Isaac helping Kira with English
  • Boyd keeping the ice rink open longer than allowed on Friday night so Isaac and Kira can sneak in to skate
  • Kira walking hand in hand with Boyd and Isaac, the height difference between her and her two very tall boyfriends making her giggle
  • Boyd, Isaac and Kira all sharing a bed
  • Kira is in the middle most of the time, with two bodies as tall as walls on either side of her to keep her warm
  • but sometimes Isaac has nightmares and gets to sleep in the middle, Boyd pressed to his back and Kira pressed to his chest
  • and very rarely Boyd will timidly ask if he can be in the middle for once. You’d expect Isaac to be the biggest spoon in that case, but Kira always stands on wrapping her arms around Boyd’s torso and pressing her chest to his back, wrapping her tiny body around him
  • Boyd and Kira having heated discussions about Marvel vs. DC
  • and Isaac just listening to it like,,,,, They’re Both Not That Great
  • Isaac and Kira getting really intense when they’re gaming, to the point where Isaac will nudge her so hard she’ll go flying off the couch
  • Kira making the WORST puns and seeing them as insults for when Isaac is losing OR won by cheating
  • ‘Lahey more like lame-ey!’
  • Boyd agrees with Isaac that Kira’s insults are the worst ever, but he still high fives her for the effort 
  • ‘Lahey more like lay-me’ when Isaac is looking really good
  • this will inevitably lead to making out
  • they all really enjoy watching each other make out
  • they could spend hours switching from partner to partner while the other one watches 
  • just
  • smol Kira and her very toll boyfriends
  • imagine

Stony AU where Steve promises not to get married until everyone has the freedom to get married 
And Tony is pissed
Because of course the idiot had to go and do a dumb thing like that in the middle of a press conference  

And Pepper can’t cover that up, what the hell was Steve thinking?

So they’re engaged for months and months and they’re both getting a bit frustrated

Until Steve goes to visit Sam in DC

And calls Tony up much too early in the morning

And when he finally answers he’s clearly groggy and pissed to have been woken up

And it better be a damn emergency

But Steve just smiles and says he’d been down near the supreme court that morning 

And asks Tony to finally marry him.