dca airport

I have to pick up my mother at ELEVEN P.M. from DCA and take her to her dorm at Wesleyan.

❌ she won’t give me the address. “It’s with all the other buildings there.” WHICH BUILDING IS IT.

❌ the Wesleyan website requests that people check into the guest dorm before 10pm. I assume she is NOT staying in the permanent student dorm. She will not answer me as to whether she’ll be able to stay there tonight.

❌ I have to bring her–thus far–a pillow, toilet paper, soap, a towel and washcloth. I am very excited to find out how wrong I guess on the actual kinds of these things she wants.

Tonight is going to be a shitshow.

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i see all the gop senators tweeting but none of them have the spine to @ him

their having a protest at DCA airport today for when all the senators fly back to washington