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Rogue Week: New Traps

A list of new traps to throw at your party’s rogue (or anyone, really!)

The Nightwhisper Trap (CR 10)

Players encounter a ladder with a trapdoor at the top of it. The trapdoor emerges from the floor in the center of the trap room. This 100 ft. diameter circular room is encircled by a giant ouroboros statue. The height of the snake-statue’s body is about 5 ft. and the ceiling is about 15 feet high. A hissing sound echoes throughout the chamber continuously. The ouroboros statue is encrusted with a line of gemstones all along its sides and in the snake’s eyes.

If the gems are forcibly removed from their locations, the trap door above the ladder shuts and locks from the other side. Then the stone slabs that make up the floor begin to slowly open thanks to hydraulics, revealing a 40 ft. pit waist-deep with hissing acid at the bottom. The pit becomes fully exposed over the course of 5 rounds. Those who fall into the trap take 12d10 acid damage each round. Those wearing heavy armor halve this damage for the first round of exposure.

Players will most likely climb to the top of the ouroboros statue, when they will realize that another hissing noise comes from a nearly invisible gas being pumped in through vents near the ceiling (which began as soon as the trap door to the room was opened). Creatures that breathe in the gas must make a DC 16 WIS saving throw or become affected by its hallucinogenic properties. Creatures that fail the saving throw become affected as if by a Confusion spell, potentially running randomly into the pit of acid below. Creatures may make this save at the start of each of their turns, ending the effect on a successful saving throw. Creatures that resist the confusing gas are immune to its effects for 1d4 rounds.

A hole on top of the tail (near the mouth) of the ouroboros statue reveals that the statue is hollow. A third hissing sound is heard from inside, revealing the hollow statue to be filled with poisonous snakes. Treat the entire length of the statue’s interior like a Swarm of Poisonous Snakes. Each 5-ft. section has its own set of hit points. A wall behind the trap door forces someone entering the statue to travel around the room along its entire length through the snakes to reach the “head,” where a lever can be found that ends and resets the trap. If the lever is pulled, a secret door opens above the player to let them out of the statue, vents open to disperse the confusion gas, the floor slabs begin to close (over 5 rounds), and the trap door over the ladder opens.


  • The hissing noise is coming from multiple origins, the floor, the ceiling, and the statue.
  • The device trigger can be spotted if the gems are investigated very carefully.
  • A strange but faint smell in the air might alert players to the gas before they become fully exposed, but only if they are in the chamber for more than 5 rounds.


  • Finding a way to open the trapdoor to the ladder is difficult but not impossible (DEX check with Thieves Tools DC 24). However, if it isn’t done quickly others won’t be able to reach it from across the pit of acid.
  • A large quantity of water, perhaps from several Create Water spells or a Decanter of Endless Water, will nullify the acid.
  • There are too many vents to cover to stop the gas but covering one’s mouth with a cloth grants advantage on saves against the gas.
  • Reaching the reset lever isn’t easy, but somehow breaking the statue at its head or finding and opening the secret door there (DEX check with Thieves Tools DC 18) would allow easier access to the lever that stops the trap.
  • A Fireball spell cast inside the statue forms itself to fit inside from the force of the blast. This damages half of the statue’s length of snake swarms.

The Dread-Mill (CR 7)

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3 Fantasy Diseases For Your Fantasy Games...

A plague ravages the kingdom, Setting the adventurers on a quest to find a cure.

An adventurer emerges from an ancient tomb, unopened for centuries, and soon finds herself suffering from a wasting illness. 

A Warlock offends some dark power and contracts a strange affliction that spreads whenever he casts Spells.

A simple outbreak might amount to little more than a small drain on party resources, curable by a casting of Lesser Restoration. 

A more complicated outbreak can form the basis of one or more adventures as characters Search for a cure, stop the spread of the disease, and deal with the consequences.

A disease that does more than infect a few party members is primarily a plot device. 

The rules help describe the effects of the disease and how it can be cured, but the specifics of how a disease works aren’t bound by a common set of rules. 

Diseases can affect any creature, and a given illness might or might not pass from one race or kind of creature to another. 

A plague might affect only constructs or Undead, or sweep through a Halfling neighborhood, but leave other races untouched. 

What matters is the story you want to tell…

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Dating Diana Prince would include:



●Her being very protective of you

  • “Diana i can take care of myself.”
  • “Last time i left you alone, you got a papercut.”

●Going to an ice-cream parlor almost everyday

● Finding out she was Wonder Woman accidentally while you two were having dinner

  • “Damn, Wonder Woman is hot.”
  • “I know I am.”
  • You choking on your food, “YOU’RE WONDER WOMAN?!”

●Being her personal nurse, and patching her up everytime she comes back from a mission

●Asking her when was the last time she dated someone

●Diana replying saying, “about 100 years ago.”

●Her telling you everything

  • “That’s why I’m protective of you. I don’t want to lose you like I lost him.”
  • You cupping her face and reassuring her
  • “I’m not going anywhere with you by my side.”

●Cute, simple dates every other weekend

  • Like going to the park
  • Or if there’s a fair, she’ll drag you to it
  • Or going to see a movie
  • Or maybe just a cuddle date at home

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●When jealous, Diana likes to drag you away from the person hitting on you, taking you into an empty room (or anywhere empty in general) and give you hickies. TONS OF THEM

●You guys always have sex before and after she comes back from a mission

●Before she leaves it’s the “i will miss you” sex

●After she comes back, it’s the “i’m so glad you’re back” sex


●that is one of her kinks (aside from you sitting on her face)

●she loves running the tip of her fingers and seeing how goosebumps appear

●she’s usually the most dominant one

●though when she is submissive. tease. her.


●she has litterly saved you from near death experiences

  • for example that unfortunate time you decided to go to the museum by yourself and gunmen holding you all hostage.
  • one of them hit you in the face with the butt of their gun all for protecting a girl from being hit, leaving a huge bruise on your right eye.
  • one of them continued to beat you, until Diana broke through the doors and took them down.

●or like that time when one of the alien thingys (or as you call them) tackled you from your office on the 117th floor and out your window.

  • thankfully for you, Diana was nearby and caught you mid-air
  • this is why she’s never let’s you go places or do things alone.

●being constantly put in the spotlight of social media and the news.

●them always talking about how you probably only got with her for money and fame.

  • aka. being a gold digger

●Diana having to comfort you when you don’t feel worthy of being with her

  • “there are 7 billion people out there Diana! why me?
  • “because out of the 7 billion, i love you.”

●Diana getting angry when people attack you on the news or t.v. shows

  • “next topic, (y/n) (l/n), 4 year girlfriend of Diana Prince. What does Diana see in her? Honestly, (y/n) isn’t even that pretty.”
  • Diana turning off the t.v. and going onto twitter and calling the t.v. show host out.
  • the t.v. host blocking Diana, because they know Diana is right.

●lazy Sundays are a must.

●Diana isn’t a morning person, so if you wake up early, and try to leave bed, she’ll drag you back and hold you comfortably tight

  • “Diaaannnaaa, i have to pee.”
  • “i’ll let you go, but if you don’t come back, i’ll drag you back here.”
  • you both end up sleeping ‘til noon.

●"i love you” s all the time. no. matter. what.

●all this goes to show how much she loves you. and how much you love her, ofc.

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Matchmaker’s Bow

A magic item for Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition.

Weapon (shortbow), rare (requires attunement)
This magic weapon has 3 charges and regains 1d3 expended charges daily at dawn.
When you hit a creature with a ranged attack using this weapon, you can expend 1 charge to render it lovestruck. The attack causes no damage, but the creature drops whatever it is holding, can’t take reactions until the start of its next turn, and must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature is charmed by another creature it can see of your choice for 1 minute or until the charmer does something harmful to it. While charmed in this way, a creature must use its movement on each of its turns to move within 5 feet of the charmer, and can’t willingly move away from the charmer once it has done so.
When two creatures are charmed by each other, and one comes within 5 feet of the other or starts its turn there, they become restrained in a romantic embrace. The embrace ends if either creature takes damage, is removed from the other’s reach, or is no longer charmed.

Clearly, I used a simple muscular contraction to move my liver out of the way of the blade.

This might be the most Batman thing you’ve ever said, Damian.

Nightwing #20, bringing conclusion to a ride through Dick and Damian’s old days and villains. And it’s pretty satisfying. Dick, influenced by Hurt’s chemicals, sees a vision of monster Damian’s death would turn him into, only for those visions to be invaded by his own memory of Damian and all potential he sees in him. We get an end to Hurt and Deathwing, with some cryptic words about something coming. Seeing what is happening in the main Batman book I’m amused by the idea that Doctor Hurt, a Morisson character, knows about certain Moore character coming. We get a small conclusion to the baby scare and then extremely heartwarming moment between Dick and Damian. Good conclusion to a story must have for fans of Dick and Damian and fun read especially for the fans of their time as Batman and Robin under Morisson.

It’s the weekly graphic novel round-up!


A lady of the blood house has had her mind trapped in a strange alien body. She was hiding on the outskirts of her kingdom until she learns that an alien monster pretending to be her has taken her place. BRANDON GRAHAM (KING CITY, PROPHET, ISLAND) and MARIAN CHURCHLAND (BEAST) bring you sharp genderqueer knights, blood magic, death gods, astral projection, and a goose. Collects ARCLIGHT #1-4


Based on the hit Cartoon Network miniseries created by Pat McHale, brand-new adventures await Greg and Jason Funderburker as they explore the uncharted depths of the Unknown, and pick up a few unusual friends along the way. On the other side of the forest, the Woodsman’s daughter, Anna, begins her own journey and quickly learns what it takes to survive on her own, especially once she’s confronted by the Beast. Collects issues #1-4 of the Eisner Award-winning, ongoing series. Jim Campbell returns to write and illustrate Greg’s latest travels through the Unknown, and Anna’s story is brought to life by show co-writer Amalia Levari and artist Cara McGee.


Based on the hit DC Collectibles product line! As World War II rages across Europe, the Allied forces issue a call to arms for the greatest heroines the world has ever known! With an old villain arising from beyond the grave, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Kara Starikov, Kortni Duginova and Mera must aid the Allied forces while at home, a brave group of Batgirls must defend the homeland!

The incredibly popular DC Collectibles line is brought to life in these stories that reimagine the course of history! From writer Marguerite Bennett (BATGIRL, EARTH 2: WORLD’S END) and featuring artists including Marguerite Sauvage (HINTERKIND), Laura Braga (Witchblade) and Mirka Andolfo (Chaos) comes DC COMICS: BOMBSHELLS VOL. 3 collects #13-18.


Collects The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015B) #12-16.

Squirrel Girl takes Nancy to visit her mom in Canada! What could possibly go wrong, right? How about the return of a super villain not seen for more than a decade? One that will prompt the inter-species team-up you’ve been waiting for: squirrels and ants! And also Squirrel Girl and Ant-Man. It’ll be huge! Or tiny. Then, when Taskmaster strikes, with his uncanny ability to duplicate any super-type’s sweet moves, who will stand between him and total domination? You probably guessed Doreen Green, but you’re wrong! It’s actually Nancy’s cat, Mew! It’s a story of one feline, and all the feels. Plus: To celebrate the 25th anniversary of our unbeatable hero, her co-creator Will Murray returns to write only his second-ever Squirrel Girl tale — and he’s bringing the Hulk!


Between 1941 and 1945, Hitler was pummeled on comic book covers by everyone from Captain America to Wonder Woman. Take That, Adolf! is an oversized compilation of more than 500 stunningly restored comics covers published during World War II, featuring America’s greatest super-villain. From Superman and Daredevil to propaganda and racism, Take That, Adolf! is a fascinating look at how legendary creators such as Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Alex Schomburg, Will Eisner, and Lou Fine entertained millions of kids on the home front and buoyed the spirits of GIs fighting overseas by using Adolf Hitler as a punching bag.

The Wager

Paring: Pietro Maximoff/Reader

Tags: fluff, humour, betting, reading books, Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell, Pietro has ADHD, 

Summary: You just want to read your book, and Pietro has nothing better to do than interrupt you. Tony takes this as sexual tension - and starts a bet with the other Avengers. How long can the pair of you go before hooking up?

Word Count: 1,297

Posting Date:  2016-05-23

Current Date: 2017-05-12

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  • Bana gelen şarkı önerileri sizlerle paylaşam dedim : )):)):))
  • Barış Manço- Unutamadım
  • YüzyüzeykenKonuşuruz- Ölmemişiz
  • BTS - Danger (Mo-Blue Mix)
  • Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man
  • Chris Brown - Dont Be Gone Too Long
  • Skyler Grey- Winter In Me
  • James blunt-youre beatiful
  • Linkin Park - In The End
  • Birdy - Skinny Love
  • Halil Sezai - Kafası Kendinden Bile Güzel
  • The 1975-girls,chocolate,heart out
  • Nirvana-come as you are,smells like teen spirit
  • Metallica-nothing else matter
  • Oasis-live forever
  • James morrison-up,ı wont let you go
  • Alice cooper-Schools out
  • Queen-we Will rock you,Show must go on
  • Ac/dc-highway to hell,back to black
  • Slipknot-the devil and ı
  • Stingy-englshman in newyork
  • Ozzy Osbourne-life wont wait
  • Black veil brides-ın the end,heart on fire
  • Thiago pethit-moon
  • The Beatles-all you need is love
  • Arctic monkeys-ı wanna be yours,do ı wanna know,ru mine
  • Shawn mendes-life of the party
  • Magic-rude
  • The royal concept-on ourway
  • The script-hall of fame
  • Hunter hayes-wanted
  • The janoskians-real girs eat cake
  • Georgie erza-Budapest
  • Jess glyne-right here
  • Led Zeppelin-stairway to heaven
  • 5sos-amnesia
  • Rouge copy-street love
  • Neon jungle-brave heart
  • John martin-anywhere for you
  • Coldplay-a sky full of stars,paradise
  • Bastille-BAD blood,pompeii
  • Daft Punk-ınstant crush
  • Jason marz-ı wont give up
  • Fun-sight of the sun
  • bosayasayangenc.tumblr

rorretyks  asked:

Who in any DC universe regularly stares into the abyss contemplating existence, thinking about how long it will be until their generation is forgotten, and comes to life shattering realizations that the universe is infinite, and they live so short, nothing they do matters, because in the end, what they do will either be twisted, forgotten, or erased?

*cough* Tim Drake *cough* Bart Allen *cough* Jaime Reyes. boy it must be those allergies,,

Missing the Algebra Test

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Featuring: Aunt May

Summary: Peter fails to show up for an algebra test, so something must be terribly wrong…


A/N: This is my first fanfic so please take that into consideration before reading. Also, thank you @resident-book-nerd for encouraging me to write, @wolf79 for the DC fanfics to come and @batlog for desperately wanting to read this.

“Okay, everyone. The test begins now.”

You looked around the classroom, as your eyes land on an empty seat. Peter’s seat. Where the hell is Peter? You thought to yourself. He didn’t meet with you before school and he wasn’t in homeroom. He was missing a test from his favorite class: algebra.

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Even In The Darkest Places, I Think Of You (Part two)

Part one 

“Good, you’re awake. I was wondering when you would come around.” A robotic voice fills your ears as your eyes flicker open. How did you get here? You must have been knocked out, but by who? The last thing you remember is being out on patrol, trying to keep the city under control while Batman takes care of the bigger problem. 

“W-Where am I? W-Who are you?” You ask, struggling to speak. Your head still feels so heavy. The room around you is dimly lit, making it difficult to see anything. 

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madamoftime  asked:

Do you have any headcanons about pre-TRB Pynch? You have a great interpretation of the characters and their relationship, so if you have a meta about that, I'd really love to read it.

Aww, thank you so much! ^^ That’s really nice of you to say. ♥

Hmm, that’s a very interesting question… for which, unfortunately, I don’t have an equally interesting answer, because I haven’t spent too much time speculating about pre-TRB events. ETA: I have now, apparently, considering I ended up writing 1.5k worth of speculation, good job self, why are you like this :|

A few thoughts off the top of my head, though:

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Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
(2003-2011) #6

The old phrase is “All good things must come to an end”, which is incredibly true. Though I think this is more of an argument in the favor of mediocre things also tend to have their end, even if it’s after a few issues of stagnation. 

I kid I kid. 

While I can’t deny that, critically speaking, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies never quite lifts itself from the bowels of being a mess, the enjoyability factor even upon countless rereads for myself hasn’t really diminished over the years. I’ve even considered making a drinking game out of the more ridiculous elements because why not. But ultimately we are at the end, and it’s almost enough to make someone want to tear up.

Not me, since this is like the twentieth time I’ve reread this comic and my interests honestly wane after issue 5 but there’s someone out there that emotionally invested in Ed McGuinness’ art. I’m almost 32% sure of it.

anonymous asked:

I want to know more about the Zoldyck's family! What are they powers? And what about Silva?

Aahhh me too tbh!! I really wish to know more ;;;

I think we will get to see more sooner than later. Not counting Killua, except the Heaven Arena arc, we saw the Zoldyck in every arcs, so it must mean something right?

And as far as we know, one of the Zoldyck’s ancestor, Zzigg, was part of an expedition to the Dark Continent a long while before the story happens. (and I’m p sure it was confirmed Nanika comes from the DC so it is probably linked)

Not to mention, Kikyo apparently comes from Meteor City, and considering the few hints here and there it’s possible we’ll get back to Meteor City before the end of the story. 

All I mean is that therefore, if we already have those hints here and there, I’m pretty sure we’ll hear of the Zoldyck a little more again.

We know a few trivia about Killua’s childhood from a novel, so that’s for the fun family aspect :/

And then, about their powers, I’m super curious about that. 

I think Kikyo is an Emitter because of how she attacked Canary, but we don’t have much informations on that either.

Silva has an incredible strength, see how he kills Cheethu, and he did make two sort of really huge force aura being relieased around his hands, Enhancer maybe?

Zeno is probably either a Conjurer or a Specialist (that being said a lot of Specialist ability comes from Conjurer ability to start with) with the dragons and all, but man that man has such a Nen strength to be able to pull that out.

Illumi is definitly a Manipulator, we saw his power at work well enough to deduce that. So is Kalluto, again, we saw of that.

Alluka is Nenless, and we don’t know anything about Milluki’s powers, if he even bothered learning Nen.

But there’s still others family members : again we don’t know of Zzigg, but also Mahha who appeared in the YN arc in the manga, apparently helping out Illumi and Kalluto killing the Dons (chapter 100)
 (Mahha and Kalluto’s involvement in that arc was completely removed if i’m not wrong, and while for Mahha it just prives you to see a Zoldyck, for Kalluto I think it has plot repercution since it kinda fortell that he’ll join the troupe)

And there is another family member according to the anime that we had never heard of before and never again since:

(between Mahha and Killua)

So there’s still a lot to discover about the Zoldyck and their powers. 

As for now too in the story, we know Kalluto is “searching for his brother” by being in the Troupe, and if he’s in the Troupe he’s currently on the Boat so we’ll see of him and hopefully, of his storyline again. 

We also know that Illumi isn’t done yet and is still looking to go after Killua and Alluka, so we’ll hear of that again.

And with the Dark Continent History, I think we’ll hear more about the powers of the older Zoldycks.

But so far that’s all we know ye D: 

We’ll see we’ll see!!  But I’m curious too hhh

Karaoke Night

60. “You didn’t tell me it was karaoke night..”

Dean x Reader

“Dean, listen to me. You’re going to be fine.” You promise the elder Winchester, whose hand is currently shaking in yours, “My dad isn’t even scary. He’s like an overgrown teddy bear.”

“Don’t even go there. I’ve seen one of those and they are not fun.” He says tersely, shaking his head. You sigh, rolling your eyes.

“He’s the good kind. I promise you, my parents will love you. If you’ll eat my mom’s food, you’re already like a son to them.”

“Is she a good cook?”

“The best.” You promise him, leading him down your garden path. You pause before you open the door, turning to Dean – he looks just as nervous as he did five minutes ago.

“Don’t worry,” You whisper, stretching onto your tiptoes and kissing his lips softly. He wraps his arms around your waist, squeezing you tight to him, “C’mon. They’ll love you.”

You let go of him, but he keeps an arm around your waist as you knock twice and open the door.

“Mom?” You call – after a few seconds, a woman appears from inside a room and her face lights up.

“Y/N! You made it!” She strides over to you and you break away from Dean long enough to give her a tight hug, “This must be Dean, too. It’s lovely to meet you.”

At first, Dean thinks that she’s going to shake his hands, but she grabs him and wraps him in the biggest, tightest, warmest, most motherly hug he can remember getting from anyone since his own mother. You stifle your laugh at his look of shock, but he quickly recovers from it and hugs her back.

“It’s great to meet you too, Mrs, Y/L/N.”

“Oh, none of that. Wendy is fine, love.” She smiles, letting him go and looking him up and down, “Welcome to the family.”

“Mom, don’t scare him.” You warn, and both she and Dean laugh.

“Nonsense, love. Your father’s in the living room, playing that damned game again – you two should go say hi. He’s very excited to meet you.” With that, she disappears back into the kitchen and you grin, lacing Dean’s fingers with yours once more.

“See? She’s nuts, but she’s easy to win over.” You say, and Dean smiles, obviously more relaxed. As you pull him through to the sitting room, however, his grip tightens on yours once more.

“Dad?” You call – he’s stood in front of the TV, belting out the words to a song you’ve only ever hears… from Dean’s tapes. Once he finally realises you’re there, he pauses the game and grabs you in a smothering embrace.

“Y/N! How’s my baby girl doing?” He asks, and you smile, kissing his cheek.

“I’m fine, Dad. This is my boyfriend, Dean.” You introduce him quickly. For a moment, you worry the your father is going to pull out the shotgun and Dean’s going to run for the hills – but, instead, your boyfriend grins brightly.

“You didn’t tell me it was karaoke night.” He says brightly, taking your father’s hand and shaking it politely.

“Every night is karaoke night around here, young man!” Your father grins jovially, “Care to join?”

Dean looks at you and you grin, pressing a light kiss to his cheek, “You have fun, babe. I’ll be in the kitchen if you need anything.”

With that, you leave him alone. He doesn’t get the chance to flounder for words when a second microphone is thrust into his hand and the music starts back up.


You’re lounged on the couch with what must be your seventh glass of wine, watching Dean and your father bond. You and your mother have been talking absently for a while, but conversation has lulled and you’ve just settled into watching your respective partners play the game together.

As Back in Black by AC/DC comes to an end, the two men high five excitedly, turning as you and your mother applaud in amusement. Dean chooses the next song and your mother turns to you, placing her hand over yours.



“If you don’t marry that boy, your father will never forgive you.”

Comic Book Canon

Anon asked: What is your take on this Olicity vs Lauriver and comic book fans debate? Do you think that just because Oliver and Laurel are canon in the comics that they’re meant to be? Do you think comic book fans are being neglected by the writers and Eps?

Oh man. You just hit my hot button issue. Forgive me, but this argument drives me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!!!

The comic books serve as SOURCE MATERIAL. This distinction is important. Source material means the writers can pull whatever stories from the comics and put their own twist on it. It does not mean they need to follow the comics verbatim. The Arrow writers have said MANY times that they aren’t using the comics as a Bible. I think the Green Arrow has been around for like 75 years. There’s just too many fucking stories and variations to keep track of. It’s no different than Joss Whedon using the Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie as source material for S1 of the TV show. They were TWO completely different versions, but yet contained some related material. Same with Vampire Diaries. The writers are using the teen novels as source material. They pull general ideas & characters from the books but are by no means following the books to the letter. In fact, the TV show and books differ vastly.

Let’s talk Lauriver. If we are going to use the comics as the only reason WHY Oliver is going to end with Laurel, I believe it’s a faulty argument. Which comic book variation are we going to use as the bible of Arrow? The one where Oliver is married to Dinah like in old comics or the more recent where he & Dinah are divorced or in the New 52 where they don’t even know each other? You can’t use one without using another variation as an argument against it, so comic book canon is simply a weak argument.

Furthermore, there are multiple characters on Arrow that are not in the comic books. Even characters that are in the comic books have been changed so much they are almost unrecognizable. Both Diggle & Felicity were added to the New 52 series, so they’ll be as much comic book “canon” and Dinah Laurel Lance. Again, which variation do we choose? It’s impossible to know.

This isn’t in your question, but I think it’s worth bringing up. Some of the savvier Lauriver fans cite copyright laws as the reason Laurel & Oliver MUST end up together. Copyright law is extremely complicated, I was in Marketing for years, much too complicated to get into it here. But I’ll just say this - DC Comics is owned by Warner Brothers. If copyright laws, DC Comics & WB demand that The Green Arrow end up with Dinah Laurel Lance, they how come The Green Arrow didn’t marry the Black Canary on Smallville? He married Chloe, a completely made up/non comic book character. At the time Smallville aired, it was owned by Warner Brothers. The Smallville writers would’ve needed permission from the WB same as Arrow. So, if they were allowed to do deviate from the BC Green Arrow storyline, why would Arrow be any different? WB copyright means they have exclusive rights to the DC comics, whereby they can determine permission and usage of said concept. Arrow must get story line approval & character usage approval from the WB & DC Entertainment, which they’ve confirmed they do. However, that doesn’t mean copyright will enforce a certain story line, because again it goes back to the first issue, which is story variation. Which story of the Green Arrow does the copyright enforce? The one where he’s with BC or the one where he isn’t? The good news is - it’s both. So the Arrow writers CAN use a story line where the Green Arrow doesn’t end up with Black Canary.

There’s also an issue on Arrow that the comics don’t face. Laurel Lance on Arrow is an extremely polarizing character - you either love her or hate her. She’s so polarizing that nearly all the marketing materials, press releases, social media etc, either removed Laurel entirely, pushed her to the back (photos) or downplayed her role (episode synopsis, press releases). Any marketing for Arrow either prominently features Team Arrow (Oliver, Diggle, Felicity) or Oliver & Felicity. These sorts of decisions also come from up top. The WB is approving this just as they are approving potential story lines. The WB wants to make money. That’s it’s number one priority. Felicity Smoak and her relationship with Oliver Queen & their popularity make money. They wouldn’t be marketing it that way if they didn’t.

My other issue with the comic book canon argument is that it completely ignores what’s happening on the show. The show’s CANON is what matters most. Had this been S1, maybe we could argue that Laurel & Oliver were endgame. However, there’s been a HUGE shift in the show during S2, which I go into further detail in my Oliver Queen Mansion confessions post.

Finally, and I believe this is most important, Marc G. has stated that the key to writing is to have a good plan and then to know when to throw that plan out. Felicity Smoak was a happy accident. Laurel Lance, for whatever reason, failed to connect the broader audience. It doesn’t mean she’ll be removed from Arrow but I believe the Arrow writers have changed their focus on the character. I also believe Laurel can be the Black Canary and be AWESOME without being romantically involved with Oliver. One is not dependent on the other.

I don’t believe comic book fans are being ignored. The Green Arrow comics are currently airing as a TV show. An extremely popular, lucrative TV show. What more do they want? Arrow is an extremely well written show, with fantastic plot lots, interesting characters, amazing action and real emotional depth. They’ve treated each and every character, whether they are in the comics or not, with respect. Arrow more than honors the comics. If the comic books fans want to see a specific storyline, my suggestion is…go read the comic again. Arrow is a different beast, a different medium and a different audience. If they can’t appreciate it as such, then I suggest they stop watching the show.

A comiXologist Recommends:
Madeleine Lloyd-Davies recommends The Movement #12

This was a bittersweet read–I’m sorry to see this exciting new series end, but thrilled (and unsurprised) to see that the book held onto its vision until the end.

gailsimone has consistently committed to writing authentic, diverse characters, and this team proved to be the perfect vehicle to explore dynamics of power and class in a society where cops (and even superheroes!) are less easily classified as “good guys.” By targeting police corruption, and showing more interest in preserving their community than working with authorities, members of The Movement model a kind of activism that I’d love to see more of in comics.

In a final exchange with the team leader, a well-meaning policeman explains to the Movement’s leader that she probably wouldn’t be able to hack it with a legit superhero group like the Justice League: “you’re never going to change enough to fit in with them.” “Oh, I know,” she says with a smile. “That was never the plan. But sooner or later, Captain…they’re going to have to change to fit in with us.” I believe this is Gail Simone’s message to the titans of the mainstream publishing industry: scrappy comic book series like The Movement are coming for them, and they’re not planning to compromise.

Luckily for us, even though this particular series is coming to an end, Gail Simone isn’t going anywhere. You can read new issues from Red Sonja and Batgirl every month, but if you’re a fan of The Movement, I must insist that you start with her game-changing arc on Birds of Prey.

[Pick up The Movement #12 here!]

For fans of: superheroesfemale leads, team books, diverse characters

Madeleine Lloyd-Davies, comiXology’s Production Director, has wanted to work in the comics industry since she was seven years old, sitting cross-legged on the floor in CVS and reading Jughead comics.


[14.03.13] Today I went to reservist training and took a picture with Kim Dongwan

After finishing training, my body was so exhausted that I was rocking back and forth when I saw a familiar face about 1 meter away from me in the back. 
I didn’t have my glasses, so I didn’t believe it at first, but (the nametag) said Kim Dongwan!!
As my older sister was a Shinhwa Changjo and particularly liked Kim Dongwan, his looks were familiar.
During break time, he went to go hide in the cafeteria and I followed him.  Since it was during training, I couldn’t ask to take a picture and just asked for a handshake, but he said,
“You can take a picture~”
So we took a picture together.
I was so surprised that he looked exactly like he appears on tv // He’s really good-looking and was always smiley…
When receiving training, annoyance naturally appears on one’s face, but it was quite nice to see that his expression was always bright.
I was going to upload the picture too, but I am too lazy. 

(He ended up uploading the picture because there were lots of responses requesting him to do so)

Below is my proof shot
He was rushing me to take the picture quickly…
But he said the first one didn’t come out well, so we took two…ㅋㅋ
When I saw him in real life, he was extremely good-looking. 
But because we took it hurriedly due to the possibility of people coming in and because it was at the end of training,
please understand that he came out less good-looking than in real life~

Credits: 예비군 @ Shinhwa DC Gallery + Kim Dongwan Tumblr (Eng Trans)

Regarding the guy’s last line~ As someone who’s seen oppayam in real life, it’s quite true.  Pictures don’t really do justice to this man’s beauty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ