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Rebel Rebel.

Peter Parker x Rebel!Reader

A/n: I have a weird trend to make fics in this style with only people called Peter.

Warnings: None!

P.s: This was kinda going to be a Multi part story before i realized it would probably be a better drabble.

(Part Two)

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You would be the death of Peter. He just knew it.

Every time he saw you walk into class, His heart stopped, And he swore that time slowed down. Yes, You were the complete opposite of him, But would that stop him from having those thoughts? God no.

You were the epitome of cool. Wearing things that the school could ban people for. Short skits or tight jeans, Jackets, Dc.Martens, V-Necks and all. No one would ever call you out on it though. You’d skip school whenever you wanted, And didn’t care if someone spread rumors about you. Maybe you had little friends, But if you wanted them it could happen at the flick of a wrist. You basically ruled the school without having to be any kind of bully. Without having to be utterly flawless. You were far from flawless, But in the best way possible.

Peter had his eyes on you the second he went to his new school. For reasons he really never knew. He didn’t have too many crushes, But his few did not follow the trend of you. They were so ordinary. He wishes he could know why he fell so damn hard for a person he barely ever said 10 words to. 

But you were beyond beautiful to him. More gorgeous than any other person he’d ever met. When you managed to show up for classes you got good grades, Seemed kind and caring, Saved teens who were getting bullied (Which included him before it happened), You were queen of doge-ball (The only type of gym thing you showed up for… That he noticed. Not in a creepy way.), You border lined being a basic teenager.

But there was so much more stuff that was interesting about you.

He honestly believed that you were the most unique person in the whole school. There wasn’t much to compare too, Though. In a school of people who followed the same code. And looked all the same. You never stayed on the track on every other boring person. And that could be told just by your looks. When your personality shined it was more apparent. 

Peter really wanted to speak to you. Even if it was just once. You were a sort of unsolved case. He could tell a lot, But not everything. And he longed to know. Yes it would be nice if he could end up being your friend. And he’d admit he’s thought about it, More than he should have. But someone like you would never consider him, A dorky know it all boy whom was (In his mind) So many points behind you. If you ever did look at him like he looked at you he’d seriously think he was dreaming. 

Peter didn’t notice he was staring into space until you walked up and talked to him.

“Hey, Kid,” You smiled at him. It seems like you were almost looking into his soul with your stunning eyes, “I like your shirt a lot.” It was genuine. He could tell. His blush rose quickly. Remembering he ironically worse a Spider-Man tee that day. He wasn’t quite sure yet if he landed himself in heaven, Cause you were actually talking to him. Complementing him even.

 You winked at him, And just like that you were gone. He looked back around to see your swaying hips go around a corner. Lord he could stare at you for hours. 

Oh you were sooo out of his league. 


lettucedawg said to superheroesincolor:

Could you find a Native American superhero who doesn’t have an overall Native American feel to their costume? I’ve never really seen one that just happened to be Native American.

There are’t many to being with, also in general and to no one surprise; the older the comic the more stereotypical it is, it’s better nowadays (not to say that doesn’t happen still)

Shown above: 

  • Equinox, Miiyahbin Marten (DC Comics) 
  • Warpath (James Proudstar) from the X-Men 
  • Jason Strongbow aka American Eagle