dc. carver


a kidnapping AU was requested by @stawmay12 and @fleatflutter i kinda just combined yalls requests cuz they were so similar i hope you dont mind!!!

AU in which you get kidnapped, and Doc and 10k rescue you

sorry this took so long 

“You’ll die for this.” You snarl, cheek still stinging from where you were slapped. The pale man just grins, showing off rotten teeth. He looks over at his friends, all with the same hungry look in their eyes.

“Will we die for this, boys?” He asks. They all laugh, and give out a chorus of ‘hell no’s.

Your arms are knotted behind you, and you’ve been trying for two days to get them undone. All you’ve accomplished is raw wrists and a damaged sense of pride. You’re pretty sure a rib is broken, and your nose is most definitely broken. There’s a cut from your hairline to your cheekbones that’s going to scar, and you can only imagine how many bruises are all over you.

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