• Remus: ...Sirius, what's that on Harry's head?
  • Sirius: Hmm? His scar? Don't talk about his scar, Remus, he get's very self conscious-
  • Remus: Not the scar, you dolt, what did you put on the baby's head?
  • Sirius: First of all, I am INSULTED that you would insinuate I would do anything to the precious little fawn-
  • Remus: *Pushes Harry's hair off of his forehead*
  • Sirius: Second of all -
  • Sirius: -they're a great band

[the letters AC in asexual flag colors, a black lightning bolt, and the letters BC in bi pride colors, mimicking the AC DC logo]

in Hebrew, an asexual person might describe themselves as אייסי, acey; and a bi person might describe themselves as ביסי, bisi. Some talented soul then created this fine logo.

Reblog for ace-bi solidarity!

DC New Logo Analysis

DC released a new logo with Wonder Woman and it’s full of characters from the DCU. This isn’t a representation of characters to appear in films down the line, but it’s interesting to look at either way.

1. All the Green Lanterns

Hal Jordan

Mogo and Jessica Cruz (?)

Potentially a GL, probably John or Guy.

2. Atrocitus and Dex-Starr

3. Mister Miracle and Big Barda

4. Nightwing and Red Hood (?)

5. Solomon Grundy, Joker, and Lex Luthor

i dunno if anyone made this post already but i thought it was fun either way!

anonymous asked:

Why tf are people writing adhd as AD/HD???? I mean the slash is in the band logo AC/DC do people not realize that adhd is not a band?!

Haha the DSM now officially labels it AD/HD to indicate that the disorder may manifest with or without hyperactivity. It’s technically the most correct general term currently available however many people (like myself) get lazy when typing it and leave the slash out.

Whatever you label it, we’ll mostly work out what you’re talking about :)

Also, sidenote, I would now like to think of this community as a band. I call dibs on percussion!


Amazing DC Women + Logos/Symbols (1/?)

Barbara Gordon A.K.A Oracle. 

  • Powers: Formally Batgirl, now one of the worlds premier infojack and data specialists supreme.

Dinah Lance A.K.A Black Canary

  • Powers: One of the worlds most dangerous hand-to-hand fighters and possessor of a sonic scream that can shatter steel.

Helena Bertinelli A.K.A Huntress

  • Powers: Gifted and fearless fighter and marksman, and nightmare to the underworld.

Zinda Blake A.K.A Lady Blackhawk

  • Powers: Heroic WWII fighter pilot, misplaced in time, last surviving member of the Blackhawks.