• Remus: ...Sirius, what's that on Harry's head?
  • Sirius: Hmm? His scar? Don't talk about his scar, Remus, he get's very self conscious-
  • Remus: Not the scar, you dolt, what did you put on the baby's head?
  • Sirius: First of all, I am INSULTED that you would insinuate I would do anything to the precious little fawn-
  • Remus: *Pushes Harry's hair off of his forehead*
  • Sirius: Second of all -
  • Sirius: -they're a great band

anonymous asked:

Why tf are people writing adhd as AD/HD???? I mean the slash is in the band logo AC/DC do people not realize that adhd is not a band?!

Haha the DSM now officially labels it AD/HD to indicate that the disorder may manifest with or without hyperactivity. It’s technically the most correct general term currently available however many people (like myself) get lazy when typing it and leave the slash out.

Whatever you label it, we’ll mostly work out what you’re talking about :)

Also, sidenote, I would now like to think of this community as a band. I call dibs on percussion!


Amazing DC Women + Logos/Symbols (1/?)

Barbara Gordon A.K.A Oracle. 

  • Powers: Formally Batgirl, now one of the worlds premier infojack and data specialists supreme.

Dinah Lance A.K.A Black Canary

  • Powers: One of the worlds most dangerous hand-to-hand fighters and possessor of a sonic scream that can shatter steel.

Helena Bertinelli A.K.A Huntress

  • Powers: Gifted and fearless fighter and marksman, and nightmare to the underworld.

Zinda Blake A.K.A Lady Blackhawk

  • Powers: Heroic WWII fighter pilot, misplaced in time, last surviving member of the Blackhawks.  

Chato teared his gaze away from Harley, who apparently didn’t care about changing her clothes in front of everyone. He took his own clothes and started dressing, only for loud crack taking his attention… well, his and everybody else apparently. The source of the crack and many other sounds was behind heavy metal doors, which opened showing four guards who were struggling with a… girl. Short girl with (h/c) hair which were cut short and were standing in every possible direction. She was kicking and punching whenever she got free from guards hands. She only stopped when Rick pushed button on his monitor, which caused her to stopped from any move and look at him with death wish in her eyes.

“Whatever shit you did to me, you have to take it out right now, you got it, you shit eater?!” She was ready to attack him, he knew it just by looking at the muscles of her hands, which were clearly visible because of her sleeveless prison uniform.

“Whatever you want to do, I’m not recommending it. You have a bomb in your neck, and with only one move of my hand I can blow your head off.”

“Let me ques, you like blowing?” Rick growled at her, but didn’t say anything. Harley laughed, along with Digger and Crock, but he tried to ignore them, showing girl in the direction of crates.

“Shut up and take your stuff.” She mocked him, but said nothing, getting to crate with her stuff and opening it.

Chato watched her, while she, just like Harley, wasn’t paying attention at people surrounding her and took of her prison suit, leaving herself in only her underwear. His eyes widened at the sight of big black pentagram tattooed on her chest, along with the whole lot of different symbols on the other parts of her body, front and back. She started putting her clothes on, which were tight, black shorts, showing her (s/c) legs, followed with oversized shirt with AC/DC logo and dirty trainers. When she was done, she ruffled her hair a little more and pulled a little yin-yang amulet out of the crate and putted it around her neck. Then she looked up, right into his eyes. He quickly looked down, not knowing why he felt flushed all of a sudden. When he looked up again he saw her with Harley, who was happily chatting with her… More likely Harley was chatting while other girl was just searching through her things.

“Shit!” Chato looked around at the monsters surrounding them. He furrowed his brow, not wanting to use his powers. Hearing something like explosion he looked to the girl, who Rick was referring to as a ‘psycho’. She was surrounded by the dead bodies of monsters, and the pile was only growing. He furrowed his brow seeing how freely she was using her powers. Looking from one enemy to another, she was just closing her hands in fists which ended with the monsters heads or other parts of their body exploding. It was magnificent and terrifying at the same moment.

“Boom, headshot!” She 'shoot’ one of them by only making fake gun with her hand.

When everything ended, she crouched next to the pile of the dead bodies and started to search through them.

“You were incredible!” Harley jumped on her back, hugging her with crazy smile on her face. “How did you do that?”
“I’m just fabulous.” She flicked elder woman on the forehead and stood up, looking at Chato. “You on the other hand didn’t do anything.”

“Trust me, you wouldn’t like me getting out of hand.” She raised her eyebrow, not saying anything. After a while she just smiled, standing next to him, watching Floyd fighting with Rick.

“They are like children.” Chato only nodded, looking at her profile. She was shorter than him, much shorter. He couldn’t ques how old she was, but her hairstyle was definitely making her look younger than she originally is. “If you want, take a photo. I don’t like the way you are burning holes in my head.” He quickly looked away, at the team.

“You want to see some!” Chato showed Floyd aside and raised his hands, burning every single one monster in front of the team. (y/n)’s jaw dropped slightly seeing all of the flame and destruction it brings. Her breath cached in her throat and heart rate started to raise. When he was done, he looked deadly at Floyd. “Was that enough for you?”

“That was great!” Harley hugged him from behind and kissed his cheek. When she left him and walked away with the rest of the team, (y/n) leaned on the railing behind her with big smile on her face. He raised his eyebrow at her face.

“It was fine… I think…” She stood straight and bopped him in the nose. “But I would LOVE to see you loosing control.” He rolled his eyes.

“You are crazy.”

“Didn’t you know? Crazy is new sexy.” She bumped her waist at his. “Come on, before they start to think that I am murdering you.”

“You murdering me?”

“I can be pretty scary you know?” She slapped him on the but and walked away, leaving him in shock clearly seen on his face.

What just happened?

(y/n) walked into the bar as the last and sat next to Chato after taking whole bottle of vodka.

“You are not actually gonna drink that all by yourself, are you?” She opened the bottle and took a swing from it while looking Floyd right into the eyes.

“I do, why?” She didn’t even winced at the taste of her drink. Floyd didn’t say anything more, waving at Harley to pour him more whiskey.

When Chato started telling how he killed his family, (y/n) looked at the half empty bottle in her hands, listening closely to his story, looking once a while at the fiery figure dancing on the palm of his hand.

“What about you?” She looked up at Digger hearing his question.

“Well, they couldn’t put you in the fokin Bella Reve, just because you are crazy.”
“I’m not crazy.”
“Aussie is right with this one. You are bastante loco.” She rolled her eyes and started to spin bottle in her hands, making it full again. Chato’s jaw dropped.

“I can manipulate matter, you know? Like every atom in the universe is at my command, no matter if I touched it or not. Pretty nuts, don’t you think? But my older brother? Oh, he was even better. He was like totally my opposite. If he would want, he could destroy anything he touched. The two of us and his girlfriend… We were just rolling through the country, stealing only as much to live, and have some savings for the future. It wasn’t that difficult, because Zeth, my brother’s girlfriend could have hack every electric equipment that she could touch. We were the best.” She took swing from her bottle and looked at them. “But nothing can stay perfect, ain’t it? Something went wrong and before we knew that, police was driving right in our direction. So I took my brother and told him to run, that I will cover them and then we will see each other in our private little Eldorado.” She smiled and sighed. “When they disappeared, I just gave up. With the amount of money that I had with me? It was stupid not to take me to jail. When they found out that I’m metahuman, they thrown me to Bella Reve.” She finished and putted bottle at the bar.

“But… Why did you stayed behind?”

“Zeth was pregnant back then. I don’t know if she even knew it at that point. But I knew the moment I saw her, you know, with my powers and stuff. I didn’t want to risk that anything could happened to them, or the baby. So I choose the first thing that got to my mind at the moment.”

“And that’s your sob story?”

“I couldn’t call it like that. I just made a choice, to make sure that at least they will be safe. I never really cared about myself, beside I love to kick shit out of the every guard that try to ever touch me.” She smiled and once again reached for the bottle. “When this will end, I’m gonna find them and who knows, maybe I will get a hug?” Chato looked at her with… something in his eyes, she couldn’t define what it is, but she liked it. She patted him on the hand, smiling which caused him to smile slightly.

“By the way, what’s your name?” She looked at Harley. “You never told us, and Rick called you psycho, but I don’t think it’s your supervillain name.” The girl laughed, letting go of Chato’s hand.

“Well, my name is (y/n) (y/l/n), but my 'supervillain name’, as you called it, is Bubbles.” They all looked at her as if she was crazy. “What? It’s grate! Can you imagine someone screaming after you, after you fought them and screaming it? Harley, imagine Bat saying it with this straight expression of his.”

“So you called yourself that, only because it would sound funnily?”

“Floyd, there is no possible way angrily say Bubbles. And that’s why I choose it.”

“Chato!” (y/n) get from behing Floyd and run to him and that big monster. She slides and got to man, hugging him in the same moment bomb exploded. Everything went in slow motion in that moment. Chato opened his eyes and looked at her in the moment she used her power to move the power from explosion through them and right at the monster above them, shielding Chato and herself from harm. Those few seconds felt like a millennium to the both of them. She was hugging him so close to herself that they almost melted together, while he was just looking at her, not believing what is going on.

When explosion ended, (y/n) looked from the whole and raised her hand, only for Harley to catch it and pulled her up, hugging her with all her force.

“You are alive!”

“And you are hugging me too hard!”

“Good. It’s your punishment for scaring me! How could you do that?! I though I lost my closest friend!”

“Yeah…” She looked behind her at Chato, who was couching. He looked at her in shock, still trying to wrap his mind around the fact that he is alive. “OK, less hugging and more fighting we still have bitch… I mean witch to defeat.”

“Hey, you saved me.” (y/n) looked from her now blank computer screen at Chato. Amanda Waller arranged for the team to have day room, if they wanted to meet. And (y/n) got a laptop to have a chat on skype with her brother.

“Yeah, you are quick, it was a week.” She closed her computer and putted it away, looking at the man who sat next to her.

“I still couldn’t believe it, you know? I though that it was end for me, but you? You literally risked your own life just to save me.”

“Well, what can I say? I loco, ain’t I?” He laughed at her, really laughed.

“Don’t you ever try to speak Spanish again.”
“You have my word.” They was looking at each other for a while before he bowed his head and kissed her. It was quick, and totally unexpected for her, but hell, it was hot. Like literally… hot… “Ow, you burned my lip.” She flicked him in the forehead.

“Sorry. I got nervous.” He blushed and tried to take her hands from her lips to look at the burn.

“You stupid ass.” She wanted to hit him, but he cached her hand and kissed her again. “And what was that?”
“I kissed it better.”

“Kiss better my ass.”

“I would, but I don’t know if guards will not arrive at the wrong moment.” She flicked him in the forehead and stood up, bending down to get her laptop from the coffee table. She quickly straightened up when she felt him smacking her but.

“Chato Santana!”

“Bubbles.” He winked at her. She laughed and quickly left the day room, stopping in the doorway to look at him and winked at which he smiled.

Well, it’s going to be fun.

I have no idea why, but I can totally picture Dean as a children’s/teen librarian at the central public library of a big city. He fights to get comic books ordered in, both literature minded things like Persepolis and Sandman and things like Batman and The Avengers. Anytime some one wants to organize a boys will like/girls will love display he’ll come in after hours and mix them up, cheerfully defacing the signs to say everyone will love these books. He never talks down to the kids and encourages them to read well above their age.

He regularly gets in trouble for suggesting books to kids that might not be ‘appropriate’ with you know the sex and the violence, but all his work has improved teen foot traffic by 200% and his youth book clubs have waiting lists.

And maybe a bunch of the moms who come in for book babies in the afternoon never object to the eye candy of Dean on step ladders reaching up to put up seasonal homemade signs, t-shirt riding up just a little. He flirts outrageously with them but when he gets roped into running book babies he knows EVERY verse of the wheels on the bus. The moms swoon.

They swoon even more the day he has his own baby with him, a chubby cheeked little girl in a onesie that looks like the AC/DC logo but says AB/CD her brown hair gelled into a faux hawk.

He spends the day with her strapped against him as he leads a teen discussion on Maggie the Mechanic and Ghost World. The girls in the group giggle as the baby drools on him, and eats the edge of a catwoman board book.

They don’t notice the guy with the beard and hat stand at the back of the room, but Dean and the baby do. They both wave at Benny, who is always happy to watch Dean do his thing.

Benny doesn’t read a lot, but Dean is so passionate about what he’s talking about that Benny ends up grabbing three volumes of Love and Rockets to check out before they leave.