What’s good about this film? Very little. Mark Hamill came out of retirement to do The Killing Joke and I get why with the gravity of the project, but his performance (while good, as always) can’t save this ship. It was at the bottom of the Atlantic before he ever came aboard. Even the post production on this film is shoddy work. The decision to put Barbara Gordon’s story first means we are treated to Barbara doing narration for the first half of the film, then brought to an abrupt stop after her assault, leaving the rest of the film without the previously established narration and even more lifeless than before. Even the animation isn’t even up to standard that DC animated films are currently running at, where there are times it looks more like it was created 15 years ago more than within the year.

Matt Ryan voices for John Constantine in the coming DC animated movie Justice League Dark this fall!

Creative Director Mike Carlin: “He (Matt Ryan) really was Constantine to me”.

Why past tense? Matt Ryan IS Constantine to me!

P.S. Matt Ryan is the actor of Edward Kenway in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. So my dear friends of AC fandom, you have already known how good he is, right? :D

Batman: The Killing Joke Animated Film Review

It certainly isn’t a stretch to say that The Killing Joke is one of the most iconic and loved comics of all time. So it isn’t such a surprise that one of the biggest stories in comics for the past year or so has been about the animated film adaptation of the comic. I’ve heard so much about this film for a long time now. We all heard about the film adding a lot to the story in order to make a longer film and of course we all cheered when it was announced that both Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong, and Mark Hamill would be returning to the roles of Batman and The Joker. In addition, almost everyone was happy about the film receiving an R rating. However, not that long ago, the film was leaked on to the internet and suddenly there was a flood of people talking about it. Some people loved the film claiming that it did justice to the original comic. Other people hated the film and claimed it bastardized the story. In addition some spoilers were released by people which had several people in an uproar, forcing the creators of the film to respond. Despite everything though, I was determined to see the film in the theater so I avoided most everything. Some details slipped through the cracks and I was obviously familiar with the story but I was going into the film with very little knowledge about what was added. I had high expectations, but I think that’s fair with a story as great and important as The Killing Joke. Did the film meet these expectations? Let’s jump in and find out.

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So, I saw The Killing Joke in theaters last night and I thouroughly enjoyed it. It’s probably my favorite animated DC movie so far. Yeah, the Batman/Batgirl sex scene was kind of weird but that was the whole point of it. I really don’t think that Batman just used her for sex as some people have said. She initiated it, they both acted impulsively and then it was awkward for both of them and neither one of them knew how to get past it and that combined with Babs “seeing the abyss” made her decide that she could no longer be Batgirl. Also, at least in this movie, they are not shown to have a father/daughter relationship like they do in the comics, so I think that the scene worked in the context of this film even if it would never happen in the comics. I really don’t think that the prologue was sexist or made her a weak sex object (yeah Batman had to save her but she had to save him too). And yeah, he was controlling and over protective but he’s like that with the Robins too. So, yeah. In all honesty, I was expecting the movie to be much worse regarding Barbara’s character, and I was already planning an equally long rant about how the movie did not do her justice but I think that it did and I will probably watch this movie 100 times when it comes out on Bluray.


this is the iconic scene fans have been waiting for and i must say mark hamill and tara strong nailed it

What is this doing here?

Spoilers for The Killing Joke movie but apparently there is an added sex scene between Batman and Batgirl…why? Just why?

Like it doesn’t fit Batman’s character and his relationship with Barbara is one of mentor and student, not…this thing. It’s just creepy really. Plus he’s also really good friends with Commissioner Gordon, barbara’s father so..yeah, double creepy.

Plus why was this added in? I don’t feel that it adds anything significant to the story. Batman already has enough reason to go after the Joker so this is just a pointless sexscene. Bruce Timm, I love ya man but…don’t do this again please? The Batman/Batgirl thing didn’t work in Batman Beyond and it doesn’t work here. I still really wanna watch The Killing Joke but this sours it a bit.