Teen Titans The Judas Contract was better than I hoped it would be. Great story. Great characters and a surprise at the end! All the Character development on all sides!

I loved all the relationships. This is a family. 

I wonder where they will go with this…I’d like for a movie where Kory goes back to Tamaran and deal with Komand’r. Maybe have a forced political marriage. 

Teen Titans The Judas Contract First Impressions

The animation is cheap looking and is obviously rushed.

Terra’s character arc is convoluted and dragged out.

Brother Blood looks like an Italian male model.

Damian Wayne is still an annoying little shit.

Raven is just there, you could have literally given her role to anyone else and it wouldn’t have made all that much of a difference.

Deathstroke was the best thing about the entire movie and it was nice seeing him kick the shit out of Damian.

Random Kevin Smith cameo at the end! Because?

This version of Beast Boy is sadly too similar to the one in Teen Titans Go, I cringed everytime he called Terra mama.

The writing is just really bad.

Brother Blood’s final form is a joke.

Terra’s death was so over the top I could not stop laughing at how goddamn cheesy it was.

Nightwing finally got a chance to shine for once, though his subplot with Starfire goes nowhere.

I wanted to see more of Kid Flash, Bumblebee and Speedy, they were much more likable than the actual Titan line up.

Also pointless Wonder Girl cameo at the end, because reasons.

DC needs to get their shit together when it comes to their animated movies.