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No Pain-No Gain

Request:  I’m not sure if you do like one shots or stuff but I had an idea for a soulmate au where someone’s soulmate can feel there pain. Like a a person breaks their foot, their soulmate will feel it to, just not have a broken foot. Image how Clarks soulmate would react with all that stuff. I think it would be cute, but could be kinda angsty. Just an idea. Idc if you do it or not, just thought it was cool. Have a nice day.
Word Count: 9636.
Pairings: Clark Kent/Superman x Reader
WARNINGS: Lots of swearing. Mentions of: low self-esteem issues, traumas, bullying, weakness complex. Angst (personally, I don’t consider this very angsty but, you need to be warned). Also, I’m sorry for any typos since this was not edited and english is my second language.
Author’s Note: Hope this isn’t to cheesy and that you will be able to enjoy it. Also… NINE THOUSAND WORDS IN LESS THAN A WEEK?! That’s a record for me! Anyway, hope you enjoy this and that the anon who requested it isn’t disappointed.

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Yes, I totally needed three gifs of Henry Cavill. You did too, don’t deny it.

I hate my soulmate, that’s for fucking sure. I totally hate him (or her, you never knew) and I don’t give a single fuck if I haven’t met him. Also, no, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest and yes, you can hate someone you haven’t met, thank you very much (and yes, even if it’s your fucking soulmate, especially mine).

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Imagine being the Daughter of these two.....

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-When Harley told her Puddin she was pregnant, he was not happy. He actully growled at her to get rid of it. She got so mad at his request she walked out on him, and planned on never talking to him again. 

-He had completely forgotten about Harley’s reasoning for leaving, convinced she left to be with another man. That was until the day you were born, when she broke her own promise and sent him on picture of you, sleeping in the nursery. 

-It was love at first sight, and he immediately got in the lambo, speeding to the hospital, and shooting anyone who tried to stop him as he advanced towards the nursery. When he saw you laying there, he broke the glass, took you in his arms and left. He later texted Harley telling her to meet him at the condo they once shared. She was there in 15 minutes.

-Harley was pissed that he took you, but when she saw him cradling you in his arms, looking at you with nothing but affection, all the anger melted away.

-When you were little the duo went on less crime sprees, the dirty work was mostly left for the henchmen to do, with one of the two attending every once in a while. However it wasn’t until you were 17 that they went back to their normal routines of mischief. 

-You were Daddy’s little monster, no matter what you wanted Joker always tried to get it for you, he even took you to the park once a week. 

-You were Mommy’s little vexor. You defiantly had her tongue, and sense of humor. Her proudest moment was when you were six and scared a girl in your class by saying, “The voice told me to ruin your tower, since you stole my crayons.” 

-Most of the staff at the school knew who your parents were, and not to mess with either of them. So most of the stuff you did was overlooked, and you always got good grades (Which you did earn, since you were one of the smartest kids in the class)

-When Harley and Joker would fight, Joker would lock you in your room. They would scream and throw shit and sometimes one of them would leave. You would be sitting on your bed and listening to everything, until one of them (Normally Harley) opened the door, and scooped you into her lap to wipe your tears. 

-Harley tried to leave with you once after a fight, you just remember seeing broken dishes on the floor, holes in the wall from gun fire, and punches, the whole house was a mess. When Joker saw her carrying you out though he sharply hissed, “Oh no no no Kitten, you aren’t taking my princess.” 

“Oh no Mr. J I am, and you will leave us alone.” And then Harley ran from the condo, hot wired a car and drove you both to a hotel in a neighboring town. 

-Of course Joker came looking for you both, and it was agreed after that fight, that he would be the one leaving the house if it got that bad, and Harley would stay home with you. He didn’t like the idea of an emotional Harley taking you into the dangers of Gotham without protection

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-Your mother used to tell you the story of her falling in love with Joker as a bed time story sometimes. She told it as different characters, like sometimes they were royalty, other times mythical gods, but it was always the same plot.

-Your Father told you tales of his crimes for bed, sparing no detail from them. He left nothing out, and enjoyed how when he talked about killing people your eyes would light up slightly. He also told you his adventures with Batman, but those were only told when Harley was in the room with him. (His bedtime stories were your little secrets)

-Everyone in your school was scared to be friends with you, mostly because you were the princess of Gotham, and everyone knew that your parents would not hesitate killing them if they didn’t like the kid, or hurt you. 

-Your first boyfriend refused to take you on a date, because he was embarrassed that he agreed to date you. 

-When he shared this with you, you decked him. The impact of your fist to his face left a bruise over his eye, then proceeded to bruise, cut and bloody the rest of his face. You went home that day with bruised knuckles, an attitude, and a 3 day suspension. Joker had never been prouder.

-You wore the shortest, most low cut dress to your prom, courtesy of Harley, who also did your makeup and hair. Joker protested at first however you interjected, “My father is the most scary man in Gotham, trust me, no boy, or girl or professor wants to fuck with me.” 

-Just to ease his fears, you hid a small pistol in your bra. Harley laughing slightly when you pulled the small weapon from your black lace bra. 

-You once told Joker you hated him while arguing. He was so offended he left the house for three weeks. When he came back you ran into his arms, tears running down your face as you apologized. He forgave you

-You always had quiet nights in on your birthday, even though Joker always wanted to throw you the largest parties. 

-Most times you would retire the normal action movie for a comedy movie, and the condo would quickly fill with the evil laughter of all three of you. 

-Joker would still carry you to bed if you were to fall asleep on the couch, or in their bed, even when you were a teenager. He also would tuck you in and when you woke up, you always found a red lipstick shape on your head. It was proof of the rare affection your father would show.

-Harley always let you dye your hair crazy colors, and she would do your makeup and nails whenever she had free time.

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-When you were 17 you became the new villain of Gotham. Of course your parents had no idea, and you never planned on them finding out. 

-That was until your father ran into you while on a heist. His normal smile feel as he growled deeper then he ever had, “Car…now”

-When you got home your father called for Harley and told her everything. Harley just smiled and gave you a high five, for keeping up the family name. Joker was furious.

-So he accepted the fact that you were now a villain, and soon started inviting you on his heist,

-Even though both of your parents were certifiably insane, and the most wanted couple in Gotham, you would have wanted no one else in the city to be your parents. 

End Of The Road (Edward Nygma x Reader) - One Shot Smut

Requested by anon:  you`re trying to run away from Ed because he became too possessive but he hunts you down because you’re his.

Warnings: Smut, Break up, Obsessive and Possessive behavior, Public Sex, Choking. 

You should have known it was futile to try and leave him. When you know perfectly well what kind of man Ed is, how deadly possessively he can be. What he had done to Kristen when she tried to leave. But he had served his time in Arkham; he had a diploma that said he was sane. So it wouldn’t be a problem now, right? To leave him?

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It’s her, but it’s not her ! 1/2 - Bruce Wayne/Batfam x Reader

Summary : Bruce and the batkids are thrown into an alternate reality where their wife/mother, “the Batmom”…isn’t theirs, but Superman’s. Needless to say, they can’t wait to get home. 

I can’t help but feel like I could’ve write something better around that idea…might re-write everything at some point, because meh. Hope you’ll still like it :/.

PART 2 !

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


His worst nightmare was unfolding in front of him. 

Or, at least, one of his worst nightmare. 

She was kissing him. And from the look of it, it wasn’t just a chaste little kiss, or a small peck on the lips…No, it was a full on make-out session right there. 

After yet another Justice League problem, Batman and his kids accidentally travelled to another dimension, exchanging their place with the Dark knight and his sidekicks from this World. They were currently in the JLA’s headquarters. Bruce was expecting things to be different, but he never thought about his wife being…Superman’s. 

Or at least, it was his girlfriend, given the fact that he was eating her face since they arrived. They didn’t even notice them entering, accompanied with Diana, Dinah, Arthur and Oliver. Usually, Bruce was the one kissing you passionately and making everyone uncomfortable (he wasn’t much for PDA, but you didn’t give a flying fuck about it, and he could never resist you…). 

Diana cleared her throat…and you and Clark didn’t move at all, still kissing each others. The amazon turned to Bruce and his sons, and, with an apologetic look, said : 

-I’m sorry. They were both on missions for the past month, they hum…missed each other I guess…

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99 w barry?

Title : Come Sit

Summary : After a long day at your work, your boyfriend Barry decides to help relieve some of your stress- but not in the usual way.

Word Count : idk, probably over 1k

Warnings : smutt, cursing

Prompt : “Come sit in my lap.”

Pairing : Barry Allen x reader

A/N : here you go lovely anon! Hope you enjoy this!

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It was just a little under 11:00 p.m., and you had just gotten home from your very long day of work. You sighed in relief as you slid off your heels and shrugged off your coat, putting it on the chair. Shuffling to your bedroom, you don’ t even notice Barry sitting on your shared bed, his eyes watching your every move as he looks up from his book. You waste no time in taking a hot shower, letting the warmth wrap around you like a blanket. When you got out you walked back into your bedroom and slid on some underwear and one of Barry’s shirts. It hung low on you, the end stopping at about the top of your knees.

Chuckling, Barry set his book on the nightstand next to him. “Rough day?” He asked, sitting himself up slightly. You nodded, sitting in the middle of the bed with your legs crossed.

“Very, all I did was get coffee, take orders from my stupid boss, run up and down the stairs; in heels-” Letting out a frustrated sigh you rub your face with your palms.

Come sit in my lap, angel.” Barry says, grabbing your hands. You smile a little and move your way up the bed and over Barry’s body until your sitting in his lap with your arms wrapped around his neck. He smiled, which made you smile back at him.  he hesitated for a moment before he placed a soft kiss to your lips, making your body relax and melt against him.

“You know I think there’s something I can do to help you relax and release some stress.” Barry mumbled against your skin. He slowly trailed his lips down your neck, making you shiver.

“And what might that be, Mr. Allen?” You tugged your lip in between your teeth, looking down at Barry as he gazed up at you. He didn’t say anything, he just slid one hand up your- well his shirt- and massaged your left breast in his palm, his other hand slipping into your panties and applying a bit of pressure to your sensitive clit. Gasping you roll your head back, soft moans escaping you partly opened mouth. Barry’s lips nipped and sucked at your skin, just enough to leave a light purple mark and a few love bites that would show in the morning. The hand that was massaging your left breast moved to your right, giving it just the same amount of attention as the left had gotten. His fingers pinched your nipple and your clit at the same time, making your hips buck up and hitched breathes stay in your throat.

“Please, Barr.” You whimpered. Barry smirked to himself before pulling your shirt up and over your head and then tugging your panties to the side. You let out a relieved breathe as Barry’s fingers pushed into your wet heat, and you clenched around him at the feeling of his long fingers curling inside of you. The moans coming from you no doubt made Barry’s dick rise in his sweats, and you were pretty sure you could feel his erection poking at the inside of your thigh. With his fingers curling inside, his hand pinching and massaging your breasts, and his lips sucking on any exposed skin, it didn’t take you long to reach your first orgasm of the night. Your body trembled slightly as you came down from Cloud 9, eyes closed shut and mouth formed in the ‘o’ shape.

Barry pulled his fingers from your core, sucking on his digits and releasing them with a satisfied hum. “Always taste so sweet.” You blushed at his words. Your hands reached down, tugging Barry’s sweats down just enough to where his hard cock sprung free. Moving at the sight of him you raised yourself up, your right hand giving him soft pumps as you slicked up his member with your wetness. You looked down at Barry who nodded at you, hands holding tightly onto your waist and pulling you down onto him. The two of moaned out loud together, your heads falling back and the feeling of being so connected. You breathed in deep before kissing Barry with so much passion and so much love, that he sat frozen for a second before his own hips started to move upwards into your center.

You clawed at his back, dragging your nails down his back with every thrust. Your eyes were fighting to stay open, legs tensing slightly when the tip of Barry’s dick brushed against your g-spot. When Barry finally realized what he was doing to your insides, he repositioned you on his lap, each and every one of his thrust hitting that sweet spot inside of you. You mewled,  cursing under your breathe and digging your nails into Barry’s back.

“Fuck, babe that feels so good.” You muttered. Breathing heavily, Barry replied.

“You feel so good wrapped around my cock like this princess, your walls clenching around me every time I hit your sweet spot…taking it so good for me.”

Barry’s dirty talk sent you to your edge even faster, and this orgasm was for sure stronger than your first. Screaming out Barry’s name as you came, you shuttered, rolling your hips to ride out your high. Barry came shortly after you, spurting his liquid inside of you.

Waiting a minute before pulling out, he pressed a soft kiss to your forehead then lifted you up gently, laying you down beside him. You smiled softly, your hands brushing against his cheek.

“Feel better, baby?” Barry asked as he caressed your side. You nodded.

“So much better, thank you Barr.” You moved up to his side, snuggling into his chest. Barry was very good at relieving your stress.

Payback’s a Bitch (Superbat)

Bruce Wayne x Clark Kent

Based off this post

Word Count: 4249

Bruce’s lips were soft against Clark’s, a stark contrast to the hardness of the protective armour of the batsuit. Clark wrapped his arms gently around Bruce’s waist as he pulled him closer to him, oblivious to the silent click of a reporters camera in the distance.

The next day, Clark went to work under the impression that he would have a normal (mostly) uneventful day at work at the Daily Planet. The first sign that something was wrong was when people he passed on the street started to stop and stare as he walked by. The second was when a young girl stopped him just outside the Planet building. 

“Are you Clark Kent?” She asked, staring up at him through her fringe.

“Uh…Yes?” Clark replied, perplexed as to why she asked.

“Awesome! Can you introduce me to him?”

Clark looked down at her, furrowing his brow in confusion. “What? Who? I’m so sorry but I’m already late and if I’m any later my boss is going to kill me” He turned around as he walked away to shout back another “Sorry!” before taking the elevator up to his floor.

The elevator pinged as it reached it’s destination and Clark stepped out, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose with his forefinger. As soon as Lois noticed him step out of the elevator she rushed towards him.

“Morning Lo-” He never finished his greeting as she cut him off almost immediately.

“Clark Joseph Kent! How could you not tell me?” Lois all but yelled, punctuating each word by hitting him on the bicep with the rolled up newspaper clutched in her left hand.

“Tell you what? Why is everyone being so weird today?”

“you can stop pretending now, Clark. I know. Everyone knows, it was on the front page!” She chided handing the newspaper to him. He instantly assumed the worst, that someone found out he was superman. With slightly unsteady hands he unrolled the newspaper and let out a sigh of relief before realizing what the article was about.

Metropolis Reporter Dating the Batman?

Last night after a dangerous face off with a gang of bank robbers, Batman was captured in a passionate embrace with Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet…

Clark looked up in shock, finally realizing why everyone had been acting so weird.

“honestly Clark, I thought I was your best friend! Why didn’t you tell me?” Lois asked.

“I’m sorry Lo. We decided to keep it quiet, people could use me to get to him. I guess it’s a bit too late to care about that now.” Clark replied apologetically.

“So it’s true then? You really are dating Batman?” Lois said with a grin.

Clark shrugged his shoulders dejectedly before eventually nodding.

As soon as he could get away from the masses of people asking questions about Batman, he called Bruce who picked up almost immediately.

“Bruce did you see the Gotham Gazette this morning?” Clark asked hurriedly.

“No, why? Did something happen?“ 

“Just… look at the front cover.” Clark heard the faint rustling of paper over the phone and waited with baited breath for Bruce’s response to the article. 

“I didn’t think anyone was there and…” Clark trailed off to the sound of Bruce chuckling on the other end of the call, shocked at the response.“It’s not funny Bruce, everyone thinks I’m dating Batman now!” Clark shook his head at his unpredictable boyfriend.

“Well technically you are.” He replied and Clark could still hear the amusement in his voice.

“Bruce, I’m serious, This could be dangerous.”

“Kal, I’m Batman and you’re an invincible alien. Nothing is going to happen. -Crap, I’ve got a meeting in a few minutes, I’ll see you tonight.” Bruce chuckled again before adding “Oh, and have fun dealing with the press in both of your alter egos!“ 

Clark sighed again as he hung up, steeling himself before returning to the room full of inquisitive journalists.

A few months has passed since the article first surfaced and media attention on Clark and Batman eventually started to die down. After a lot of sleazy tabloid interviews about ‘what Batman’s REALLY like’ and photographers hounding after him every waking moment Clark had had enough. 

Bruce had gone to a charity gala hosted by CatCo Worldwide Media and was currently in the midst of a mind-numbingly boring conversation about the rise and fall of the stock market when all conversation started to die down in the room. Bruce turned around to find out what had caused everyones silence just in time to see Superman land in front of him. He raised an eyebrow to question why he was there but Clark just smirked.

"Payback’s a bitch” He taunted before pulling Bruce against him and covering his lips with his own. Briefly forgetting that they were surrounded by people, Bruce pushed closer to Clark, opening his mouth to intensify the kiss. The flashing of cameras brought Bruce back to reality as he remembered there he was.

“See you later, Babe.” Clark said (with extra emphasis on the last word, knowing full well that they were in a room full of the best reporters in America.)

 Before leaving, Clark leaned in to Bruce to whisper with a smug grin “oh, and have fun dealing with the press in both of your alter egos”, before flying back out of the CatCo building, leaving Bruce to deal with the swarming reporters.

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26. "You can’t ground me!" w/ the batfam please!! I love the prompt list and your writing!!!!!

Awww you make me blush~ Thank you and I hope you enjoy it! Prompt list~

You stood in front of your sons with your arms crossed over your chest. You took a deep breath and slowly letting your breath out making them nervous. It wasn’t very often that you got mad at them, but when you did, you didn’t screw around. It had been a long day for you and all you wanted to do was relax. Though, that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

“I can’t take it anymore!! It was Jason!! Spare us, please!!” Dick yelled out and dropped to his knees

“What the hell, Dick?! You sell out!” Jason yelled at Dick

Your head whipped around to look at Jason and you glared at him. What was it that dear Jason did? He texted every contact in your phone, male and female, asking if ‘they wanted to have a fun time ;)’.

“We told you not to do it!” Tim yelled at Jason

“This is your own fault, Todd.” Damian said glaring at him.

“Shut up demon spawn!” Jason yelled at Damian

“Enough!” You screamed and they all paused and looked at you

You groaned and pinched the bridge of your nose. You dropped your had and looked Jason dead in the eye.

“You’re grounded! You can’t leave the house unless one of your brothers are with you and no patrol for the next two weeks!” You told him and the room went silent

They all stared at you before Dick broke out laughing followed by Tim and Damian. You smirked amused at the shocked look on Jason’s face. Bruce and Alfred walked into the room to see everyone, but you and Jason, laughing their heads off. Bruce scrunched his brow in confusion as Aflred just look amused.

“You can’t ground me!! I’m a grown ass adult!” Jason yelled at you and you just shrugged your shoulders.

“I don’t give a shit if you’re an old man, you’re grounded! And you’re going to apologize to everyone you sent that message too, while I watch!” Your smirk grew as did the boy’s laughter.

“Oh my god you got grounded.” Dick chocked out as he laid clutching his stomach on the floor

“I never thought I’d see the day!” Tim laughed as he leaned on Damian for support.

“Todd’s been placed under house arrest!” Damian joined in

You laughed slightly at seeing your sons having a good time. Even if it was because Jason got punished. 

“Hopefully, no one will notice” - Bruce Wayne x Reader (NSFW)

Summary : the story of how Bruce and his wife ended up with so many…marks on their bodies (stories this is referencing “She should cut her nails” and “Bruce…sucks”).

Hope you’ll like it, it’s kinda long sorry about that, I felt inspired ahem, especially you @harlequin-swan and blahblahblah : 

WARNING : If you are uncomfortable with smut, NSFW things, please, DO NOT read that fic. It is one of those that I have absolutely no shame writing. But I understand that not everyone like it. You can go check my not NSFW work though, I have way more of those :-). Anyway. Boom 2. :

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


It started rather innocently, as it often does, with Bruce saying that you had the house for yourself. 

The kids were out with Alfred for the ENTIRE day, because it was grandmother’s day and…Well, they considered your lovely and sassy butler their grandfather, and thought it was unfair that there wasn’t a “grandfather’s day”, so decided that grandmother’s day was also for grandfathers and…Yeah, basically, they weren’t there. 

He wasn’t even implying anything. Just saying that you could relax together, without any of your kids coming to bother you. How great was that ? 

Usually, no matter what, if you’d just settle down to watch TV, or do anything really, if one of your children was in the area, you could be sure they’d come ask you for something, or just stay with you. You didn’t mind of course, but sometimes, you had to admit that being just with your Bruce was nice. 

Your initial plan was to watch a few movies, and rest, because the week you just had had been hectic, and you were both exhausted…Really, it was all about enjoying each other’s presence more than anything else. 

Laying on the couch, watching a stupid rom-coms (but if you and Bruce were honest, you both loved stupid rom-coms), you were just so damn comfortable.

He was laying across the couch, with you on top of him, a blanket thrown over you two, so warm, so relaxing, so comfortable.  

Yes. It started out so innocently. 

You went through two movies (which was a record by the way) before your fingers started to slowly go up his shirt, and his hands were sneakily moving down your pants. 

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Heartlines Part III: Oh, wish you were here

Author: @ellaimagines
Y/N is dead and she left three soul mates lost in their life. 
Word Count: 8040 
Pairings: Clark Kent x Reader, Barry Allen x Reader, Bruce Wayne x Reader.
WARNINGS: LOTS OF ANGST, swearing, making something against someone’s will (don’t know if that counts as a warning, but just in case)
A/N: Sooo sorry for keeping you waiting, but ‘Good things come for those who wait!’ and here you have a little over EIGHT THOUSAND WORDS. I’m so proud of myself. ENJOY THE ANGST, DEARIES!


“No chance there”.

Clark couldn’t keep your voice out of his head, just repeating time after time:

“No chance there”

You didn’t trust him, you didn’t think he would be there, you lost the faith you once had on him… and it hurt like hell to know that you were right to lose your faith in him. The video of your torturing and… eventual death had really affected him. When he saw your death… he couldn’t stop crying because he had saved thousands of unimportant girls falling off buildings but he wasn’t there to save you, the love of his life, his true soulmate.

He loved you and that was so clear at the beginning of your relationship, he just couldn’t understand how it stopped to be clear. He used to show you much he adored you, how much he loved you… until Lois appeared. He didn’t blame Lois, of course he didn’t; he blamed himself.

You were a miracle, that much he always knew. He used to think that he would never find his soulmate in this world since he was from another one; no matter how much Martha had insisted on how the color of the heartline clearly stated that his soulmate was alive, he didn’t believe it. He thought he was condemned to be alone for the rest of his life, until you came into the picture. One day you just fell in the middle of the street and no one but him, offered to help you get all of your papers back into their folders.

“Thanks” you smiled to him when he gave you the last folder.
“No problem, miss” he answered with a smile, too.
“I’m on a bit of a rush now, but I feel like I should really give you something in exchange for your help, so would you like to go get a cup of coffee sometime?” you mumbled this under your breath, afraid of him rejecting you… but there was no way in hell he could reject someone as cute as you.
“Although I don’t think you need to thank me anymore, I would love to have a cup of coffee” he smiled, hearing to your heartbeat going faster.
“Oh!” you answered surprised and then smiled the way he would soon just love “Well, the name is Y/N and…” you said while placing down all of your papers carefully just to take a blank sheet of paper “Do you have something to write with?” you asked and he desperately searched in his pockets for his pen, to finally give it to you when he found it a minute later “Thanks!” you said whilst you scribbled something down on the paper. When you finished, you gave him both the paper and the pen. He took them a little bit confused and watched you as you took your folders from the floor “And that is my phone number… um, sorry, but what’s your name again?” you asked a little embarrassed. He found you to be extremely fascinating.
“Clark, my name’s Clark Kent” he stretched his hand as a reflex.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Clark” you said while grabbing his hand.
The moment your hand touched his, you both felt like an electric current going down your bodies. You both looked down to your laced hands and saw how one of your heartlines from your right hand illuminated, while his left one shined as bright as yours.
“Seems like the pleasure is all mine, Y/N” he smiled, still holding your hand.
“It also seems like that coffee is going to be moved to right now” you answered with a glint in your eyes.
“I thought you were in a hurry?”
“I was just going to meet my publisher, no big deal. We can meet tomorrow after I learned everything about my new found soulmate” your smile was making his heart jump.
“I would love to tell you everything about me, if you correspond” he said being a little flirty. In reality, he would wait a couple of months to tell you his secret. After all, he wouldn’t want to scare you.  
“You just got yourself a deal” you winked at him while grabbing your phone to tell your publisher you wouldn’t make it.

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SOILERS FOR WONDER WOMAN…sort of. Y'all know that scene where Steve and Diana (as I assume) get it on after dancing? I’m rectifying the absolute audacity to hide that from us with fanfic. No one can stop me. I’m writing that shit out as soon as I can. And then I’m writing a motherfucking au for Steve and Diana, where that son of a bitch is saved by Zues in that bullshit sacrifice and Diana sees him again in present time. As a present or as a trial from her father. I don’t know yet. BUT ITS HAPPENING. YOU CAN’T STOP ME.

Originally posted by maggie-would

Mom: *Opening door, once upon a blue moon, to check in on me at 2 a.m. to verify the aliens had not taken me yet.*

Me, after a mad scramble to hide the light of my phone:

*whispered thinking* Yes, I am currently endeavoring on the sleep, there is nothing going on here. You may retreat to your chambers master.

“Titus likes you...too much” - Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

I know I said I wouldn’t write anything until Friday or Saturday, but I just realized this story was done and for some reason I didn’t post it so why not post it now right ? So here we go. Specially written for @loverandomness2. Some fluffy love for the youngest Wayne boy. I’m sorry if you didn’t want an older!Damian and if that’s not what you wanted at all but…yeah, hope you’ll like it

PS : there’s a little surprise for @epickimmie somewhere in this fic. Hope it is ok that I did this.
PPS : Also, this story kinda became some sort of sequel to another story I wrote with Damian, which is here : The First time is serious business

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It was early in the morning when Damian finally came home. Came back to you. 

It had been a few years since his father retired and Damian inherited the Batman’s cowl. Most nights, he was out fighting crimes in Gotham, though, since his dad’s younger years, G-city was way safer, and it often happened that Damian came home early, or sometimes, didn’t go out at all (besides, he still had the help of his brothers, and they took turn to watch over the city…so really, you often had times with him, even if he was also quite busy during the day, as he became Wayne Inc’s CEO as well). It didn’t mean that there wasn’t any work ever though, like tonight, a new guy who called himself the “Joker’s son” was menacing the streets, and Damian was exhausted as he finally came home…But really, more often than not, the city was now calm. 

Bruce was beyond happy about that, as he sacrificed his own life so others wouldn’t have to. Sometimes, when you went over to Wayne’s Manor (you and Damian moved in a penthouse in the heart of Gotham quite a while ago), you felt a bit sad for your father-in-law…But nowadays, seeing his sons happy sufficed to make him happier than ever since his parents’ death. 

None of his children still lived in the Manor, but, now that they were all grown up and understood some of the difficult choices he had to take (it took Jason a little more than his brothers to get it), they all “forgave” him for any mistakes he might have done while trying the best he could to raise them, and often visited him and Alfred. 

Besides, since a little while, a certain Selina Kyle finally decided to move in with him so, Damian’s father wasn’t lonely, and that was great. He could finally live his life, after all those years, after sacrificing his youth and health…Finally, he was at peace (or almost, as sometimes, he couldn’t stay away from the bat-computer and such).  

As Damian came in your bedroom, shoulders hunched with fatigue, rubbing his face softly, you couldn’t help but be happy at the mere sight of him. You guys all came such a long way since you first met him…You were barely ten years old when you first encountered the youngest boy in the Wayne family, and so much had changed since those times. 

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Happy Birthday, My Love (Oswald Cobblepot x Reader) - One Shot Smut

Originally posted by millicentcordelia

This is for my amazing and lovely friend, and the talented writer @welcome-to-cobblepothell for her birthday. Happy birthday, sweetheart. My life wouldn’t be the same without you and I wouldn’t know what I’d do without you. I love you so very much ❤

Summary: It’s your birthday and you come home late in the evening after a long day at work, and your boyfriend is there with a little surprise for you.

Warnings: Smut, Explicit Language, A Little bit of Doms!Wald.

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mornings with Chris Pine

(requested by anon. sorry for the break, the past week or so has been difficult. I have one more request to finish. feel free to send in more if anyone has something in mind!! xoxo)

- soft light filtering into your small apartment bedroom, illuminating his features and stirring him from his sleep.
- you’re still fast asleep, curled into a ball and pressed to his chest.
- he watches you for a moment, but eventually he can’t help himself.
- kisses
- like an actual kiss attack.
- all over. everywhere.
- you wake up in a giggling fit, trying to pry his face from planting tiny kisses on your neck.
- okay you’re not really TRYING to make him move, but a for effort.
- he pulls away and kisses your nose, forehead, and finally your lips.
- “ewww Chris. go brush your teeth, stinky.”
- “your wish is my command”
- he picks you up and throws you over his shoulder, laughing as you smack his butt in an attempt to break free.
- you brush your teeth together and have a 30 second debate over who will spit out their toothpaste first.
- he wanders into the mini kitchen and leans against the counter
- “what? I made breakfast yesterday, pine. You can at least help me today!”
- “alright, alright. eggs? bacon? pancakes? whatever you want!”
- “pancakes.”
- “your wish is my command, princess”

on busy mornings things move a lot faster. You and Chris try to balance things so you can both get enough sleep, have enough time to get ready, and get to work on time. This can get a little…. difficult.

- “for the love of god, baby, hit snooze”
- “no way. we’re booked up with meetings all day.”
- rolling out of the bed.
- he gives you a quick forehead kiss.
- showering together
- yknow
- because it ‘saves time and water’
- being in a hurry to get dressed.
- he’s about to walk out the door.
- “chris, dearest, lovely, your shirt.”
- “what about it?”
- “you buttoned it wrong and it’s inside out.”
- “fuck”
- tying his tie.
- he’s in a huge hurry but still stops in the hallway outside of the bathroom to admire you while you get ready
- he kisses you like 6 times before he leaves.
- “honey, you need to go. Like now.”
- “one more.”
- “okay now you can go”
- “just… one more.”
- “chris!”
- “baby!”
- him running out the door and out of sight but yelling a muffled 'I love you!’ before he’s gone.