Time for our first #MusesMonday. This week: #Supergirl ! Thanks 2 @SungilaLuta from twitter for the idea. Don’t forget to leave your ideas for next week, I’ll draw the one I like most! ;)


It’s been a while but @scarecrane got me back into DC comics so I of course had to draw Riddler again, this time with a lot more sparkle and rolling his hat down his arm for fun; this is my personal design for him (with one of many outfits i designed) because I can’t see the riddler looking different than this (though I usually picture him kinda chubby, I just haven’t drawn that yet)

this took a lot longer than I wanted it to, but the result is nice enough that i’m glad~ it seems these days everyone is all about Riddler, I thought I was the only one… I welcome increased riddler content but can’t lie that sometimes I feel like a hermit with a pitchfork yelling ‘THAR CAN ONLY BE ONE!’, though all riddler fans/kin/etc are welcome to tag/reblog this as such~

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)

anonymous asked:

What do you think the bat fam smells like?

Bruce: probably some ridiculously overpriced cologne
Dick: one of those ones that supposedly smell like the ocean
Jason: those bro colognes that are called things like “black steel” “wrought iron” or whatever
Tim: I feel like he would smell like oranges for some reason
Stephanie: really sweet flowers
Damian: something classy but not too mature because he’s thirteen
Cass: vanilla or something really sugary
Babs: roses or cherry blossom something very soft, nice, comforting Duke: something kind of nature scented like sandalwood