dc's power couple


“We are each other’s shelter from the storm.”

What made this relationship special for me is how tender these two are always with each other and the way they showed their vulnerable side to one another. When it comes to seeking solace, empathy and understanding, Clark and Diana would often turn to each other. It speaks about the level of trust and love they shared, be it as best friends or lovers.


The Woman….THE Woman.


At his side… always



#JusticeLeagueAction aired episode 9 in the UK. And looks like we are getting #SUPERWONDER!!!!!!!!!! OUR OTP LIVES! And they are cute as F!

If you haven’t been watching this show, you need to now! We notice them teaming up a heck of a lot. This episode is called “Repulse”.  If anyone knows when this episode will be aired in the US, let us know so we can share. But the debut of the show was last week on 16th Dec on Cartoon Network. 


Just kiss me.

2016 was kinda an up and down year and comic wise just shitty when DC Rebirthed. But there is a God. The end of 2016 ends off for us with a gift from DC animation: SuperWonder in the new Justice League Action. And they are adorable. Haters, eat your salty hearts out.  This ship is not going anywhere. It lives, is growing all the time and will endure as it has always done.  

Merry Christmas, ALL! 


Superman & Wonder Woman. Ready for dessert.