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New52 basically starved us out on representation so as soon as we got even a little people swarmed over it and praised it not even noticing that we hadn't even gotten back a third of the representation that was taken from us when New52 happened. The representation from the New52 was also often more problematic than praiseworthy.

Yep. It’s great that Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn were made bi/lesbian. It’s cool that Frankie was created. A transgender character getting married is awesome. 

But what about Anissa Pierce and Grace Choi? Who were both PoC and bi/lesbian in the Pre52 and got erased.

Renee Montoya was a prominent lesbian in the old DC universe as the Question and disappeared with the New 52. She was only brought back in Batman #41. Same with Cassandra Cain, who had strong ties to the Batclan and then took years to re-appear and lacked that same prominence.

People like to give credit to the New 52 for Midnighter and Batwoman, but Batwoman and Midnighter were both gay before the New 52 existed. Midnighter was the first gay character to be married in comics, and the New 52 retconned that. That comes across as more of a step backward than forward, particularly since he started being pandered at Dick Grayson for fans– aka a straight male.

There’s so many PoC characters and disabled characters (Joey Wilson, Dr. Mid-Nite, Oracle…) who went missing. We also lost victim representation. Mia Dearden is HIV positive. Grace Choi survived sex trafficking. 

Pre52 DC was full of diverse representation because it had 70 years to build up and flesh out those characters. The New 52 was a massive, massive step backward by deleting everything and then only choosing to bring back DC’s top tier, which is predominantly made up of straight white abled characters. Sure, DC racebent some characters like Helena Bertinelli and Wally West (who was really just stigmatized in a racist way). But do you know what DC could have done? They could’ve brought back Anissa Pierce and her sister, aka Thunder and Lightning, and her dad, Black Lightning. 

They could’ve brought back Onyx, who was one of few people Batman allowed to work independently in Gotham City. Celia Forrestal, aka Skyrocket?

The New 52 regressed us so far back that anything DC does now looks like positive, inclusive rep when half the time they’re pandering to fans for attention and end up being offensive by not understanding how that representation works. It’s about fucking time DC did something like Rebirth to reconnect with their historic timeline

Star Wars stepped up to its new canon and put the pedal to the metal on diversifying its lineup. Five-year-olds in 2021 won’t have any point in their lives where a black man wasn’t the lead in the most explosive franchise in history. The TV series has a non-white cast where the white people are aliens, the books have featured WoC right and left, and they’ve even confirmed that not only do LGBTQ people exist in the galaxy far, far away, they’re normal.