dc wasteland



Took a break from the Wasteland Survival Guide Research Program. Moira was understanding, mostly.

Decided to just wonder around. Met some interesting… people. Ghouls are what they are apparently called. They were nice if not suspicious of me. I suppose it was fair as I was suspicious of them. They looked like the zombies from those old vids that Amata and I used to watch. She would always cover her eyes when the monster would come on screen, but I never did.

Decided to finish off the roll of film on whatever caught my eye.

A drawing I did years ago of all the ghouls I’m familiar with in Fallout 3 and Fallout NV. Too lazy to color. There are some other’s OCs in there that aren’t even on deviantART anymore but that’s okay :’) Hope there are a lot of notable ghouls in Fallout 4!

From the top left:
Patches, Michael, Gob, (OC), 
Galloo, Murphy, Dr. Barrows, (OC), Grecks
Raul, (OC), Charon, Kaite

anonymous asked:

I named my fallout 3 character "deathclaw fucker" and played for 4 hours before I remembered there are no intelligent deathclaws in the dc wasteland

maybe there are but they are Hiding bc people Suck

Wasteland critters and mutants

“Naturally” developed mutants:

  • Mole rats and pig rats, huge rats (New California)
  • Mantises, from praying mantises (New California)
  • Radscorpion, from north american emperor scorpions (New California, DC Wasteland and the Mojave)
  • Brahmin, from regular cows (All fucking over the place)
  • Ghouls and feral ghouls, from humans, origin debated, possibly “accidental” combination of background FEV and high radiation
  • Slags, from humans sealed in an isolated environment (New California)
  • Giant ants, ants (All over)
  • Geckos, from pre-war geckos (New California and the Mojave)
  • Swamp folk, humans from a unique combination of radiation, local toxicity and possible inbreeding (Point Lookout)
  • Trogs, humans affected by Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion (The Pitt)
  • Yao Guai, from black bears (DC Wasteland, Zion Canyon)
  • Bloatflies, from bloatflies (DC Wasteland, the Mojave)
  • Mirelurk and swamplurks, from chesapeake bay horseshoe crabs (DC Wasteland)
  • Mirelurk kings, swamplurk queens and lakelurks, from snapping turtles (DC Wasteland, the Mojave)
  • Radroaches, from cockroaches (DC Wasteland, the Mojave)
  • Marked men, from humans (The Divide)
  • Bighorner, from bighorn sheep (The Mojave)
  • Tunnellers, from people (The Divide)

Genetically engineered mutants:

  • Deathclaws, from jackson’s chameleon among other creatures DNA (Pre-war government)
  • Intelligent deathclaws (Enclave)
  • Cazadors, from tarantula hawk wasps (Dr. Borous, Big Mountain)
  • Nightstalkers, from rattlesnake and coyote DNA (Dr. Borous, Big Mountain)
  • Centaurs, from a large variety of creatures thrown together, most notably cats, humans and dogs (The Master, New California)
  • Floater, most likely from flatworms (The Master, New California)
  • Mariposa super mutants and nightkin, from humans (The Master, New California
  • The master (FEV accident)
  • Wanamingos, no fucking clue what they were made of (Pre-war government)
  • Spore plants, from venus flytraps (Vault 22)
  • Vault 87 super mutants, from humans (Vault 87)
  • Fire ants, modified giant ants (Doctor Lesko)
  • Giant mantises, from praying mantises (Vault 22)
  • Ghost people, from humans changed by the Cloud (Big Mt experiment in Sierra Madre)
  • Spore carriers, from dead people (Vault 22 and Big Mt)
  • Frank Horrigan (Enclave)
  • Harold (FEV accident)


“one of your men, danse,” there’s so many names, so many titles for her to remember now that her head spins and it all bleeds together. a thousand new words every day, a thousand new things to fear, “he said you all came from DC, from-, from capitol wasteland.” 

the word itself stings on her tongue, tastes like ash. mina’s instinct is to spill forth, to cry that she’d known DC, loved DC and please, god, don’t let it be as broken as boston. 

“what’s it like, if you don’t mind my asking? is-, is it like here?”