The evolution of the Bat-Family:

  • Bruce Wayne (Batman) in the first column, with a brief absence due to his presumed death, after which he returns as at Bat. Once retired, Bruce passes the torch to Terry McGinnis, last column.
  • Dick Grayson (Robin-Nightwing-Batman) in the second column, starts as the 1st Robin, goes on to become Nightwing, dons on the Batman cape in Bruce’s absence, and returns to Nightwing once he’s back.
  • Barbara Gordon (Batgirl-Oracle) in the third column, the 1st Batgirl. After the Joker shoots her in the spine, she continues helping the team from her wheelchair, now as Oracle.
  • Jason Todd (Robin-Red Hood) in the fourth column, is the 2nd Robin, who is killed by the Joker. Resurrected (like all “dead” comic book characters) Jason becomes Red Hood (and *MAJOR SPOILER! this guy MAJOR SPOILER!*) turns against Batman for not avenging his apparent death (which in his view, would be killing Joker), but still collaborates with the team on some occasions.
  • Tim Drake (Robin-Red Robin) in the fifth column, is the 3rd Robin, who becomes Red Robin once Bruce disappears, and goes on a world-wide search for his missing mentor.
  • Cassandra Cain (Batgirl-Black Bat) in the sixth column, is the 2nd Batgirl, that goes on to become Black Bat (operating in Hong Kong) once Bruce disappears, and passes the Batgirl title to Stephanie Brown.
  • Stephanie Brown (Spoiler-Batgirl) in the seventh column, starts off as Spoiler (because she was spoiling her father’s crime plots), and goes on to become the 3rd Batgirl, after Cassandra Cain moves to Hong Kong as Black Bat.
  • Damian Wayne (Robin) in the eighth column, is the 4th Robin, son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul, grandson of Ra’s al Ghul, and trained by the League of Assassins. He becomes Robin while Bruce is gone, hence he starts as Dick Grayson’s Robin, but continues in that role when his father returns.

That is where the current story stands, and who knows where it goes from here (especially with DC’s new-earth comics), however we know who ends up being Batman in the future:

  • Terry McGinnis (Batman) in the ninth column at the very bottom, is the future Batman, who takes over the role once Bruce is too old for the job. Is some comic issues placed in a possible future, Damian Wayne wears the Batman Beyond suit, presumably taking over his pop’s hobby. 
Report: CW Developing "Hawkgirl" Solo Series Starring Ciara Renee - Comic Book Resources
Report: CW Developing Hawkgirl Solo Series Starring Ciara Renee - The CW is reportedly in the early stages of developing a solo Hawkgirl television series.

Maybe The CW should consider changing their name to DC-TV.

According to a report by SpoilerTV, The CW is in theearly stages of developing a series focused on the solo adventures of Hawkgirl, starring Ciara Renée.

Renée made her onscreen debut as Kendra Saunders during the season finale of “The Flash,” and is slated to play the winged warrior as part of the ensemble on this fall’s “Flash”/“Arrow” spinoff “Legends of Tomorrow,” alongside Brandon Routh‘sthe Atom, Caity Lotz’s “White” Canary and Arthur Darvill’s Rip Hunter.

Should The CW opt to take the development forward, it is reported, they are likely to forgo the pilot process and order the project straight to series.

There is no indication yet whether or not a potential “Hawkgirl” TV show would serve as prequel to the events of “Legends of Tomorrow,” be set after it, or run concurrently.