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Joss Whedon To Wrap Up  JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie After Snyder Family Tragedy
The Avengers writer-director Joss Whedon has stepped in to wrap up some reshoots and postproduction.
By Patrick Hipes, Anita Busch

Whedon and Snyder had been collaborating for the past month after the death by suicide of the Snyders’ daughter Autumn. Whedon was already in the studio family, having just inked to direct a Batgirl movie also in Warners’ DC Universe, and the transition is said to be a smooth one as the Snyders felt the toll and wanted to focus on family.

There is no plan at this point to change the November 17 release date. Principal photography wrapped in October.

This is the Cleveland Park metro station today due to the storm! Courtesy of DC Metro Connection

is it only me who doesn’t like the few previous episodes of dc? the transition is kinda awkward and I feels watching a slideshow! the animation changed a lot unlike the episodes from 700+! also the non canon plot is not that good and exciting (lame one for me). I hope they animate more a canon from manga, they’ve already miss a hundreds. 

Sad but true…but also an issue that the roads were not pre treated before the snow arrived that then turned to ice.

There’s a petition for the Pope to bless the Metro so that it starts running properly

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Here is the link to the petition.

Submission - Washington DC Metro Cross Stitch

Submitted by ghostof-electricity, who says:

DC metro map cross stitch I made this summer. I moved away two weeks before the silver line opened so I chose to create the metro map pre-silver line, the way I remember it  :)


Transit Maps says:

Rectilinear transit diagrams lend themselves well to cross stitch, but this is one of the neater ones I’ve seen. Nice work!

Looks like the Metro will be shutting down starting at midnight and won’t reopen until Thursday 3/17. This needs to happen, but still an inconvenience. How do you feel about this development?

President Obama has decided to stay in D.C. after his term is over

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The reason that’s been given is so that Sasha can finish high school with all of her friends. Apparently they are looking at Kalorama and Embassy Row for their future housing.