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Metro coming through with the facts once again! Trump’s administration needs to stop lying. The Women’s March was obviously attended by more people than his tired inauguration.

Sad but true…but also an issue that the roads were not pre treated before the snow arrived that then turned to ice.

This is the Cleveland Park metro station today due to the storm! Courtesy of DC Metro Connection

Looks like the Metro will be shutting down starting at midnight and won’t reopen until Thursday 3/17. This needs to happen, but still an inconvenience. How do you feel about this development?

President Obama has decided to stay in D.C. after his term is over

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The reason that’s been given is so that Sasha can finish high school with all of her friends. Apparently they are looking at Kalorama and Embassy Row for their future housing. 

There’s a petition for the Pope to bless the Metro so that it starts running properly

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Here is the link to the petition.

Map of Washington DC Metrorail Service, Wednesday March 16, 2016 (modified by me)

Yes, it’s a cheap shot, but I just couldn’t resist.

For those who haven’t heard, the Washington DC Metrorail will shut down entirely tomorrow for emergency inspection on its wiring after a previous fire. On a weekday, with less than a day’s advance warning.

A woman who was doing yoga on Metro’s train tracks was finally arrested

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A year later they’ve arrested her. However how do you not know that getting on live train tracks is not a thing to do? 

On the cacophony that is paying for the Metrobus

Sometimes the Metrobus beeps at you. Generally this means you have enough money on your card and you can move into the bus, attempting to find the weakest person to make eye contact with so he or she will move their bag off the adjoining seat and let someone else sit down for the love of God.

Sometimes the Metrobus rings at you. I still do not know what this means

Sometimes the Metrobus buzzes at you. This is generally not good. This means you don’t have enough money on your card to ride the Metrobus, and you must hope to the money gods (mammon?) that a change fairy has left cash in your purse somewhere, because that is the only way anyone would have cash. Right? I mean, where else would you get it from? But for real.

Sometimes the Metrobus buzzes at you, and it doesn’t mean anything. You give the driver a confused and concerned look, and he says you’re fine. And you go sit down. There might be a rhyme or reason for this. Eh, probably not.