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Interesting Kori is the first to recognise Damian’s self sacrifice for the Titans, and the purity of his motivation despite his very disagreeable disposition. Especially since she herself is someone who was sacrificed by her people in their name, here Robin effectively does the same but of his own accord.

Also I love that we get to find out more about Tamaran with these comparisons and references. We got one last issue too (is it me or can everything on Tamaran be made amazing or delicious in some way?):

*Makes note of Hy’tt blossom and Mio’non mushroom.*

Both of her Tamaranian references have been of plants/fungi, and we know from New Earth canon that Kori loves gardening; it looks like they’re bringing back/acknowledging this aspect of her character :3

Teen Titans (2016) #4 & #3


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One of my favourite Kory moments. 

My money’s on Robin, Cassie and Superboy winning but man I would have loved to have seen that fight play out

Teen Titans (v3) #3

The signs as The Teen Titans

Robin: Leo & Libra

Starfire: Virgo & Gemini

Raven: Cancer & Sagittarius

Cyborg: Capricorn & Taurus

Beast Boy: Aquarius & Scorpio

Terra: Pisces & Aries

marvel films: everyone gets along to fight evil and hangs out in a cool tower

dc films: two crappy superheroes fight cos they’re petty