dc to ac power


Angus: AC/DC alternating current direct current.

             It’s power. Power source. 

             This is what it means.

Brian:  Yeah Electricity

Angus: As for the other thing,

              you know,

              ask my boyfriend.

Brian:   Oh, thanks

                             Happy Birthday Angus Young!

zodiac signs + songs for each letter
  • Aries: All You Need Is Love (The Beatles) // Rape me (Nirvana) // Is This Happiness (Lana Del Rey) // Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles) // Show must go on (Queen)
  • Taurus: The Beach (The Neighbourhood) // Art Deco (Lana Del Rey) // Under pressure (Queen) // Ride (Lana Del Rey) // U&I (The Neighbourhood) // Sing (Ed Sheeran)
  • Gemini: Good Morning Good Morning (The Beatles) // Evil Walks (AC/DC) // Money Power Glory (Lana Del Rey) // Innuendo (Queen) // No Grey (The Neighbourhood)// In Bloom (Nirvana)
  • Cancer: Coma (Guns n' Roses) // All Apologies (Nirvana) // Never Let Me Go (Lana Del Rey) // Come Together (The Beatles) // Endless river (Pink Floyd) // Robbers (The 1975)
  • Leo: Luxury (The Rolling Stones) // Everything I Didn't Say (5SOS) // Over the Hills and Far Away (Led Zeppelin)
  • Virgo: Vogue (Madonna) // In My Life (The Beatles) // Run for your life (The Beatles) // God Knows I Tried (Lana Del Rey) // One for the road (Arctic Monkeys)
  • Libra: Living Dead (Marina & The Diamonds) // Invisible (5SOS) // Body Electric (Lana Del Rey) // Reckless Serenade (Arctic Monkeys) // Another one bites the dust (Queen)
  • Scorpio: Seven Devils (Florence + The Machine) // Come As You Are (Nirvana) // Old Yellow Bricks (Arctic Monkeys) // R.I.P. 2 My Youth (The Neighbourhood) // Prey (The Neighbourhood) // It's Late (Queen) // One Vision (Queen)
  • Sagittarius: Scandal (Queen) // Acid Queen (The Who) // Gasoline (Halsey) // In Only Seven Days (Queen) // The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin) // The Seventh Seal (Van Halen) // American (Lana Del Rey) // Religion (Lana Del Rey) // I Bet My Life (Imagine Dragons) // Under The Board Walk (The Rolling Stones) // She's Thunderstorms (Arctic Monkeys)
  • Capricorn: Criminals Run The World (Lana Del Rey) // Afraid (The Neighbourhood) // Polly (Nirvana) // Route 66 (The Rolling Stones) // I Can't Quit You Baby (Led Zeppelin) // Civil War (Guns n' Roses) // Octopus's Garden (The Beatles) // R U Mine (Arctic Monkeys) // New Americana (Halsey)
  • Aquarius: All Dead, All Dead (Queen) // Queen of Disaster (Lana Del Rey) // Ultraviolence (Lana Del Rey) // A Little Death (The Neighbourhood) // Rip this joint (The Rolling Stones) // I Got The Blues (The Rolling Stones) // Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars) // Small (Queen)
  • Pisces: Pennyroyal Tea (Nirvana) // I Hate Myself And Want To Die (Nirvana) // Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) // Castle (Halsey) // End of The World (Lana Del Rey) // Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
  • (don't judge my music taste)